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Kia Carnival LX seat package vs. EX

1. Introduction

Higher quality foam is standard on the Kia EX variants and has been developed to offer a better level of comfort and back support. It has the effect of increasing the life of the seat due to offering more resistance to deformation over time. The foam is also designed with varying stiffness to provide additional leg support and general comfort. The later ES and LS variants will become available with the higher quality foam as a running change from the 1st quarter of 2007. The extra comfort, support, and extended life of the seat make this feature a recommended choice for those who intend to undertake longer trips or are after the best possible level of comfort. [1][2][3][4][5] Learn More about: Are Kias good cars in our guide 'Introduction to Kia Model Specific Reviews and Features'.

Kia Carnival EX seating package is offered as an alternative to the LX seating package, and it offers some additional features. You might also expect to find these features on a top-of-the-range vehicle, but Kia has developed a range and spread of optional and equipped features to give a broader customer base the opportunity to purchase the Kia EX. The LX and EX Carnival utilize the same core seat frame and spring support mechanisms, but this is where the similarities end. The upper EX variants receive higher quality foam.

2. Seat Features

Both the LX and EX models come with privacy glass on the back, side, and cargo area windows. This is a great feature that helps keep the interior cool and provides more security when you leave your vehicle parked. It helps keep your belongings hidden from potential thieves. This feature is rated 10 out of 10 as it is very useful and it is standard in both models.

The EX model comes with standard side doors. The reason for some people not liking the sliding side doors on the LX model may be because they are too accustomed to the standard doors. Again, this feature is preferential, and others who never want to lose their sliding side doors will find the standard doors a hassle.

When it comes to the seat packages, the LX model comes with sliding side doors, which can be manually operated. All you must do is pull on the handles located on the doors. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage as some people may not like the sliding side doors, and others may love this feature. The reason for this being that it can be quite hard to park your car in a small car park when you have to get out of your vehicle and the car next to it only leaves you a small gap. This might result in you not being able to open the door at all. If there is enough room to slide the door and you are facing upwards on a hill, then the door will slide open by itself. This could also be a problem, but by slightly pulling the door, it can close it in its original position.

This Kia Carnival review will attempt to compare the LX seat package with the EX seat package for the Kia Carnival. Hopefully, this Kia Carnival vehicle review will help the reader understand the differences between the two. Both the LX and the EX models come as an 8-seater, giving space for everybody. The Kia Carnival is already made to be spacious.

2.1. LX Seat Package

Heated front seats are available on the LX Power Package. The LX Convenience Package adds a front seat passenger 4-way adjustable headrest to go along with the standard vehicle 8-way power adjustable driver seat with 4-way lumbar support. The LX is equipped with 3-point height adjustable front seat belts with pretensioners to keep passengers in place when it counts most. Headrests in every seating position are designed for crash protection and are also comfortable for resting your head during those long family road trips. Security is enabled with Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH), as well as rear child-safety door locks in the sliding doors.

The LX provides seating for up to seven passengers with multiple configurations to accommodate various combinations of passengers and cargo. The second row can be a three-place bench seat or two individual seats. With the in-floor storage bin, one of these seats can be stowed to create a walkway to the third row. The 60/40 split third-row seat can be folded into the floor for an expanded cargo area. The LX comes with standard YES Essentials® fabric, which provides quick and easy clean up of life's daily messes. This fabric also has a soft, high-end feel. Leather seat trim is available at an additional cost.

2.2. EX Seat Package

The EX (HCi) model includes an 8-way power adjustable leather seat for the driver and a 4-way power adjustable leather seat for the passenger. With these power seats, the driver can adjust their seat by pressing one of the 4 sets of controls and also 3 sets of memory position dials. The thigh support, lumbar support, and height of the cushion on the driver's seat can be controlled. These functions will allow drivers to personalize their driving positions. Both the driver and passenger will also gain better comfort and support throughout their journeys. The EX model also includes heated front driver and passenger seats. This function will enable the driver and passenger to adjust and maintain a comfortable driving position. The above seat package is designed with driver comfort and safety in mind when operating the vehicle, so that an ideal driving position can always be achieved.

3. Additional Features

Our EX seat Package builds upon the LX Seat Package with the addition of second row heated adjustable seats. Not only are these seats heated, they are also completely adjustable, and come with a one touch walk-in feature from the passenger side seat. This makes it significantly easier to get behind the driver's or front passenger's seat, especially when positioned all the way forward. These seats utilize the same material as the front LX seats, all of which provide improved comfort and temperature resistance in relation to the standard Grand Carnival second row seats, making them a welcome addition for anyone desiring even more comfort and luxury from their vehicle. [6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

Our NuLuxe seating material enhances the comfort and durability of the seats. Tighter stitch points and increased density of materials used in the seats help to increase the comfort, and also have an added benefit of helping retain the seats' shape and feel. To help keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold, our seats also come with heat resistant and cold resistant capabilities using materials that are water repellent and specially coated to be resistant to staining and damage from chemical products.

3.1. LX Seat Package

The LX seat package really emphasizes the versatility and comfort of the 2nd row seats. Not only can the seats be moved to increase legroom length for 3rd row occupants, but also rear passengers have their own climate control to ensure maximum comfort, which is not available in other packages. Additionally, the second row and rear seat passengers can enjoy privacy with built-in sunshades for the 2nd and 3rd row windows. This is a feature that no other vehicle in the Carnival's class offers.

The LX seat package comes standard with 7-passenger seating that includes 2nd row 'Slide-N-Stow' track seating - a Kia exclusive - and in-floor storage compartments. This means the 2nd row seat can be rolled forward with the touch of a lever for easy access to the 3rd row. The 2nd row 'Slide-N-Stow' seats can also be flipped forward and slid all the way to the front to act as lounge seating and/or make exiting the 3rd row easier. With this feature, the outboard 2nd row seats become reclining captain's chairs and there is still a center seat remaining; whereas other vehicles in the Carnival's class only have 2 available captain's seats, leaving no room for an 8th passenger.

3.2. EX Seat Package

About 60/40 split 3rd row seat; tilt and sliding 2nd row seat and available rear dual power sliding doors. The stand-up 2nd row seat package is configured so that only seat base and not actuators, inboard slide track, and carpet. The EX seat package for the 3rd row seat is an exclusive LEV feature and is consequently the same as the base model third row seat. The goal with this strategy is to provide different feature choices and price points for the customer. Some of the customers may prefer the actuators and inboard slide track, while the cost-conscious customer may opt for the standard EX 3rd row seat at a reduced price. A similar strategy is applied for the 2nd row seat package. For the customer that prefers to have the 2nd row seat with rear power sliding doors, he/she can choose to upgrade to the stand-up seat. This will cost more than the LX seat package. A cost-conscious customer can use the tilt and slide portion of the seat, with the feature simplified version. This provides the customer with another feature/price point selection.

First, the second row of EX seat has a "stand-up" feature. This unique feature allows the outboard portion of the second row seat cushion to tilt and slide the seat forward. This is convenient for 3rd row passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Once the 3rd row passenger is seated, the 2nd row seat can be returned to its original position. Although this is a common feature on mini-vans, it is a Kia exclusive for the Carnival. This feature is essential for the primary target user of the vehicle.

4. Conclusion

The winner of the comparison between the two seat packages would, of course, be the Kia Carnival EX. Even though the LX model does offer a good basic seat package, the EX model offers so much more and is more suitable for families with young and older children.

The EX version of the car offers a variety of different things. They have second-row captain's chairs with a part-time table. While the LX model has a similar feature, the EX version has a more comfortable arrangement that is ideal for growing families with older children who desire a bit of independence. The part-time table is perfect for families and allows them to have snack meals or play games in the middle of the second-row seats.

The Kia Carnival LX comes with a 60/40 split fold-in-floor third-row seat. This means that it has a double seat on the left side and a single seat on the right side that can both be folded into the floor if they are not required. This also allows access to the third-row double seat on the driver's side and is flush with the floor in the 2006 model. The third-row seat also has a slide and double-fold feature, enabling the outboard seat to slide forward for easy access to the third-row seat and provides a walk-through function. These seats are also removable on all models.

It is very clear that the seat packages available in the 2006 Kia Carnival are quite different and offer different features. It is also noticeable that there is a vast improvement between the seat packages of this car and the previous models of the Carnival. Learn more by reading our article: Detailed Carnival package options.


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