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Kia Carnival LX vs. LX seat package

1. Overview

This is a positive point of having the captain seats and stand-alone seat. It will be easier to enter the 3rd row cabin. However, not all people will be glad with it. Usually, if the person who always sits in the middle of the 2nd row seat and treats it as their personal seat, they will feel reluctant to move to the 3rd row cabin and may have a debate when you own a stand-alone 3rd row seat. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

2. Entering the 3rd row cabin As explained before, the LX seat package version uses the stand-alone 3rd row and the only way to enter the 3rd row cabin is through the gap between the captain seats.

The Kia Carnival LX is the base model of the vehicle, whether you choose to buy a minivan or MPV. They come with the basics to bring your family from one place to another. The only difference between the two versions is the seat. The standard LX version uses the standard 2nd row bench seat that can accommodate 3 passengers and a 60/40 split of 3rd row bench seat that can accommodate 3 passengers. But the LX seat package version uses the 2nd row 2 captain seats and a stand-alone 3rd row seat. This section will explore the effect of the second row seat on the ease of the passenger entering the vehicle and on the 3rd row passenger. Learn more about: Kia Optima in our guide 'Introduction to Kia Model Specific Reviews and Features'

2. Features of Kia Carnival LX

c. Backup Warning System: i. It strengthens the rear safety feature. It has a display on the rearview mirror with the goal of providing a wider sight to the driver. It will provide a visual aid to any obstacles or objects at the rear before engaging to move the vehicle. ii. It has a sensor that beeps at different frequencies when the obstacle is near the rear of the vehicle.

b. Rear Bumper Sensors: i. A safety feature. It emits a beeping sound when there are obstacles near the rear of the vehicle when the vehicle is in reverse mode. ii. An aid for parking, especially in tight parking spaces or when the vehicle is close to a wall.

a. Power Sliding Door: i. It is a convenience for the whole family, especially when the kids hop in and out of the MPV. ii. It has an anti-pinch feature which retracts the door when any of the passengers' body parts obstruct the closing of the door. This ensures safety for the passengers as the door will not injure them if the door is closing with a passenger in the middle of the doorway. iii. It has a child protector lock. This ensures that young kids will not open or close the door without permission.

3. Benefits of LX Package:

3. Features of Kia Carnival LX seat package

Spending time with family is the most enjoyable moments in life, and to have extra passengers, today's large families would often need to use a second car to accommodate them. So they compromise on one car to fit the family size, or maybe even need to consider changing to a bigger model without considering the extra need of moving 7-8 persons. Kia Carnival caters to both options with its 8 or 11 seat capacity. These are considered cost-efficient for families who still need to consider school-age children's friends when they go out in a group. This is also useful for those who occasionally need to transport extra people, such as a relative's trip to the airport. High-income earners can opt for the luxury 7-seat option to effectively get the equivalent of a second car with even more luxurious features. All these options, however, have been well designed without compromising interior space and ease of movement between seats. [10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Covering four major features compared to LX, this seat package promotes much more comfortable and luxurious travel. The driver's seat has a standard 8-way power adjustable seat (with lumbar support) that is positioned 5 cm higher than the LX. It also has 4-way power adjustable lumbar support. The seat position is also 5 cm further off the floor, ergonomically designed to suit most bodies with comfortable ease of entry and exit. These are the same for the front passenger, so they both can travel in luxury. The second-row seats are called "Relaxation" seats, which are super premium for a people mover. They too have the ability to recline and slide back and forth, with built-in leg rests like an airline seat. These are also equipped with an ottoman on the back for recline comfort and an armrest with cup holders.

4. Comparison between Kia Carnival LX and LX seat package

The major difference in this vehicle package is seating capacity. The Kia Carnival LX has seating for 8, with split bench seats in the second and third row, and the LX seat package drops the seating capacity down to 7, with two chairs in the middle row, and the third row still uses the split bench seating. This in turn also causes the LX seat package to have less cargo room behind the third row. The LX seat package allows for 32 different seating configurations, to cater to the every need of the customer. This chart just goes to show the things that many people don't often think about, and Kia has really planned out every possible situation and catered for it. There are some very noteworthy added features to the LX seat package, including an overhead storage console with conversation mirror, which is a handy device to keep an eye on the kids. Dual power sliding doors, and a temporary spare tire to replace the very impractical tire repair kit. Measures to include UV reducing solar windshield glass and rear privacy glass, these are important for the Australian market, and if the vehicle was to be used as a people mover, the added expense would be well worth the comfort it would provide for passengers.


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