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Five cars each covered a distance of more than a million kilometers.. More than twice the distance between the Earth and the moon

Cars have traveled more than a million kilometers

In the automotive world, there are powerful models and more powerful models. It is known that cars have a limited lifespan and a limited distance to travel while they are with the owner in service, but there are models that surprise everyone in terms of their strength to walk and the enormous distance they cover during their service life. Is this luck, or is the difference really between the models? 

It is known that there is fierce competition between car companies to produce strong vehicles that withstand many conditions, whether natural or mechanical. As for the human being, he differs in terms of temperament with regard to the automotive world. There are those who want to change his car every year, and there are those who adore the model of his car and stay with it until it breathes its last breath. It also depends on the material aspect, there are those who can afford to buy a new car every year, and there are those who cannot because of financial circumstances. 

With the great development in the automotive industry, cars can cover distances of up to 160 thousand kilometers without any problems appearing, and some of them can cover a distance of 320 thousand kilometers, with regular maintenance and prudent careful driving, but on average; the car travels a distance of 270 thousand kilometers.

There are a few cars that have covered an imaginary distance that exceeded the million kilometer barrier; some are classic cars, others are modern cars. 

Driving a million kilometers, the distance between the Earth and the moon is equal to two and a half times. 

Cars that have traveled imaginary distances:

Maybach 62

  • The Maybach 62 car covered more than a million kilometers between 2004 and 2009, and surprisingly, its condition is very good inside and out, as if it were newly manufactured, according to the website "Motor1". 

  • The car belongs to a businessman from the state of Liechtenstein, and he revealed the thing that made him drive the car all these distances that he could not find better than that car. 

Ford F-550

  • The Ford F-550 belongs to Ford's fleet of pick-up trucks, which have been the best-selling trucks in America for the past 40 years, according to the website "Arab gt". 

Zonda C12

  • The Italian company Pagani offers a range of the best SuperSport cars in the world, and the super-capable Zonda C12 has been able to cover a million kilometers since 1998, according to the website "Motor1". 

2013 Pagani Zonda Revolucion

  • The Zonda C12 was supplied with several engines, transmissions, and various Pagani body panels oriented to the production Zonda models. 

  • The car has high-precision friction and balance control systems, and has carbon fiber ceramic brakes. 

Volvo P1800

  • The stylish Volvo P1800 is considered the most car in the world that has traveled imaginary distances estimated at more than 5 million kilometers, so it was recorded in the Guinness Book of records, according to the "Autoblog" website. 

  • The owner of the car, 75-year-old Irv Gordon, says that he bought it in 1966, and since that time he has been taking good care of it, changing the oil 885 times and the transmission oil 124 times. 

  • The distance traveled by his car is equivalent to the distance of circumnavigation of the globe 127 times. 

Hyundai Alantra 2013

  • Despite the novelty of the Hyundai Alantra, which was produced in 2013, it was able to cover a very long distance. 

  • After the American Farah Hines, who works in the delivery business, managed to drive her car for more than a million kilometers, according to the cnet website. 

  • Specifically, Farah reached the figure of 1.6 million kilometers (one million miles), and these kilometers were accomplished by the original engine of the car. 

  • Hyundai celebrated Farah's achievement by making a video documenting her journey with the car. The company also gave her a gold number plate frame as her reward. 

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