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Discover the 2017 Kia Soul: A Smart Choice for the Savvy Used Car Buyer


Are you searching for a car that's both practical and cool without breaking the bank? Then you might want to consider the 2017 Kia Soul. Known for its distinctive boxy look and spacious interior this car has become a favorite among budget-conscious buyers and first-time drivers. Let's dive into what makes the Kia Soul a great pick in the used car market and poke a bit of fun at its quirks along the way.

Why the 2017 Kia Soul Could Be Your Next Car

Picture yourself in a car that catches eyes not for being overly flashy but because it looks like it could double as a trendy toaster. That's the 2017 Kia Soul for you with its unique design that maximizes space and brings a bit of flair to the road. But looks aren't everything right? Here’s what else you need to know.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

The Kia Soul is kind on your wallet both at purchase and at the pump. Its maintenance costs are on the lower end of the scale which is great because who doesn’t like saving money? However, don’t expect it to hold onto its value like a sports car from a heist movie—this isn’t the choice for investment seekers.

2. Spacious Interiors

The Soul is surprisingly roomy inside. You can fit your tallest friends (even the ones who play basketball on weekends) without them needing to duck down. The trunk space is generous too perfect for anything from camping gear to a mountain of shopping bags. Just be warned, with great space comes great responsibility—like being the designated driver for all road trips.

3. Safety First (But Not Flashy)

Safety isn’t a joke but in the Soul, it's not going to wow you with high-tech gadgets. It’s got the essentials covered with airbags a decent brake system and stability control but it's more of a solid B student than the valedictorian in its class.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Here’s where the Soul really shines—it’s pretty good on gas. This means less time at the gas station and more money for coffee. Just don’t expect hybrid-like miracles at the pump.

5. Tech and Entertainment

In the tech department, the Soul is adequately equipped. It comes with a decent infotainment system that does what it needs to—connect to Bluetooth keep up with satellite radio and not much else. It's like that reliable friend who’s always 15 minutes late but always shows up eventually.

The Emotional Side: It’s All About Soul!

Driving the Soul is kind of like listening to your favorite playlist—it just feels right. Its engines are peppy enough to keep things interesting especially the turbocharged options that add a little extra zip for when you’re late to meetings. The handling is straightforward so it won’t surprise you which can be a good thing unless you’re looking for thrills on a winding road.

Conclusion: A Practical Pick with Personality

All things considered, the 2017 Kia Soul is a solid choice for those looking for a combination of personality practicality and price. It’s perfect for buyers who need a dependable car that’s fun to drive and easy to own. Sure it has a few quirks like any good character but that’s part of the charm.

Why settle for just any car when you can have one with a soul? If you're looking for a car that gets the job done and keeps you smiling the Soul might just be your match. Test drive one today and maybe you’ll find that the Kia Soul is the soulmate you’ve been driving around looking for.

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