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2023 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

1. Introduction

On the other hand, the 2023 Santa Fe is the athletic and luxurious two-row midsize vehicle that was renovated in the prior year. The size of the Santa Fe will be perfect for the person who is looking for a vehicle that carries people and cargo but is also savvy for urban parking and garages. The style of the Santa Fe falls right into the average of the midsize crossover segment, but the exterior upgrades and new 2022 model features helped this vehicle step up in the direction of elegance and luxury from the prior. Both the dashboard and the cabin are spacious yet not overly luxurious, but the Santa Fe still provides a pleasant environment that buyers will be looking for in a modern-day vehicle. [1]

Starting with the 2023 Hyundai Palisade, it was developed to replace the Santa Fe XL, which was retired after the 2019 model year. The objective of the newest Palisade is to appeal to American families who have had their fill of minivans and are in the market for a three-row crossover utility vehicle. The size of this vehicle is a little large looking due to it almost mimicking the length and width of a Chevy Tahoe. But the Palisade is a refreshing change of pace from the premium-priced large SUV norm due to its versatile transportation and modern features. And this is ideal for an individual looking for a full-sized automobile.

Two vehicles that are similar, yet different, are the 2023 Hyundai Palisade and 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe. When you first look at a picture of the two, they may look like a similar size and the same style of vehicle, but when you look deeper into the two, that's when you see the major differences.

2. Exterior Design

The styling of the Palisade used to be daring and a difficult component. In 2023, the large Hyundai SUV leaves that looks at the back of, even though its grand person stays fully intact. By assessment, the Santa Fe is a bit extra bold, particularly inside the Calligraphy trim. The grille designs are one of a kind, and the Palisade receives a new made badge. The lights will also be specific. The Santa Fe has DRL-style lighting fixtures, narrow and extensive, up top, and those sandwich the headlight cluster, with a thin band of excessive strength LED lights. The Palisade alternatively has headlights up pinnacle, and the primary cluster under, low and extensive. The rear end of the Santa Fe has also been restyled to suit the front, with slender and huge rear mixture lamps. They are by and large honestly distinct to the top spec Palisade Elite and Calligraphy models for this generation; beyond being honestly the identical lamp designs inside the USA for both. Said versions will also get precise tailpipe designs for a sportier appearance. As for Australia, we are going to need to take a glance, but it is comprehensible if Hyundai Australia would really like to healthy the relaxation of the global Calligraphy fashions for better spec nearby Palisades. The Santa Fe has visible a few huge changes to its outdoors styling every within the top rate, status and status CRDi as well as the access spec Santa Fe. At the lowest of the variety, the automobile will sit down on 18-inch alloy wheels. The front end is an awful lot greater aggressive than earlier than, with a new grille design and narrow headlamps assisting to make the Santa Fe appear wider and more potent, even though it's far the top CRDi that looks to be the quality cost with big grillings and large lights giving it grander road presence. Sidelings in this version have also been changed to drift wheel arches with top class end. Measures in overall are a hundred and eighty mm longer, 10 mm wider and 10mm better. Step as much as the Elite and you'll get new lead lighting fixtures and a bigger premise of bureaucracy and set it apart rear the the front there. This era of Santa Fe is proving to have a chunk of entry level top class look to it, and Australian client ought to appreciate the greater exclusive stylings this time around. Step up to the Palisade and you'll get a peek quite similar, just large. 20mm broader, 45mm longer, 25mm better and with a 100mm longer wheelbase. The styling is a piece Air of mystery or Territory which is simply to the Australian flavor and certainly suits the huge sized family SUV tag. The earlier than mentioned top spec Elite and Calligraphy Santa Fe fashions are a touch in addition again an off the dimensions, however in phrases of observed philosophy it would be seen as a huge SUV versus a bigger SUV. [2]

2.1. Palisade's Exterior

Looking at the outside of the upcoming 2023 Hyundai Palisade, you'll notice it's been redesigned for this model year. It's removed the high beams from the front hood and equipped them to resemble that of a pair of glasses. The grille has horizontal slats, and according to engineers and their descriptions of the vehicle's design, "the wide, bold grille shape shows its originality." Both head and taillights are equipped with new LED illumination package. It will come standard with 18-inch wheels, although consumer purchase of the higher level trims can upgrade to the 20-inch alloy wheels. The Palisade will also offer a choice of a dual panel power sunroof from the SEL trim and up. In addition to advancing its lighting system, Hyundai has also improved their efforts to provide more premium features to the vehicle's customers. Special attention was given to its body color sidewall design, making the overall side aesthetic of the vehicle cleaner and seamless. The equation was subtracting excessive molding to improve the design and delivered a result that its engineers were proud of. And improving the "premium" features for the customers, Hyundai has also added a smart key entry system and has made considerable effort to improve the Palisade's noise control, making the overall ride quality and cabin experience better for the driver and passengers. All of this comes standard in Hyundai's most premium SUV to date.

2.2. Santa Fe's Exterior

The new Santa Fe's exterior not only looks more modern compared to the previous version, but also more aggressive and gigantic. The new Santa Fe is known for its larger front end design. In addition, the "face" of the Santa Fe looks even bolder with larger lower air intakes and shorter overhangs. These kinds of designs will transmit a more SUV-style image, promising better off-road performance. The upgraded Santa Fe will most probably have a similar impact to the new Tucson with a sales increase of 45 percent. This is because Santa Fe and Tucson are sharing the same platform.

Hyundai is coming out with 2 new models in 2023, Santa Fe and Palisade SUV. In order to get a closer look and better understanding of the new models, a comparison between the 2 models in terms of exterior, interior, and safety features needs to be done. Let's start with the exterior design... Santa Fe's Exterior.

3. Interior Features

Begin 3.1 Palisade's Interior The 2023 Hyundai Palisade gives the feel of luxury in all its trims. This 7/8 seater SUV comes with an impressive storage space along with the seating capacity. The quite spacious cargo area of 18 cubic feet behind the third row, when folded, turns into 45 cubic feet and 86 cubic feet when the second and the third row are folded respectively. It is best for its class. With a large center console bin, nooks and crannies, and 16 cup holders for 7/8 passengers, you'll find a place for every small thing in that car. The dashboard is a press-friendly zone made with soft touch and high-quality materials with a very practical control layout. The center and the onboard control functions are easily reached by the driver or the front passenger. The quite spacious first and the second row offers a lot of legroom and headroom. It features one-touch buttons for the second row too. The driver seat is 8-way power adjustable, so is the second row, whereas the third row is 60/40 split folding bench type. Step into the third row is quite easy as the second row seats fold and tilt by pressing one button. And for the third row passengers, there are two USB charging ports and temperature control is well maintained throughout the car. The car comes with a standard 7-seater option with the second row 2 captain chairs and 8-seater with a bench seat on the second row. Step into the Limited version, it's far more luxurious than the base or the intermediate Calligraphy version with additional second row Captain's seat (7-seater), 7-inch instrumentation display as opposed to the 3.5-inch display on the other version, a 360-degree camera, and a blind view monitor.

3.1. Palisade's Interior

Similarly to the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Hyundai Palisade is a crossover SUV, first produced in 2019. The vehicle is a representation of the company's high ambitions and goals, featuring specifically curated luxuries of life. These strong, modern, and bold curves are what any potential buyer may wish to have from a vehicle. These vehicles are both taking a dive at the luxury SUVs that are extremely appealing to many in today's market. However, the Palisade provides a larger, spacious three rows of comfortable seating as compared with the Santa Fe, which only has 2 rows. This comes with a standard 7-passenger seating, with the option for an 8-passenger seating at a small extra cost. This automatically wins the preference for families or people on the move. The third row of seats comes with one-touch access to the second row, all powered by buttons to make it easier to adjust. As well as that, a simple push of a button will make the third row of passengers feel the cooling effects of the temperature-controlled air conditioning vents that are installed. The second row, whether the available captain's chairs or bench-style seating, offers extensive room for occupants and easy access to the third row, with one-touch sliding seat that has a foot-activated smart power function, whilst still leaving sharp elegance and space in the second row. The second-row seats can slide forward and lean to give the third row access, even with a child safety seat still attached. This completely obliterates any uncomfortable passenger in the third row, that would usually have difficulty in getting to their seat. This is a function that the Santa Fe cannot compete with. Although I should also mention the functionality of the second-row seating does also not forget the people with disabilities and provides an adaptable solution. The door opening is wider, making wheelchair access easier and now provides a transfer seat on the second row which can take someone from a wheelchair and easily put them into the seat. The easiest and certainly most luxurious way to take someone on the move. Without a doubt, the main feature of the interior is the feeling of openness and space. This is because the dashboard is slim and engineered to provide more legroom for the occupants. Both the driver and passenger seats are set in a wing-like formation to provide more comfort and a spacious environment for a comforting drive. The whole interior is built with quality materials and designed with silver accent trim and seat stitching. Lastly, this vehicle is specifically designed for consumer needs. This includes 16 cup and bottle holders, an abundance of USB outlets, and a generous amount of cargo space and holders in the trunk area. This surely makes the Hyundai Palisade an elite luxury car for large families and people on the go.

3.2. Santa Fe's Interior

The interior of Santa Fe is nicely crafted using quality materials and offering a user-friendly dashboard. The cabin has an upscale feel and is quite spacious to accommodate the passengers. The front row seats offer great comfort for long journeys, while the second-row seats have heated and ventilated seat functions, can be reclined, and replaced with a pair of captain's chairs. Accessing third-row seats is made simple with the push of a button that slides second-row seats forward. The third-row seats can comfortably accommodate adults with the ability to recline, and also the headroom and legroom is quite sufficient, unlike the similar-sized SUVs in the market. The climate control is tri-zone with separate control for the rear passenger, making it convenient. The Santa Fe offers the best-in-class cargo space of 2407 liters when the second and third-row seats are folded, to satiate your need for space when traveling with a lot of luggage.

3.3. Comparison of Interior Features

Hyundai's flagship SUV comes with ample space for all passengers and offers a total of 18 cup holders and an optional dual panoramic sunroof for an even more enhanced spacious and open feel. For the driver's convenience, they provided an available 12.3-inch fully digital gauge cluster and a shift-by-wire transmission which allows more usable space in the center console. During family adventures, drivers will have the peace of mind knowing that the PALISADE offers a standard 3rd row power-folding/unfolding/reclining seatbacks. This will make it easier to access the 3rd row space. To make loading the kids and their gear an easier task, the SHIFTRONIC feature has been replaced with push button controls on the center console, free space has been created in the front with the replacement of the traditional gear shift stick with intuitive buttons. A new feature is the optional second-row bench that allows for a total of 8 passenger seating, making it easier for those that have more people to transport regularly. For hauling, the PALISADE provides an impressive 86.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the first row, 46.0 behind the 2nd row, and 18.0 behind the 3rd row.

4. Performance and Safety

The safety features of both of these vehicles are also quite remarkable. The Santa Fe in 2007 was rated the safest vehicle in its class, showing 5-star crash test ratings from the NHTSA. This particular vehicle has standard anti-lock brakes, side-curtain airbags, stability and traction control, and a tire pressure monitoring system. The Palisade hasn't been rated as the safest pick by the IIHS or the NHTSA, but it is expected to do very well. This vehicle has a surplus of airbag systems throughout the cabin, vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, front and rear parking sensors, and a rearview monitor with parking guidance. All of these vehicles are very safe for family-oriented adventures.

The Palisade is currently Hyundai’s largest and most versatile SUV in their lineup, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among consumers for many reasons. The ride is nearly as smooth and comfortable as the Santa Fe, especially when equipped with the available adaptive shock absorbers. The Palisade is showing a 0-60 MPH time of 7.2 seconds, so it is quicker than the Santa Fe, but that was to be expected due to the heavy amount of shared technology this vehicle has with the Telluride.

In order to fully understand the directions Hyundai is going with 2007 models, we must study the well-known and highly successful Santa Fe. This vehicle has been a key player in Hyundai's fleet of car-based SUVs for several years. This specific model has proven to be highly successful in the past, showing a 0-60 MPH time of 7.8 seconds when equipped with the 3.5L V6 engine. The quarter mile time for this vehicle was around 16 seconds, which is quite impressive for a family-style SUV. This vehicle has also shown to have one of the most comfortable rides in its class, providing a very suitable fully independent suspension. The gas mileage for the Santa Fe has been fair, showing around 19/24 MPG for the V6.

4.1. Palisade's Performance and Safety

Safety features include automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, standard lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control with lane following, blind-spot monitors, a surround-view camera system, LED headlights and taillights, and safe-exit assist, which scans for traffic approaching from the rear sides of the vehicle before passengers exit. This is a fairly comprehensive list of included features, owing to the Palisade's IIHS Top Safety Pick award in 2019. The standard all-wheel drive drivetrain and the more rugged XRT trim level together suggest some light-duty off-roading capability has been considered.

The 2023 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize SUV large enough to offer up to eight people. It builds on the current roster of Hyundai SUVs with a broader model that includes a more premium model than the two-row replacement for the Santa Fe XL. It features a 3.8-liter V6, direct-injected engine with 291 horsepower and an estimated 19 MPG. The standard self-leveling rear suspension is also included, along with upgraded interiors and multi-mode ventilation for the front seats. The 2023 model includes a more rugged XRT trim level. This marks a major step to upgrade all of Hyundai's SUVs for light-duty off-roading.

4.2. Santa Fe's Performance and Safety

We are talking about a family vehicle here, so safety is a number one concern. The Santa Fe has many advanced safety technologies. There is a standard Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Junction Turning Detection, which will have automatic braking support if needed. Also included is a Lane Keeping Assist system, which will have corrective steering if the vehicle is sensed to be moving its lane without a turn signal. The Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control can automatically adjust the vehicle speed to the speed limit. This will all be displayed on a 12.3-inch 3D gauge cluster. The safety of your child will be secured with rear occupant alert, which if detected of kids or pets in the rear seat, may notify the driver when leaving the vehicle. A Safe Exit Assist feature will also temporarily lock the rear doors when the vehicle is detected from an oncoming car; this is to prevent passengers from opening the door. Overall, there are no doubts that the 2023 Santa Fe is a step up in performance and safety in comparison to its predecessors and its competitors.

The 2023 Santa Fe has a few features under its hood that make it a force to be reckoned with. One of those features is the HTRAC AWD system. The HTRAC AWD system can adjust the driving power to the rear wheels depending on the road and driving conditions. This creates better stability and a lower chance of wheel spin, which will help with moderate fuel economy and an overall better ride experience. Also, when equipped with the diesel engine, the Santa Fe has the ability to tow up to 3,500 pounds, the highest in the competition. In terms of ride and handling, the Santa Fe has improved steering ability and maneuverability with an N2 platform. A better ride can be achieved through an increase in rear wheel travel and suspension travel. Dual-flow dampers can provide better ride quality and cost-effective functionality.

4.3. Comparison of Performance and Safety

Hyundai has paid serious attention to the safety features on the 2023 Hyundai Palisade and Santa Fe and is offering a range of driver assistance and collision avoidance features as standard on all but one model. The Santa Fe comes standard with a new automatic post-collision braking system and a rear occupant alert that can alert the driver to the presence of a rear occupant using an ultrasonic sensor designed to detect child or pet movements. The Santa Fe has safety credentials solid enough to back the claims of its new family SUV status. The 2023 Hyundai Palisade builds on its ALG Residual Value Award with increased safety and security to top things off. The Santa Fe is competing in the most crowded and hotly contested SUV category; family shoppers would be mad to not have it on their shortlist. There is a much greater focus on the active safety side of things with a standard junction turning accident mitigation feature that uses the ESC and electric power steering to improve vehicle direction control when turning left or right at an intersection - if the system detects an unsafe turning movement, it will apply braking force to one or more wheels to cancel the turning force. Both Hyundai's flagships come with a range of traction and stability controls, hill start/descent controls, tire pressure monitoring, and plenty of airbags, and the same full suite of SmartSense safety systems including highway drive assist and forward collision-avoidance assist. The Palisade had a greater focus on safety and has taken the initiative of introducing a more robust security system to protect the vehicle.


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2023 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

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