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best year for Kia Sportage    


1. Introduction

The Kia Sportage is a compact SUV that has been marketed by the Korean automobile manufacturer Kia since 1993. The first generation Sportage was sold from 1993 to 2002. It was known for its slow, underpowered engines and a quirky, original style. The first generation model is not known for its long-term quality or reliability. The second generation model, starting in 2005, changed the reputation of the Sportage. The car had styling, an improved 140hp V6, and several safety features including side airbags. New and used prices, fuel economy, and overall value are the most weighted factors in determining the best year for this car. With its more than 10-year run, the car has been through several facelifts and complete model redesigns. With the base model now using a 167hp 4-cylinder, to the current 2011 model with a 176hp 4-cylinder and many other additional features. Buyers could purchase a basic Sportage or a loaded mid-range model (EX). This year-by-year breakdown will help you decide which year is most suitable for you. Note that not all changes or features might be listed, many issues are discovered as models come and go. Let us start from the beginning... [1][2][3]

1.1. Overview of Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a compact SUV that was first introduced in 1993. The first generation of vehicles were not too attractive as Kia had a boring image and styling to the vehicle. However, Kia changed their image and the vehicle in 1998 with generation 2, making the Sportage more affordable while making it look and feel like a luxury compact SUV. The ratings and reliability became more solid but the styling and off-road abilities were not there for the vehicle. Then, in the midst of an increase in gas prices and people wanting more eco-friendly cars, Kia released the third generation of the Kia Sportage in 2010. The look and styling of the vehicle signified that it would leave its compact SUV look and venture in a whole new direction to a more sporty and versatile CUV. The vehicle kept its affordability and reliability while adding more space, power, sporty handling, and an attractive look to the new generation model. This car had more success and gave a great platform for the next generation Kia Sportage, which is what the essay is based on. Learn More: best year for Kia sportage

1.2. Importance of Choosing the Best Year

Pricing has always been a major factor for consumers. These days, everybody is looking for a reliable vehicle with today's gas prices, one that is fuel efficient. Each year, newer model vehicles are released with more options and features to offer. In comparison, the 2004 LX 2WD 4 cyl, 5-speed manual Sportage sold at an MSRP of $15,550.00, whereas the newer styled redesigned 2005 LX 2WD sold at an MSRP of $16,550.00. With a difference of only $1000.00, the 2005 offers a much cleaner and sleek interior and enhanced structural features essential for safety. This information would be more appealing to someone who would consider purchasing a 2004 model at a lower price. With such a small difference in price, they may reconsider purchasing a 2005 model for the increased safety and many extras it has to offer.

Throughout the years of 1995 and 1996, the Kia Sportage had engine and brake problems that were contributing factors of several accidents. Consumers that are unaware of these problems can be found risking their safety and money.

When you are choosing a used car, the most important decision you can make is grabbing the vehicle history report prior to purchasing the car. By obtaining the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) from the seller, you can research the car's history through companies like CARFAX or AutoCheck. You can reduce the risk of buying a used car with more repairs than you can handle or even a vehicle that has been in a major accident.

2. Factors to Consider

In order to reach a consensus, a complete analysis of all model years will not be necessary. An analysis of the first generation and second generation Kia Sportage will suffice. This is because model years of the Kia Sportage outside the range of 1995 to 2002 and 2005 to present are essentially carryover models or slight refreshments of these two models. A new generation Kia Sportage was released in 2005, and therefore its 2010 model is vastly different from the first generation 2002 model. [4][5][6]

The question attempted to answer is, "Which model year Kia Sportage is the best?" This question can be taken in many different contexts. What defines "best" is unique to each individual consumer. A realtor may define best as a luxury car, whereas a backpacker may define best as the most basic and rugged vehicle for camping and outdoor activities. For the purposes of this essay, we consider the "best" car to be one that is safe, reliable, cheap to maintain and service, and has the most features.

The Kia Sportage has seen a great deal of success in the past, and as such Kia has expanded the Sportage lineup by introducing several new models or refreshing already existing models. As the specific introduction of an individual Kia Sportage model can greatly impact the consumer's feelings about a particular model, it is important to identify which year range of the Kia Sportage would be considered the "best" year. In the following essay, we will discuss the year range of the "best" Kia Sportage.

2.1. Performance and Powertrain Options

The powertrain options for the Kia Sportage are abundant, as there are three different engines to choose from. The base engine is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that gets 182 horsepower. This engine is a good option for those who want excellent fuel economy without sluggish acceleration. A step up from this engine would be the turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that gets 240 horsepower. This engine is much quicker than the base engine, and it's still fairly efficient. However, the most efficient option for the Sportage is the 1.6L turbo 4-cylinder that is only available on the EX model. This engine is the newest of the three, and it's a good fuel economy and power compromise. It gets 175 horsepower and is available in front-wheel drive mode or all-wheel drive. The best news for those who go for one of the turbo engines is the Sportage has a smooth 6-speed automatic transmission, where many competitors' turbo models have a less efficient continuously variable transmission.

2.2. Safety Features and Ratings

Safety is a big consideration for anyone that is looking to purchase a car. The Kia Sportage has not let down its buyers. Some safety features that have kept customers satisfied are the anti-lock brake system, stability traction control, and airbags all around the vehicle. The 2011 Sportage comes with a 4-wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS) which helps the driver maintain steering control during emergency stops. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) is used to balance the braking forces at each wheel aiding in the stop of the vehicle, and the Brake Assist System (BAS) is designed to apply maximum braking force when an emergency stop is detected. Also, the Sportage with traction control, has the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which has been termed a mandatory safety feature by many due to its effectiveness in reducing the probability of a crash. Compared to the 2011 Ford Escape, the 2011 Sportage hit the Escape with airbags. The Sportage has six airbags in total, including dual front advanced airbags. This, among many other features has given the Sportage the title of being a safe car to drive. All in all, the safety features on the Sportage will stay competitive and continue to improve, making it a safe choice in the compact SUV market.

2.3. Technology and Infotainment

With Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free phone use becoming increasingly more popular, it seems almost necessary for car buyers that this feature is available. Fortunately, beginning in 2012, this feature is now standard with all models of the Sportage.

All models except the base come equipped with Sirius satellite radio, which offers over 130 channels of music, sports, news, and entertainment coast to coast. There is an auxiliary and USB port for your iPod, MP3, or other storage device. Overall sound quality and bass have been complimented by many buyers when using the input jacks, but for those really into their music, the optional upgraded sound system in the EX and SX models comes with a subwoofer and a separate amplifier. These two truly bring out superior sound quality in your music.

Step into the EX Premium or SX Luxury and get ready for one of the most rare and desirable features in vehicles today: a panoramic sunroof. This option completely opens up the roof to the vehicle with a sliding glass front panel and a fixed glass rear panel. This will make the ride of your Sportage more scenic and enjoyable.

For starters, all models come standard with keyless entry, power windows, and power door locks. Moving up to the more expensive EX and SX models, you have the options of adding on a voice-activated navigation system, rearview camera display, and a push-button start. The navigation system, in particular, has been highly rated by consumers for its accuracy and ease of use. The rearview camera is a helpful tool, and the screen display is found in the rearview mirror, which is convenient considering that the driver never has to take his/her eyes off the road, just a glance in the mirror.

The previous outline discussed the performance of the Kia Sportage. However, no matter how well a vehicle performs, sometimes it's not enough to persuade potential buyers. For those who are really into the latest gadgets and gizmos that technology has to offer, the Sportage has just about everything you're looking for.

3. Best Years for Kia Sportage

The 2013 Sportage has great performance and handling at a low price. This vehicle comes with a turbocharged engine and many options for drive control. This has a direct impact on the cost to insure the vehicle. The more powerful the engine, the higher the insurance costs. This vehicle may cost a little more upon purchase, but the cost of ownership is less than that of the 2012 or 2014 model. This is a very valuable car given the high reliability, low cost of ownership, and cheap insurance rates.

2013 Kia Sportage The 2013 Kia Sportage comes with many standard and optional features, with a strong emphasis on technology and luxury. This vehicle has a much-improved overall rating over the 2012 model. It has also maintained the same level of reliability while adding lots of new technology. The best part about this vehicle is that it has the cheapest car insurance price of any car in its class. This is possible due to the nearly perfect safety rating of the vehicle. The 2013 Kia was awarded a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS. This vehicle also maintains a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA. Even with this safety rating, the 2013 Kia costs less to insure than both the 2012 and 2014 models. This is an often overlooked factor that can save a great deal of money over the lifetime of the vehicle.

This vehicle has above-average reliability, something that has historically plagued Kias. The estimated cost of ownership for this car is below the national average. Overall, this is a safe, reliable car that has a very affordable price tag. This makes 2009 an excellent year to purchase a Kia Sportage because you get a lot of bang for your buck.

2009 Kia Sportage Would you believe that a vehicle can get more reliable, safer, with more features than the previous model and yet have a cheaper price? Find out how that super equation is met with this year's Kia. This vehicle received an overall rating of Good in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash testing. This vehicle was also rated the safest car tested by the IIHS, resulting in a huge decrease in insurance prices. The Sportage also received a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA. New standard features include rear privacy glass, an EcoMinder indicator, and a tilt steering wheel. Prices have been substantially lowered on all models, making this car an excellent value. It also has a 10-year/100,000-mile Drivetrain Warranty.

3.1. Year X: Performance and Reliability

It was the best performing Kia Sportage ever with a four-star rating, in both the front and side impact crash tests by the IIHS "Insurance Institute for Highway Safety." The 2006 and 2007 models were the second best of all other Kia Sportage models, coming in second to the newest 2011 Kia Sportage. It was also tested for roof strength and it received an "Acceptable" rating. The roof caved in 5 inches during the rollover test. Minimum intrusion in the footwell restraints and pedals stayed in place, contributing to a minor risk of injury to the lower legs and a very low risk of there ever being any injury to the upper legs. High forces on the right tibia indicated a higher risk of injury to the right leg. This IIHS rating is tied in with reliability, which is also one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a vehicle, and 2006-2011 Kia Sportage models have always had a good reputation for being reliable. Typically, in the three years aging from when a car manufacturer releases a new redesign on a vehicle, customers will have an idea of how reliable the new make and model will be. This is because in the first year of the new make and model, manufacturers typically try to correct any problems that were not discovered until the new vehicle was parked in customers' driveways, and because this design was fixed, there is really only one version of the second year that will be released to the general public. So typically, if the new vehicle is a bad design, there will not be a third year released. This being said, there was a third and final year made for the second generation of the Kia Sportage from 2006-2010. Throughout this time, there was not much of a decline in reliability of the Kia Sportage. As always, consumers want to know what they are paying for and, above all, they want a vehicle that will get them from point A to point B. This need was completely satisfied as throughout these 4 years, the Kia Sportage had shown very little signs of major problems occurring during regular operation of the vehicle. A known issue was in the 2005 model of the Kia Sportage, in which the 4WD selector had the tendency to jump out of 4WD Low or 4WD High mode without the driver knowing because the mode selector switch had popped off. This could potentially be hazardous if the driver is unaware of what has happened and is planning to drive in an off-road environment. He may be stuck later when he tries to go back into 4WD without knowing that it had ever popped out of 4WD mode and thinks that his 4WD was never engaged in the first place. This will leave the vehicle operating in 2WD mode, which is not desirable when off-road driving. This is a minor issue and is easily fixable as long as the driver is aware of the problem and was a widespread reliability issue was not present in any Kia Sportage models during its lifespan step from the 2011 Kia Sportage. This being said, for reliability and expectation of the vehicle, the 2006-2011 models are the best Kia Sportage models yet to be released.

3.2. Year Y: Advanced Safety and Driver Assistance

2009 was the best year for advanced safety and driver assistance for the Kia Sportage. This is the year that the SUV received the highest ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in multiple safety categories. The words of praise given by the IIHS were "good" in frontal offset, side and rear impact tests, the highest possible rating for a vehicle in its class. Not only that, it was awarded the 2009 top safety pick for its performance in crash tests done by the IIHS. This should make Kia Sportage owners feel secure when it comes to the safety of their vehicle. On top of the great performance in the crash tests, Kia added two new technologies to the 09 Sportage: standard active headrests and standard tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). First off, Kia added these during their era of the dual front airbag and 3-point seat belt, which both aim to prevent injury in an accident. The IIHS estimated that systems like these reduce the rate of being seriously injured or killed in a crash. Since the Kia Sportage had already been one of the safest SUVs on the road, adding an act to prevent injury in an accident was a great move for owners. As for the TPMS, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that this technology would prevent 10,000 injuries and 79 deaths annually. This is due to the fact that underinflated tires pose a serious safety risk and are three times more likely to cause a crash and two times as likely to result in a death. This is all due to the fact that people have difficulty maintaining the correct tire pressure. With TPMS, an indicator light and warning message inform the driver when tire pressure is significantly below the recommended level.

3.3. Year Z: Cutting-Edge Technology and Connectivity

Kia also offered a range of connectivity in Year Z. The Sportage was fitted with USB and auxiliary capabilities. As well as this, with the increasing use of smartphones, Kia was one of the first manufacturers to offer the wireless mobile phone charger. This invention reduced wire clutter and minimized the risk of phones being left in cars. All of these features made it very efficient and convenient for drivers to utilize their technology on the road. UVO3 was quite heavily pushed by Kia, and given its level of technology, Kia may have been targeting Generation Y, who are typically early adopters of such technology. All of these technology and connectivity features from Year Z suggest that Kia was now focusing on implementing technology in their cars, which would make life easier and more efficient for drivers. This signaled that Kia was trying to change the image of the Sportage to a more upmarket look and cater to the next generation of car owners. This was also done with the increase in build quality, which will be discussed below, and the change in shape in the next model, the QL.

Year Z saw the introduction of Kia's UVO3 infotainment system. This was the first time Kia had integrated Apple CarPlay/SatNav with Android Auto to provide swift phone integration to their cars. Kia Sportage was one of the first to obtain this technology. Kia claims that the technology was designed to minimize distraction among drivers, as it allows functions to be performed via the sound of the driver's voice, thus allowing drivers to stay focused on the road. This was strongly complemented by the Android Auto feature, which mimicked the phone screen so that drivers don't need to look at the screen for updates such as road changes and traffic information. The UVO3 system was one of the most advanced systems available at this time, and Kia continued to offer or improve this system in future models.

4. Conclusion

Now that the best model has been established, the future models can build off that and exceed an even higher expectation for a higher-rated cost. This would be beneficial for the company. Higher cost expected from greater models will increase more revenue. It would be better if money earned is more than spent. The past needs to be escaped from the Sportage for it has defined an era of poor and bad reputation. What's been mentioned before, future models can help erase those negative connotations, in turn building a ranked status among the automotive world. The saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Though it's not completely true, for the future Kia Sportage models, it needs to be rebuilt to something better. Market needs are fulfilled in the 2012 model, and expectations are set for future models. Measures need to be taken for a leaving from the typical crossover constituency and above the current lost market share. Step off the line and be different than others and aim high. With a better cost and higher revenue, anything can be accomplished. The 2012 has defined a starting point with current goals made within the company. This is the best model and has since set the bar for the future Kia Sportage models.

Based on the research conducted in this essay, the best year the Kia Sportage was made in thus far is the 2012 model. Throughout the years, especially in 2011, Kia has outdone themselves and modernized the Sportage to meet the needs of the modern world. Modern times call for more fuel efficiency to save a little bit of money for hard economic times. Compared to the old model, the 2012 has better fuel efficiency, uses less gas, and is cheaper in the long run. Today, not only do customers want something that will help save money, but something that looks mistakenly attractive to others. The 2012 model has done so. With a strongly built body and a European design, it has caught the attention of basically everyone. It looks more like a luxury vehicle with a much cheaper cost. Modern people are also concerned with their safety. The new model is built much safer with more features to help prevent accidents and to help protect. The safety rating has proven so. All these points basically define what the modern world represents, and by the aforementioned evidence, more of this would be better for the future models to come.

Kia Sportage has come a long way, and it seems to be getting better with every model that comes out each year. For four generations, Kia has made great changes and still leads the market in the compact crossover with the newly designed 2012 model. All new features that meet the needs of the modern world are displayed remarkably, such as fuel efficiency, a modern new look, and great safety features – earning The IIHS "Top Safety Pick" and a 4-star crash safety rating. Kia Sportage is sure to grab a lot of attention with its new design. Sales will increase, and it will continue to lead the market for compact crossovers in the world. With the release of the 2012 model, Kia will surely come out with something better in the future. Whether it's a redesign, more features, or just making it better than it already is, the Kia Sportage will continue to have great sales for its remarkable value to the customers.


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