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Kia Forte LX vs. LXS 2023

1. Introduction

Step into the interior, both Forte LX and LXS have the same number of People Capacity, which is 5-Passenger, and have the same Power Windows with Driver and Passenger One-Touch Auto-Up/Down Feature. Then the other similarity is that both cars have Adjustable Front Seat-Belt Anchors, Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column, Rear-Camera Display, Steering-Wheel-Mounted Audio and Hands-Free Phone Controls, Siri Eyes-Free, Centre Console with Armrest, Sliding Console Armrest, 12-Volt Outlet in the Front Console, Soft-Touch Electronics Tray, Carpeted Floor Mats, Personal Lamp in the Overhead Console, and the Last is Cabin Air Filter. So the very conclusion that may be easy to say between the interior features is that both of them have exactly the same things in it. You also can learn more about Kia Forte​​​​​​​ and 2011 Kia Soul in our guide: Introduction to Kia Model Specific Reviews and Features

From the very beginning, the exterior of both was different in shape. But it doesn't mean that this would be a problem because Kia Corporation may have some technical reason that makes the shape between the two models different. The first visible difference is the Front Grille where Kia Forte LX doesn't have the front grille, but it has Chromed radiator upper grille trim which covers this lack, and Forte LXS has the gloss black with chrome graphite Front Grille. Then the other one is the Forte LX bumper and the Forte LXS has the Rear Trunk and Rear Spoiler. The other visible and significant difference is the wheels. Kia Forte LX still uses the 16-inch machine-finished alloy, but it doesn't make it any worse because the wheel still looks luxurious, and Forte LXS uses the 17-inch graphite finish alloy which is the same as Ford Fusion that may have similarities with Forte LXS. But in conclusion, both of them use the same tire size between the Front and Rear, which is 225/45 R17. The very last difference between the exterior features is the lights. Between both cars, the only difference is the Rear Combination Light, but it doesn't make any changes to the overall looks because the light is too small to be compared. So the very straightforward decision to say between the exterior features of the two cars is that Forte LXS gives more looks on the outside than the Forte LX. It doesn't mean that the Forte LX looks much worse than the Forte LXS, but surely not everyone loves seeing it. And the other advantage of Forte LX is if you're a car tuner, this car will have big spacious places to tune up the car, whether you want to make an extreme one or make a little changes. And the tuning place also has a little gap between the other cars, which is not fulfilling the engine opens, and may get dirty or even make rust at the bolt or the other engine part because it's too overused.

In today's world, most people spend more time on the road and need cars to make their life easier. A car is not only used as a transportation mode, but it also has many functions due to the best development of technology in this era. There are so many types or models of cars, and each of them has some type or model that has special or best functions between them. Users or potential buyers are usually confused to choose which car is best for them. The major factor to decide is the price of the car and the function that will make users' lives easier. This essay may help to compare two cars from Kia (one of the best brands for cars) with specific types which are Kia Forte LX and Forte LXS. These types or models are launched by the KIA Motor Corporation in 2023. From there, both of them have big differences between the features, starting from the exterior and ending at the interior.

2. Features and Specifications

The interior design info for both the 2023 LX and LXS is unspecified officially, but we can expect the cheap plastic feel of the dashboard and a predominantly grey and black fabric color scheme for the LX. The seats may have a cloth alternative, but the specs on an official website seem to always promote the idea of "available front and rear cup holders". The LXS will have an improved interior design with an 8-inch touch screen display and a rear camera with dynamic guidelines, as well as a few other additional features to be implemented in all cars by 2023. What those additional features exactly are, however, are as of yet unspecified. The LXS will also have an available premium package that will have a glass sunroof and more advanced driver assist features normally included in luxury car models. This should be an improvement from the launch pack, which had alloy wheels and LED headlamps.

The official details on the engine specs are not yet available from Kia, but the LX edition comes with the typical 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with 147hp and 132 lb-ft torque. The Koup and Sedan models would have different performance specs because of the change in size and weight. The LXS for the 2020 model has a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with the same power output as the 2021 sedan with IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission). As an alternative for fuel economy, you can select an LXS model with an FE package and an additional $500 to swap out for a 6-speed manual transmission, but without cruise control. So, this is a choice for drivers who value fuel efficiency more than drive quality. Now, as we are unsure of the specific specs for the 2023 LXS, we can only assume they will be similar to the 2020-2022 models.

2.1. Engine Performance

The difference in engine performance comes into play when experiencing the driving dynamics between the two vehicles. Test drivers have reported the Forte LX as having a firmer and less comfortable ride. This is due to suspension tuning, in which the LX was built for reduced vibration from the road. The LXS does not have this preference as it may be left seeking a more comfortable ride. The IVT plays a role in this, as the LX felt sluggish during acceleration while test drivers have said the LXS felt more ready with the transmission keeping RPMs higher. The IVT is quieter than a traditional automatic, and despite the low noise, both Fortes feel loud at full pelt due to lack of engine power.

The engine performance for both the Kia Forte LX and LXS 2023 is very similar in terms of specifications, however, the build may vary. Both models are powered by the same 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine which produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. This energy is sent to the front wheels through Kia's intelligent variable transmission (IVT). These fuel economy estimates are similar to competitors. The LX earns 34 miles per gallon in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. However, the LXS is a bit higher on both fronts at 35 and 41 mpg respectively. These are categorized as excellent ratings in class.

2.2. Interior Design

The Forte LX and LXS are similar on the inside, each featuring gray Sofino seats, but have their differences in features included in the cars. The first notable difference is the inclusion of a 60/40 split rear seat in the LXS compared to a standard rear seat in the LX. The LXS also includes a center console armrest and Sofino-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob that are not in the LX. Both trims come standard with an 8-inch touchscreen display with rearview monitor and parking guidance. The LXS does improve on this feature with the addition of Sirius XM Radio with a 3-month subscription and a tweeter speaker to supplement the rest of the car's audio system. In terms of temperature control, both models offer a single-zone air conditioning with a cabin air filter, but the LXS uses an upgraded automatic air conditioning. In terms of convenience, the LXS offers remote keyless entry and illuminated key ignition compared to a standard key in the LX.

2.3. Safety Features

The LXS model comes with the same safety features but does not have high beam assist. This feature is available with the LXS Premium Package only. This can make a buyer consider purchasing another trim with more features or an LX with all the features standard. The LXS Premium Package comes with a price difference of $1500 with more features detailed further in the comparison. All in all, the safety features on the LXS and LX models are very reassuring that Kia has put a lot of safety into the cars. We appreciate this. Again, for each feature to be available in the most basic Forte LX model is a huge plus for anybody looking into purchasing this car on a budget.

Forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA) is a system designed to help detect and monitor the vehicle ahead, and in certain situations, it can help to avoid and mitigate an accident. It’s a nice feature for a base model car to come with, especially with many people on a budget looking for a car for any age group. Another key feature is lane keeping assist (LKA), which is a system that is designed to help you keep in your lane. If it senses you getting outside of your lane, it will adjust steering to guide you back to your lane. This is crucial for highway driving, so this feature is great and something people always need to use occasionally, as we all have had moments where we don’t realize we are going outside of the lines. High beam assist is a feature designed to change your high beams to low beams when it detects oncoming traffic at night. This is great for visibility at night and also prevents blinding other drivers, which can be a safety hazard. Driver attention warning (DAW), which is a system designed to monitor the driver and will provide alerts if it detects drowsy or inattentive driving is occurring. These are features specifically for the driver to prevent accidents, and every driver will have a situation where they use these features. These safety features are great and still uncommon to see, especially in a base model, and will definitely persuade people to give strong consideration to buying an LX.

3. Price and Value

This is a competitive market, and any added feature on the LXS model will most likely be available on higher trim models of competitors. It would be key to secure a price that measures up to the added features in comparison to competitors."

A main target for the model is younger crowds and first-time buyers. These groups will certainly find the LX model price more suitable for their budgets. If Kia Forte LXS can manage to lower that price at any time in the near future, it will surely boost its sales.

One great added feature of the LXS is the IVT transmission. However, even for that feature, the starting price is a bit high. Kia Motors promises to include additional features to secure that value gap, but it must be substantial in order to be worth the price difference.

"The price is going to be the difference maker for most people, especially for frugal college students like myself. The 2023 Kia Forte LX has a starting price of $18,840. Compared to the LXS Base Model, that's an $1800 difference. The added features on the LXS, as nice as they are, do not measure up in value in comparison to the price.

Guideline 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Crafted for 3. Price and Value

3.1. Base Model LX

The base model LX offers excellent value with the included features. Starting with the installation of an 8-inch touchscreen display that can access AM/FM radio, MP3 playback, and rear-camera viewing. Multimedia has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto access, partnered with a 4-speaker audio and a pair of USB charging ports. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is also available, and steering wheel-mounted audio and hands-free phone controls. Dual-zone automatic temperature control with a rear center console ventilation. To assist with monitoring, the LX has an array of safety and driving assist features. The vehicle's safety features include vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. The driving assist is equipped with forward collision-avoidance assist, lane keep assist, and lane departure warning. The LX has auto light control and high beam assist for improved visibility. This model also comes with driver attention warning to help keep the driver alert on the road.

Base model LX comes in at an expected price tag and offers excellent value. The MSRP is set at $17,890. The 147-hp 2.0L I-4 engine is paired up with either a 6-speed manual or intelligent variable transmission (IVT) that's designed for smooth and efficient operation. A compact 15-inch steel wheel is covered with a full wheel cover, adding still protection to cut costs on any possible future alterations. The front and rear bumpers are styled to match the color of the car. The LX's projector headlights have an auto on/off feature for added convenience. The outside mirrors are offered with optional turn signal indicators and are heated. The mirrors are also power adjustable for easy use. A chrome exhaust tip offers a clean appearance to the back of the vehicle. The trunk is set with a wide opening for easy access.

3.2. Upgraded Model LXS

The first impression from LXS is just the same when you look at the cover, but you'll find the differences when you look into the car. Just like the LX, LXS is also built with the cabin. The material finishing is just the same, like plastic, and has less soft finishing. The driving position is felt quite improved here; it is because the driver's seat and the tilt/telescope column offer a wider range of adjustment. Coming with the trip computer, keyless entry – the typical Kia remote system, and Bluetooth. LXS also gives upgraded features for the audio with the addition of tweeter speakers and the steering wheel that is equipped with audio control. But the fail comes in the case of the console; this part is so confusing with a random button/joystick array and the climate control. The navigation system and the sunroof are also features available for LXS, but you have to spend extra money to get this stuff. With the appearance of LXS, it feels not really much different from the previous LX, no wonder because it is positioned one level above the LX.

Kia Forte 2023 has come with the series of LXS, which is an upgraded version from its old LX. Although it is an upgraded version, some problems have been reported that this version does not really satisfy their expectations. The improvements are not major and even in some parts, it feels a bit degrading, whether from the features aspect or the physical appearance itself.

4. Conclusion

Both of the trims of Kia Forte have significant value to offer. The LX trim comes at an effective price of starting $18,855, while the LXS trim comes at just a $1000 bump. At that $1000, what you get extra is quite significant. It is a car that one buys for basic commuting. With that in mind, the standard features of LX are quite good and can be satisfying for many. But if one can afford a little more, the LXS trim has better value. It has a wide range of additional features and can offer a much more comfortable experience for a little increment in the monthly payment. Step up to the LXS trim, it has a ton of features for just a little more. These features add big value, such as a more powerful engine option, much better fuel efficiency, and the addition of a standard CVT automatic. At the end of the day, in long-term usage, the LXS will be less frustrating and more enjoyable to use with the better fuel efficiency and standard CVT. The cost of maintenance will be less as well. Step up to the LXS trim, it has a ton of features for just a little more. These features add big value, such as a more powerful engine option, much better fuel efficiency, and the addition of a standard CVT automatic. At the end of the day, in long-term usage, the LXS will be less frustrating and more enjoyable to use with the better fuel efficiency and standard CVT. The cost of maintenance will be less as well. While LX can be satisfying to buy as a car for basic commuting, LXS has better value for just $1000 more. The optional premium package of LXS adds awesome additional features while still being cheap. LXS Forte is simply better with the wide range of additional features, and it’s the trim to get.​​​​​​​