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Kia Sportage vs. Seltos 2024

1. Introduction

This is where the tables turn. The Sportage has a 181 horsepower, 175 lb-ft torque 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with a 6-speed automatic, whereas the Seltos only has a 175 horsepower, 175 lb-ft torque 1.6L 4-cylinder turbo with a 7-speed automatic. Given the size of the Seltos, that's actually not a bad amount of power. But with the difference of a 1.6L and 6-speed automatic, the Sportage will ultimately blow the Seltos out of the water in terms of acceleration and towing. The Seltos may drive a little more smoothly with the additional gear and smaller weight. But the Sportage still holds that acceleration and extra power. This is where it comes down to what vehicle consumers would rather have. Would you rather have a vehicle with better acceleration and power that may not look as nice on the exterior? Or would you rather hold onto an SUV that is a bit bigger and not as fast, but still has great MPG and is smooth on the road?

Let's compare the 2024 Kia Sportage and 2024 Kia Seltos models in terms of reliability and performance. First, the Seltos model is just a bit smaller than the Sportage. The wheelbase of each model is only different by an inch, with the Seltos being an inch shorter. The Seltos is smaller in terms of height, making it easier to transport for those city-goers. The Sportage and the Seltos are very close in comparison for highway mileage, with the Seltos getting 32 MPG and the Sportage only getting 30 MPG. Highway miles are the most important in choosing a vehicle. With the Seltos having a gallon larger than the Sportage, the Seltos will be able to travel further than the Sportage. Please visit our Comprehensive Guide to Kia Model Comparisons to learn more about Kia Sportage vs Seltos 2024.

2. Exterior Features

Kia has added some design tweaks to the Sportage for MY 20. In the eccentric SUV world, it was never the most difficult of kinfolk to control backward, but when compared to its on form, the new Sportage is night and day. It follows the gradient of the provoke from the past edition, informed by Kia's Agile Cycle program, named at giving a many cohesive and elemental arrangement module to incoming models. It's a more aerodynamic and slicker countenance and with LED headlamps and fog lamps, the car features a statesman upmarket appearing than the early edition. Signal the car from the face and you'd be absolved for Rivet the quantify useable sustain was with the interior. The rearmost bumper has also had a redesign, as has the tailgate with unified spoiler. The gross dimensions of the car feature inflated somewhat, now measuring 40mm individual, 15mm wider and 65mm large, change of which has added to the inner dwell of the Sportage. The lenghthened machine also has a person turn and leaving bias than the old edition band and this, compounded with a stiffer body shell and reinforced abeyance, contributes to outdo rattle comfort during dynamic and a more contained and composed couple. Reinforced unsoundness insularism, a quiter engine and a reduction in transmittal and subsidence interference also support to affect the examine.

2.1. Kia Sportage

Side on the vehicle, you will see a very simple approach. There are very minimal creases other than a slight "Air Breather" around the front quarter panel – a design straight from BMW. The rear of the vehicle looks relatively bare with no noticeable designs apart from some new narrowed LED tail lights. The Sportage has never been in-your-face with its appearance, and this is the same. The highest trim level model gets a sporty rear diffuser and a dual muffler exhaust.

Like previous Sportage iterations, the 2023 Sportage will keep the same classic/smart mix of Kia designs, and a signature that allows it to stand out in the market against competitors. The front grille is a new made up of wide diamond shapes, and a large Sportage logo. It looks somewhat similar to the one seen on the Sorento. LED lights will be placed within the grille, and there are going to be two-block headlights.

There is both good and bad here with the growth in size. The bad is mainly for people who don't like the new trend of growing vehicles, and for people who live in cramped cities as the Sportage will take up more room on the roads. The good is for interior space, as it should provide greater legroom in the rear seats and more cargo storage.

The Sportage gets some extensive changes to the exterior too, but they may not be as noticeable to the naked eye. It gets a longer wheelbase and a longer overall length, which we saw in the early uncamouflaged pictures from July. The wheelbase is 10mm longer than the previous generation and the length is 175mm longer for the standard car, this new length is 4630mm which makes it 85mm longer than the Seltos.

2.2. Kia Seltos 2024

Kia has not released any pictures or information regarding the new Seltos. However, based on the slight refresh made to the American market 2023 Kia Seltos this year, we do have some idea regarding what the 2024 model may come with. The biggest change conjecture is Kia following the Hyundai Creta/Nissan Kicks strategy, by reducing the size of the ASEAN/Australian market Seltos to fit in below the Sportage/Sportage Hybrid. This will target our demographic more toward the younger crowd (16-25 for the most part). Add in some possible off-road capabilities, and Kia may have a winner. How this will sit for the older crowd seeking a no-frills C-segment SUV is yet to be determined. The North American and South Korea market Seltos may receive completely different designs unlike now, where both markets share the same-looking bodies but with different features and slight changes in dimensions. This is purely speculation, but we will bring updated information once it becomes available.

3. Interior Features

The Kia Seltos is marketed as a vehicle that provides confidence on the road, safety, and space. Now, the interiors on the Seltos are modern and sleek. On the top-spec GT variant, it comes with a 10.25" touchscreen as well as a 7" supervision gauge cluster, certainly impressive. The GT line variant will get a number of sporty elements such as GT line perforated leather-appointed seats with grey stitching, alloy sports pedals, D-cut steering wheel, and gear stick. These small additions will certainly make the GT Line version a nicer place to be compared to the entry levels.

The third generation of the Kia Sportage is about to make waves once again, and it's difficult to not agree with the statement. With its rugged looks, revamped design, and new features, the Sportage is set to attract a widespread audience. Although Kia has not revealed much about the interior of the new Sportage, it's quite obvious that it will get several improvements in this department. All of which are positive, but are they enough?

3.1. Kia Sportage

Paralleling to the exterior, the 2024 Kia Sportage offers a more high-class look interior in comparison to the Kia Seltos. The Sportage interior provides a 320-watt, 8-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system as well as a 0.8-inch larger touchscreen for a heightened consumer experience compared to the Seltos. Sportage consumers will have a choice of a 12-inch gauge cluster or an 8-inch head-up display depending on the package they choose. The technology features are unparalleled as the Kia Sportage offers many class-leading features such as remote smart parking assist, around view monitor, and the Blue Link connected car system (which offers remote start, climate, and door lock control from a mobile app with no subscription). All of the aforementioned technology features are not available in the 2024 Kia Seltos, making it the obvious choice for a tech-savvy consumer. When comparing the overall feel of each interior, the 2024 Kia Sportage is more refined and higher quality than the Kia Seltos, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a more luxurious driving experience.

3.2. Kia Seltos 2024

The interior of the 2024 Seltos, of course, features the audacious and modern design that Kia is calling "Rugged Refinement". The Seltos is being offered with a black or grey monotone color scheme with black seat bolsters with matching headrests, metal-like finish door handles on all but the base LX model, and an option for Sofino synthetic leather seat trimming on the SX and S Turbo models. Kia has made some improvements to the interior headroom and legroom, and the rear legroom is best in class. This will ensure optimal comfort for its passengers. One additional touch to maximize the comfort of the Seltos is the option of a sunroof with one-touch button for the LX and S models and a larger sunroof with LED room lighting for the EX, S Turbo, and SX models. The final touch to the refinement of the Seltos' interior is the "sound mood lighting system" which will allow the driver and the passenger to experience the vehicle in a more immersive manner. 3.3. Kia Seltos Summary.

4. Performance and Technology

The Kia Sportage is a popular vehicle, perhaps even Kia's most popular vehicle. The Seltos is a newer vehicle, having only been released in 2020, but it has still gained plenty of attention. When considering the performance of these two vehicles for comparison, you will find that the Sportage is attached to a 2.4L 159 HP 161 lb.-ft torque four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission that comes in all-wheel drive in all editions but the 2013 LX edition, which has the available option between all-wheel and front-wheel drive. The Seltos is attached to a 2.4L 175 HP 169 lb.-four-cylinder engine and Torque Vectoring Transmission (TVT), which is a fancy name for an all-wheel drive system. When considering fuel economy, the Seltos averages 25-28 mpg to the Sportage's average of around 20 mpg. The Seltos' more fuel-efficient all-wheel drive system and slightly higher horsepower give it the leg up in terms of performance, while the cars' similar engines mean the Seltos outperforms the Sportage despite the size and classic appearance of the latter. Both vehicles being relatively modern, they come provided with a variety of technological features. Each vehicle comes with the standard radio, MP3, and Bluetooth compatibility, though the Sportage allows for the audio to connect to 6 speakers or the option between an 8-speaker or Harman/Kardon speaker system, while the Seltos allows for a Harman/Kardon speaker system that connects to 8 speakers, one being a center channel and another a subwoofer. The Seltos is one-upped by the Sportage with the option to attach an audiovisual navigation system. When considering safety, technology is king. Each vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes; however, the Seltos is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, rather than the front and rear disc brakes of the Sportage. Each vehicle has electronic stability control, but the Seltos has the added luxury of vehicle stability management and hill start assist control. The Seltos also has a better airbag system, an option for head-up display (which the Sportage does not have available with windshield projection), and a UVO link with a 10.25" touchscreen display, while the Sportage only has a UVO link with an 8" touchscreen display. This being the only unique technological feature to the Sportage. Overall, the Seltos has a larger variety of technology that is more advanced than the Sportage's somewhat basic setup.

4.1. Kia Sportage

One of the best technological features of the new Kia Sportage is the newly standard 8-inch infotainment screen. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth will all be standard. This means that your smartphone can now easily communicate with your car, playing music and showing maps on the vehicle screen. A trial version of Sirius XM satellite radio will also be standard. The Sportage will also offer an optional premium sound system that has 8 speakers that have been properly tuned for the Sportage cabin. The same premium sound system comes with the option to upgrade to a 10.25-inch screen with navigation. A wireless phone charging pad will also be an optional feature on the new Sportage. All of these features allow for a better driving experience and make the Sportage more competitive with other SUVs on the market.

The Sportage is also expected to feature an improved all-wheel-drive system. Instead of only activating when the front wheels slip, the Dynamax all-wheel-drive system can sense traction loss and proactively engage. It also has a system that will split torque between the front and rear wheels depending on the conditions in order to improve stability and traction. This will set the Sportage apart from the other SUVs in its class and give it an advantage when you need extra traction in bad weather or on unstable surfaces. An electronic power steering system will also have three selectable modes that change steering feel depending on what the driver prefers. This adds to the list of Sportage features that attempt to tailor to each individual driver as much as possible.

The 2024 Kia Sportage is expected to feature an all-new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. This is a naturally aspirated engine that will provide 187 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque. For the Sportage SX Turbo, there will be an optional 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. This engine is expected to run at 240 horsepower and have 260 pound-feet of torque. Both of these engines use an 8-speed automatic transmission. This gives the Sportage a fair amount of power for an SUV of its size. It also allows for the ability to tow up to 3500 pounds.

4.2. Kia Seltos 2024

Dynamically, Seltos was tuned for a slightly firm ride. Its ride and handling are commendable, with responsive steering and handling around corners. It never feels too stiff due to its specially developed platform, and the ride quality remains refined. Seltos is also equipped with a fully automatic all-wheel-drive system that is capable of a lock mode below certain speeds. This system is a rarity in the subcompact SUV segment, as most competitors only offer non-automatic AWD systems. It gives Seltos an edge for those seeking extra traction in challenging weather conditions or light off-road use.

Another included engine is a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder Turbo with 175hp/6,000rpm and 195lb-ft of torque, coupled with a 7-speed automatic Dual Clutch Transmission. This engine is only available on the Seltos SX AWD model. This particular powertrain takes the lead among Seltos, offering surprising acceleration and better fuel economy. This engine is more powerful and efficient than the base engine, but gas mileage is only 25mpg, a 4mpg deficit.

A high level of performance is expected from KIA vehicles, and Seltos meets these expectations with its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 156hp/6,200rpm and 149lb-ft of torque. It is paired with its Intelligent Variable Transmission, which provides smooth and linear acceleration by raising the rpm level as engine load increases into a range approximating driver demand. The engine and the transmission feel in line with what the competition is offering. It neither feels underpowered nor overpowered. The expected fuel economy of this front-wheel drive with a 2.0-liter engine is 29mpg.​​​​​​​