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5 Most Reliable Global BMW Models To Buy Used (5 To Stay Away From)

1. BMW 3 Series

A used BMW 3 Series, especially the E90 generation that was produced from 2006 to 2011, is a great balance between sportiness, luxury, and most importantly, durability. This particular generation is well-regarded for its robust engines and a well-engineered chassis design, which are still admired by many of the respective modifications’ owners and fans. Hence, visiting multiple global imports BMW dealerships, you will find the E90 model must place there.

2. BMW 5 Series F10

Thanks to BMW’s incredible modifications and attention to detail, the midsize luxury sedan BMW 5 Series F10, which was produced from 2010 to 2016, is another thing that you can confidently buy. Being spacious on the inside and offering a variety of high-quality diesel and petrol engines that, apart from these qualities, are reliable and efficient, F10 must be recommended for purchase even at BMW dealerships in Atlanta area

BMW X3 F25

The 2011-2017 BMW X3 F25 could be the perfect option for one who cannot afford an X5. It is luxurious, practical, and sporty at the same time. The all-wheel-drive system and excellent build quality allow this compact SUV to manage all driving conditions. The service center of global imports BMW reports that the fitting parts are cheaper in comparison with rivals.

BMW 1 Series E87

The E87 model of the first-generation 1 Series, which was produced by BMW from 2004 to 2011, is a good choice for those who want a small BMW. It is good to drive and has practical use for people who live in cities like Cobb County or Midtown. The dealership explains that this car has few common issues, and this model has exceptional customer service satisfaction ratings.

BMW 7 Series F01

The 2009-2015 BMW 7 Series F01 is one of the most advanced and comfortable cars in its class. The complex technical parts in BMW cars are very reliable if they are serviced regularly. A good decision is to buy this expensive car in a BMW service center. Indeed, the F01 7 Series is one of the best luxury sedans.

BMW Models to Watch Out For

BMW X5 E53

The first-generation BMW X5 is a good vehicle that is innovative but expensive to maintain. The E53 X5 electrical and cooling systems fail a few times, and the dealership recommends extra examination before purchasing one of these cars.

BMW 3 Series F30

The F30 generation of the 3 Series is a popular car that, among other things, has more problems caused by electronic components. Turbocharged engines fail a few times at a dealership, and customers are advised to opt for other models.

BMW 5 Series (E60)

The E60 5 Series, which was produced between 2003 and 2010, struggled with its advanced iDrive and software-driven electronics. As a result, BMW service center specialists report constant problems with diesel particulate filters for its 530d variant and many other high-maintenance components.

BMW X6 (E71)

The E71 X6, available between 2008 and 2014, is a flashy model that intersects SUV and crossover styles. Its steep maintenance costs, significant issues with advanced dynamics and electronics, do not make it a proper choice for anyone looking for hassle-free used BMW cars.

BMW 4 Series (F32)

The F32 4 Series, which was released between 2013 and 2020, is an excellent choice in terms of design and looks but far from ideal in terms of reliability. Issues with steering electronics and the vehicle’s interior attrition have become the most persistent, as several customer reviews indicate.


Finding the right used BMW requires a consumer to contemplate the model’s history and the presenting company. Avenue Motors offers top-quality service, so its customers can be sure they will receive all the necessary support and reliability. Choose a vehicle using the insights offered in this text, combining driving experience, status, and safety.

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5 Most Reliable Global BMW Models To Buy Used (5 To Stay Away From)

Delve into the world of BMW to discover the most reliable models to buy used and the ones you might want to avoid. Here are some useful resources for finding the best BMW deals and learning more about the models: