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5 Most Reliable Global Hyundai Models To Buy Used (5 To Stay Away From)

Welcome Avenue Motorsin NJ!

As a pre-eminent dealer, we take pride in an extensive offering of high-quality pre-owned vehicles. If you’re in the state and looking for a reliable used Hyundai, look no further. However, before buying that Hyundai from Avenue Motors, here are the models you should and shouldn’t consider.

The Reliable Picks

Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata is a staple in Hyundai’s creation journey. The sedan is known for its ride quality, roomy cabin, and robust tech features. Also, it is reliable and relatively durable. Avenue Motors gets Sonata models regularly. Each is rigorously checked and approved for you.

Hyundai Santa Fe

When traveling with a family or hauling luggage, the Santa Fe is the go-to Hyundai vehicle. Prior long-distance customers at our North Plainfield NJ praises the car comfort, safety, and gentle drift maintenance. From the engine to the transmission, each Santa Fe is sold by Avenue Motors after everything is set.

Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is one of Hyundai’s best SUV ever. The South Korea vehicle manufacturer have ensured the of style, comfort and good fuel efficiency. For those wanting a return vehicle that will last forever, shop at Avenue Motors. We give Tucson models with serviced history/rfc sis.axisA.

Hyundai Elantra

Stand out from the crowded compact car segment thanks to its impressive fuel efficiency and stylish appearance. The Elantra is a perfect commuter that has historically proven to be low-cost to repair and has high residual value. You can find the most suitable Elantra model for your lifestyle and wallet through the expertise of our knowledgeable team at Avenue Motors.

Hyundai Ioniq

Clean energy enthusiasts can opt for the Ioniq, which is nearly as efficient and environmentally friendly. The Hyundai Ioniq is a popular selection among residents of NJ who have become more conscious of their health.

Models to Avoid

Hyundai Veloster

The funky Veloster 3-door design has been linked to a variety of mechanical problems over the years, including transmission problems and abnormal tire wear.

Hyundai Genesis Initial Setups

With its luxurious interior and ride, the original Hyundai Genesis model was a homerun for the Korean company, but it was also plagued by electrical issues and a faulty powertrain.

Older Hyundai Accent

Expect rust and a low-quality drive with older Hyundai Accent models, which will be less likely to be purchased secondhand.

Hyundai Tiburon

The sporty Tiburon model didn’t deliver the durability and performance Hyundai customers expected, and it had numerous clutch and suspension issues.

Hyundai Equus

Despite targeting the luxury SUV segment, Hyundai Equus did not fulfill long-term objectives, resulting in high repair costs and depreciating value.

What Makes Us the Best Car Dealership in the USA?

Don’t just settle for a reliable Hyundai vehicle without experiencing what the best car dealership in the USA has to offer. Avenue Motors goes above and beyond to ensure that your purchase is not only backed up with present accurate information
but you also walk home confident about your buy. Combined with special offers and transparent pricing, you’re guaranteed not only the best car dealership in the USA but also one that offers value beyond the price tag.

Why Choose Us for Your Used Car Purchases?

Before you walk into any other used car dealership, visit us at the company that offers Global Hyundai. Sit down with one of our experts who will walk you through our extensive inventory to help you get the right vehicle within your budget. Whether it’s a dependable Hyundai model or alternatives, we offer a premium purchasing experience. Get in touch with us for the latest inventory information.

The Ideal Used Hyundai Dealer – Avenue Motors

Qualities of a Good Hyundai Dealer in NJ

Unbeatable Customer Offers

Avenue Motors values every customer, and we appreciate that clients come from different financial standing. As such, we offer convenient financial solutions, especially for eligible qualified buyers. Buying a Hyundai at our dealership is not just an ordinary purchase; it’s a value-oriented purchase.

Trusting the Car Manufacturing Process

Hyundai invests heavily in innovation and improving vehicle design. Thus, every Hyundai model we offer has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it offers reliable service. Unless the vehicle passes the brand’s quality test, we never offer it.

The Best Actual Cash Value

We know the importance of getting the best value for your cash. Therefore, Avenue Motors promises to actualize the best actual cash value for our cars. We make our pricing clear so that you can see the actual amount you are to pay – no hidden charges or surprises. Internet Pricing Posted clearly. We understand that the digital age is here, and all key information should be easily accessible. Therefore, all our internet pricing is posted clearly on our website. You can then compare various models and choose the best for you from your comfort home.

Consistency in Pricing

At Avenue Motors, we ensure that our internet price is the same dollar amount you will pay at your dealer. This way ensures that no discrepancies occur and maintain our honesty and authenticity.

Maximizing Our Trade in allowance

We value your current auto and wish to offer you the best trade-In allowances. Doing so means the actual amount you pay will be low and affordable. All you need is to bring in your car and get an upgrade.

Handle all Licensing costs and Registration Fees

We understand that passing through the taxation and licensing offices may be robust but do not worry since we will handle that for you.

Special Offers Through Discount Coupons

At Avenue Motors, rewarding our customers with special offers is one of our favorite things to do. One of these offers is discount coupons, which can take a considerable sum off the final price. Keep an eye on our site and contact our sales team to learn about current offerings and how you can take advantage.

Financing! Options Based on Approved Credit

Financing your new Hyundai should be an easy and uncomplicated process. We offer various financing options based on approved credit at Avenue Motors. Our finance team collaborates with numerous lenders to secure the best possible rates and terms to accommodate your use case.

Ensuring Your Hyundai Meets Your Standards

Choosing a Hyundai is synonymous with making a car that fits your life. In addition to that promise, we also check to make sure that your car matches what you want, ranging from color to accessories. We utilize external data provided from Hyundai, which corroborates with your preferences in the best possible manner to make sure everything about your vehicle is perfect.

Confidence in Prior Sale

Every car sold at Avenue Motors has undergone a thorough exam and comes with its clean history. You can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises in your car after you’ve made your purchase. As the premier Hyundai retailer, we don’t forget about the commitment and honesty that holds this relationship together.

Visit Avenue Motors in NJ today to experience quality and service. This is where you will find the perfect Hyundai car that suits you with its exact configuration And on reasonable terms.

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