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Kia EV6 vs. Nissan Ariya

1. Introduction

Nissan will use Ariya to prove an essential point. They want to rebrand themselves away from dawdling the EV market with leftover Leafs and Stepwagons, and they need to rebuild an identity for a more modern and youthful generation of people. To promote this, they will include bright trims of color on offerings of this five-seat crossover and a two-tone top. These color offerings are not seen in any other Nissan vehicle. They will also attempt to master and advertise EV tech with their e-4ORCE AWD system. Learn More about: What Kia models to stay away from? in our guide 'Introduction to Kia Model Specific Reviews and Features'.

Kia's plan is to catalogue a majority of their EV6's as long-range AWD models as these will have the largest margins of profit. High performance is expected from these as they will resemble a comparably priced German Audi or BMW. Lower price FWD models will be for consumers who fancy Kia as a daily driver, but do not have the same income as the typical luxury car owner. This will provide two differing types of consumers as it will be a car to impress for some and a car with a familiar feel and reduced carbon footprint for others.

The automotive sector approaching worldwide equitability is the next fight we are going to see among the automakers, as their struggles will be predetermined through electrical innovations and green technologies. The mainstream EV automakers currently exist with their product lineups, and they will have to release new ones to better fit in the evolving market. Two popular brands from South Korea and Japan, Kia and Nissan, are the latest brands to attain this objective toward greater equitability. They are set to release their newest and first non-compliance EVs based on a platform tailored specially for electric vehicles, the EV6 for Kia and Ariya for Nissan. These two can be considered equally important to the market, as they are positioned as midsize crossovers, which is one of the most popular types in the US, and market the modern vigor of the brand under great supervision.

2. Design and Features

Measuring in at 183 inches long, 74.8 inches wide, 65.4 inches high, with a 109-inch wheelbase, and 7.8 inches of ground clearance, this is a US spec design. Step into the new Ariya to experience Nissan's new evolution and build the excitement for the future.

The rear roof slopes down smoothly into the rear liftgate spoiler for a sporty look with high aerodynamic performance in addition to the fully covered underside, reducing air turbulence of the vehicle body. High-tech integrated dual power rearview mirrors with a camera and front power scuff plate in the front finish off the design features with functionality and style.

With white LED lighting and reception illumination for the Arced Luminance, the mood lighting can change to fit the atmosphere of the drive or time of day. The high level of technology and quality materials make for a very unique and modern interior, fitting for the "ultimate vacation space." The moonroof adds to this interior ambiance with an expanded view of the sky during the day, and interior lighting inspired by the Japanese tradition of "Andon" to softly light the cabin during the night.

The design layout is centered around the driver, creating a "pilot's cockpit" for the road. This is completed by the 12.3-inch driver's display and 12.3-inch center display in a consolidated "Dual Display" for ease of operation and better visibility. The touchscreen climate control panel makes for an even smoother dashboard without the clutter of traditional knobs and is combined with capacitive haptic switches for the infotainment system for an intuitive feel when in use.

The spacious cabin provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, with welcoming seats and high-quality features throughout. The minimalist instrument panel without buttons gives a sense of openness to the cabin, inspired by a modern living room, and the flat, open floor is reminiscent of a lounge. The inside and outside become one, with the available two-tone interior with platinum accents and slimline 3D Ultrasuede seats.

Nissan Ariya embodies the company's vision to further electrify society by improving the ways in which people access, utilize, and share energy. The design is futuristic, aerodynamic, and sharp. Bold and sleek, the all-new electric vehicle makes a powerful statement, projecting Nissan's new direction of brand evolution.

3. Performance and Efficiency

Performance-wise, both cars boast strong acceleration because of EV simplicity, and the EV6 GT design - evaluated individually - brings genuine sportiness to the sector. The e-4ORCE all-wheel control version of the Ariya will be the pick of the range for those who desire a dynamic owning experience and is significantly more powerful than the single-motor version. Nissan's innovative system disperses power to all 4 wheels as needed, providing the Ariya improved stability and created from the off-the-line onwards. Both models provide driver-selectable drive modes for more relaxed journeys and dynamic settings for an improved owning experience. This performance does not come at the cost of practicality for either model, with the EV6 using a big 520-litre boot comparable to its combustion-engined SUVs, and the Ariya boasting an exceptional level floor and slightly more internal space than the present best-selling Qashqai.

Performance parameters differ with choices, but there's ample variety. Kia EV6, when configured with the 77.4 kWh battery, reaches 520 km (323 miles) on the WLTP cycle with rear-wheel drive, or 490 km (305 miles) with the AWD model. The anticipated AWD version with the bigger battery can get more than 300 miles per charge, leaving the base model as the most effective electrical vehicle on the pickup. The Nissan Ariya with a similar sized battery can cover in between 300 and 310 miles on the same cycle, and the lighter, smaller battery is expected to have an optimum variety of roughly 233 miles. Notably, the Kia's rear-drive EV6 charged its way to a record-breaking conclusion in Italy - completing a marathon drive from ultra-endurance specialist Romain Dumas' hometown of Alès to Turin on a single charge with energy remaining.

4. Price and Availability

Currently, in terms of availability, the Kia EV6 has a more clear and detailed date of when it will be available. At the time of the Kia EV6's debut, it was mentioned that the car would go on sale at the end of the second quarter of 2021, and now Kia has confirmed that sales will start in certain regions in July 2021. This is a positive point for Kia, as clear information about when a car will be available helps consumers make a more informed decision. Starting from now, Kia has opened reservations for the EV6, which can be made by visiting the special website for the Kia EV6. This is a smart move considering the high interest generated when the EV6 was first showcased. On the other hand, Nissan has only mentioned that the Ariya will go on sale sometime around the end of 2021, and the specific regions and date are still unknown. This lack of information may lead to indecisiveness among potential Ariya customers and could potentially impact the sales of the Ariya, considering the high anticipation for this car. Therefore, Nissan may need to provide a confirmation of when the Ariya will be available and take steps such as starting reservations and conducting extensive promotion for the Ariya.

Price is one of the most important factors when buying a car, and for an electric car, price is still a decisive factor compared to regular internal combustion cars, as most electric cars still have a higher price compared to their ICE counterparts. The Kia EV6 will be available for sale with a starting price of $41,000 and will come in 3 variants. The first variant is RWD (2WD) with a starting price of $41,000, the second variant is AWD (AWD) with a starting price of $45,000, and the high-performance all-wheel-drive variant "EV6 GT" will go on sale in the first half of 2022 with a starting price of $55,000. The price of the Kia EV6 is very competitive, especially compared to its ICE counterparts in the same segment, and it is also not too expensive compared to other electric cars. This will be a strong selling point for Kia in promoting the EV6 to the public. Meanwhile, Nissan has not yet announced the pricing of the Ariya and has only confirmed that it will be available in 2 variants, 2WD and AWD. Since detailed information about the Ariya's pricing is still unavailable, we will need to update this comparison once more when the pricing information of the Ariya becomes available.

Kia has recently released the distribution and pricing details of its latest electric car, the EV6. Our goal here is to analyze how the Kia EV6 compares to its closest competitor, the Nissan Ariya. We chose the Nissan Ariya for comparison because Nissan is one of the leaders in EV adoption and has already released several electric cars. Additionally, Nissan has now announced the latest electric car, the Ariya, which is expected to be one of the best electric cars on the market. However, there is still no detailed information available about the Ariya, so we will use the currently available details and update the comparison once more when more information about the Ariya is released.​​​​​​​