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Nissan Rogue vs Chevy Equinox: A Friendly Guide for the Practical Buyer


When you're on a budget and need a reliable SUV that won't break the bank, the Nissan Rogue and Chevy Equinox are often at the top of the list. Both offer great features but today let’s dig a bit deeper into their cargo spaces and find out which one could be your next budget-friendly partner on the road.

Who Has More Room for Your Stuff?

Nissan Rogue: Pack Your Entire Living Room, Almost

The Nissan Rogue boasts a cargo capacity of 39.3 cubic feet behind the second row, which jumps to 70 cubic feet with the back seats down. It's perfect if you’re the type to bring the kitchen sink when you travel. Plus, its Divide-N-Hide cargo system lets you customize the space. You can hide your valuables or keep those pesky grocery bags in place. But let's be honest, if you're not the organizing type, this feature might just be a fancy puzzle that you never bother solving!

Chevy Equinox: Small but Mighty

The Equinox isn’t far behind with 29.9 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and 63.9 cubic feet with them folded. It might seem smaller compared to the Rogue, but it has a lower load floor which makes sliding in heavy boxes a breeze. Perfect for those who hate lifting things up high—think of it as the back-friendly car. But if you're planning to move or take big trips often, you might find yourself playing car Tetris more than you'd like.

Features That Make Life Easier

Both SUVs are decked out with features that add comfort to your drive. The Nissan Rogue steps it up with a power liftgate on the mid-tier trims which is a lifesaver when your hands are full. However the Rogue’s cabin is lined with materials that make it feel more luxurious than you'd expect for the price.

The Chevy Equinox counters with essential tech like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard across all trims ensuring you stay connected on the go.

What Might Annoy You?

Nissan Rogue: Too Quiet?

The Rogue’s cabin is so quiet it’s almost like being in a library on wheels. Great for peace lovers but if you enjoy the hum of the road it might be too silent for you. And while the cargo system is ingenious it might require a Ph.D. in Rocket Science to figure out all the configurations on a busy day.

Chevy Equinox: Where’s My Power Liftgate?

The Equinox might make you manually work that liftgate unless you opt for higher trims. It’s a good mini-workout but not so much fun in the rain or when you're juggling multiple grocery bags.

Keeping it Real with Costs

Both models are economical in terms of fuel and come with a competitive upfront price tag. The Rogue offers slightly better fuel efficiency and a higher resale value which is something to consider if you’re looking at costs down the line. On the other hand the Equinox though slightly less robust in resale value banks on its durability and lower maintenance costs over time.

Final Verdict: Who Wins the Cargo Space Battle?

Choosing between the Nissan Rogue and Chevy Equinox comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Do you value a more luxurious feel and innovative cargo solutions? Then the Rogue is for you. But if easy loading and tech connectivity are higher on your list the Equinox might be the better choice. Each has its quirks but both are solid contenders in the world of budget-friendly SUVs.

So what’ll it be? The feature-rich sanctuary of the Rogue or the robust practicality of the Equinox? Either way you’re getting a great vehicle that’ll keep up with your budget and your adventures.