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Top Picks for NJ Luxury Cars: Your Guide to Premium Rides in New Jersey

Navigating the luxury car market in New Jersey? We’ve simplified your search, offering straightforward insights into NJ luxury cars from sought-after brands to dealership experiences and after-sale services. Whether it’s the sleek Mercedes-Benz, the sporty BMW, or another high-end marque, each paragraph here maps the terrain for your next premium automotive investment in the Garden State.

Key Takeaways

  • New Jersey hosts a vibrant market for luxury cars, with popular brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Porsche providing a mixture of performance, technology, and luxury to meet the varied preferences of consumers.

  • Pre-owned luxury vehicles are a practical choice for those seeking the premium experience at a lower cost, backed by services like online purchasing, vehicle exchange policies, thorough inspections, and extended warranties for peace of mind.

  • The automotive landscape in New Jersey is rapidly embracing electric vehicles, with incentives like a $5000 rebate and a Sales Tax Exemption benefiting EV buyers, supported by a growing infrastructure of over 400 charging stations.

Discovering the Best Luxury Cars in NJ

Illustration of luxury cars in NJ

The state of New Jersey is a hotspot for an array of esteemed luxury car brands including:

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • BMW

  • Audi

  • Lexus

  • Porsche

These manufacturers set the bar high with their exceptional features and performance capabilities, securing their coveted status among enthusiasts. The excitement derived from robust engines, advanced technology innovations, and sumptuous interiors ensure that these luxury vehicles deliver an ownership experience beyond comparison.

Central New Jersey stands at the epicenter of this passion for opulence on wheels. This region has an insatiable demand for luxury cars. From Newark’s polished thoroughfares to Princeton’s scenic byways, sightings of these lavish automobiles are frequent – emblematic reminders of New Jersey residents’ enduring admiration for refined automotive elegance.

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Associated with luxury, performance, and innovation, BMW presents some of the most desirable models available in New Jersey. Not merely vehicles, models such as the 3 Series, 5 Series, and X5 represent the pinnacle of motoring excellence.

The selection from BMW encompasses a variety of models that assure both exhilarating and sumptuous driving experiences. Highlights among them include:

  • The spaciousness and cutting-edge iDrive entertainment system offered by the BMW 3 Series.

  • A smooth ride courtesy of the refined suspension in the BMW 5 Series.

  • Rapid acceleration capability on the BMW X5 which can achieve a sprint from standstill to 60 mph in just about 3.8 seconds with specific configurations.

These models stand as evidence of BMWS’s dedication to blending luxurious comfort with sheer driving enjoyment.

Audi: Sophistication Meets Performance

Audi distinguishes itself in the luxury vehicle market with its commitment to advanced technology and design. The brand stands out due to its sophisticated performance capabilities.

At Audi Princeton, an array of models is proudly on display, including:

  • The sleek A3 compact

  • The luxurious A8 sedan

  • The dynamic S4 sports model

  • The adaptable Q3 SUV

  • And the capacious Q8 SUV

These vehicles exemplify Audi’s dedication to pioneering design and engineering excellence. They are emblematic choices for those who seek high-end automotive experiences in New Jersey.

Mercedes-Benz: The Epitome of Luxury

Mercedes-Benz stands as a symbol of elegance and luxury, presenting a selection of high-end vehicles in New Jersey. Its array includes the favored C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class models.

At Mercedes-Benz of Morristown, you can find these models outfitted with cutting-edge safety amenities and entertainment options that elevate the driving experience. The dynamic C-Class through to the lavish S-Class radiates its distinct mix of refinement, agility, and security – attributes highly sought after by astute automotive enthusiasts in New Jersey.

Lexus: Experience Amazing

Renowned for its prestige in the realm of luxury vehicles, Lexus stands as a beacon of opulence and technological innovation. Within New Jersey, models like the RX, ES, and LS are celebrated for their exquisite luxury features.

Venture into the Lexus of Atlantic City showroom to uncover an extensive selection of Lexus offerings.

  • Elegant coupes

  • Versatile crossovers

  • Refined sedans

  • Robust SUVs

  • Exclusive signature performance line

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every model from Lexus promises to provide an exceptional driving journey that perfectly marries comfort, performance prowess, and unwavering safety standards.

Porsche: Pure Driving Pleasure

Porsche stands as a symbol of opulent high-performance vehicles, with celebrated models such as the 911, Cayenne, and Panamera offered throughout New Jersey. These cars are known for providing an exciting driving experience that is second to none.

At Porsche Princeton, enthusiasts can find these sought-after models that embody Porsche’s dedication to superior performance and precise handling. From the spirited 911 to the adaptable Cayenne or sophisticated Panamera, each car in their lineup is revered for its unparalleled driveability and luxurious appeal.

Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles in NJ

Pre-owned luxury vehicles showroom in NJ

For those with aspirations of luxury car ownership but a preference for more budget-friendly options, our inventory of pre-owned luxury vehicles provides an attractive proposition. By choosing from our selection of used luxury cars, which encompasses esteemed brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover, customers can bypass the hefty depreciation that new models suffer and secure a high-line premium vehicle at a more accessible price point.

Our assortment offers something for every taste among the ranks of used luxury vehicles.

  • Executive sedans

  • Versatile hatchbacks

  • Stylish gran coupes

  • Capable SUVs including icons like Porsche Macan, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, BMW X3 or Audi Q7.

  • Elegantly designed coupes and sporty convertibles featuring marvels like the Porsche 911 or Audi R8.

Embracing modern convenience without sacrificing quality service is attainable through online platforms such as Fastlane. There you can finalize your purchase within moments, all from comfort’s realm—backed by considerable assurances. These include policies like a five-day/300-mile exchange option if it doesn’t match expectations, rigorous 125-point inspections to ensure top condition standards are met before sales completion, along with post-purchase security provided by warranty coverages lasting six months or up to 6k miles driven. For discerning customers seeking even greater ease in their shopping journey accompanied by exclusive attention during transactions conducted remotely in mere seconds, additional line premium services stand ready to cater specifically to these needs.

Financing Your Dream Car

When seeking financing for a luxury car, various aspects are assessed by financial institutions including:

  • The individual’s earnings

  • Their credit rating

  • Vehicle specifics such as model year, type, and distance traveled

  • Duration of the loan agreement

  • Size of initial payment

Securing pre-approved financing empowers consumers with an accurate indication of their fiscal capacity when negotiating.

Potential buyers have access to online tools which facilitate auto loan prequalification via soft inquiries into their credit histories. These instruments enable individuals to calculate expected monthly payments and evaluate what they can afford in terms of vehicle expenses. At the J&S AutoHaus finance center, clients receive support in securing automotive loans tailored to suit individual needs through diverse funding avenues. This includes collaboration with numerous lending entities that cater competitively across varied credit backgrounds.

Servicing Your Luxury Vehicle

Luxury vehicle service center in NJ

The meticulous care and repair of a luxury car is essential for its longevity. In New Jersey, service technicians at luxury vehicle dealerships are highly certified with years of experience to guarantee skillful maintenance on high-end vehicles.

New Jersey offers dedicated service centers for luxury cars such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, which provide an array of services including:

  • Replacing batteries

  • Rotating tires

  • Changing oil

  • Repairing brakes

  • Diagnosing engines

  • Fixing transmissions

In the realm of luxury auto servicing in New Jersey, establishments like Kollective Auto Group and the esteemed Ray Catena Auto Group deliver all-encompassing services for new and pre-owned luxury automobiles. Dealerships specializing in upscale brands such as Aston Martin Summit pride themselves on delivering first-rate customer attention along with trustworthy service specialists who meet their clientele’s every requirement.

For those requiring upkeep or repairs on their high-end cars or SUVs within New Jersey, appointments can be seamlessly organized with professional service advisors at any approved automotive service center.

Test Drive Tips and Tricks

Adopt a strategic approach when test driving a luxury car to guarantee it meets your performance expectations and caters to your preferences. Instant throttle response and quick acceleration are key performance indicators of a high-performance luxury vehicle during a test drive.

A luxury vehicle should have:

  • Tight steering

  • Responsive suspension

  • Comfortable and controlled driving experience

  • Zero lag in turning at any speed

The test drive is your opportunity to experience the vehicle firsthand, so ensure you test all aspects, from comfort to performance, to ensure the vehicle meets your expectations.

Selling Your Luxury Car in NJ

In New Jersey, the act of selling luxury vehicles can be quite rewarding. NJ dealerships specializing in luxury cars provide unique incentives for sellers like complimentary lifetime car washes and valet service including pick-up and loaner vehicles when servicing is needed.

These dealerships place a high emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service via their sales teams along with offering competitive rates when buying luxury cars from individuals. They also accept trade-ins and offer valuation tools to help customers assess their current vehicle’s trade-in worth, which aids in smoothing out the process towards acquiring either new or pre-owned vehicles.

Specific initiatives such as Interstate Motorsport’s ‘Sell Us Your Vehicle’ program and Haldeman Lexus of Princeton’s Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer are set up to guarantee an equitable and clear-cut transaction experience for those looking to sell.

Shopping for Luxury Cars Online

Online shopping for luxury cars in NJ

In this digital age, the process of purchasing luxury cars in New Jersey has been significantly simplified. At Alfa Romeo and Fiat of Maple Shade, customers can expect competitive offers for trade-ins and have the convenience to custom order their vehicle as well as complete their purchase online.

At BMW of Mount Laurel, prospective buyers are provided with a virtual assistant service alongside an online buying system. Similarly, Audi Englewood streamlines the shopping experience by offering a Shop from Home feature that negates the need for physical interaction with sales personnel. Fastlane enhances customer support remotely through diverse communication methods including chat services, email correspondence, or telephone conversations.

For those looking to explore Into luxury car brands available across various dealerships in New Jersey without leaving home can visit https://bestofnj.com. This resource provides an exhaustive list detailing top-tier luxury car dealerships along with information on which brands they offer.

Embracing Electric Luxury Vehicles

The automotive industry has been transformed by the rise in electric vehicles (EVs), particularly within the luxury car market. In New Jersey, there’s a notable increase in electric vehicle registrations, escalating from just 251 in 2011 to upwards of 49,000 by 2022—this underscores a significant shift towards embracing electric cars across the state.

Electric vehicle purchases are outpacing national averages at twice the rate within New Jersey, reflecting robust consumer enthusiasm and backing for such environmentally friendly modes of transportation. With an eye on sustainable progress, the New Jersey Electric Vehicle Act enacted in 2020 aims for a milestone of getting 300,000 EVs on its roads soon. Financial incentives like a $5000 rebate at point-of-sale for new plug-in EV purchases and exemption from sales tax for Zero Emission Vehicles enhance their appeal as cost-effective options.

New Jersey provides an amenable climate that is predominantly favorable to lithium-ion battery performance—a key component of most modern EVs—in boosting statewide adoption rates. To Support this initiative toward greener vehicles, New Jersey has established over four hundred charging points which include essential fast-charging services with around ninety-six DC stations alongside three hundred seventy-eight level two stations bolstering its infrastructure.


In New Jersey, the pursuit of a luxury car, be it new or pre-owned, presents an array of vehicles known for their exceptional performance, comfort, and elegance. The state’s luxury car landscape includes diverse choices ranging from the sheer driving joy offered by BMW to Porsche’s unparalleled performance prowess. The integration of online shopping adds remarkable convenience to acquiring a high-end vehicle in this region. Coupled with clear-cut financing possibilities and an increasing inclination towards electric cars, securing ownership of a luxury vehicle has become both more feasible and gratifying in New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top luxury car brands in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, leading luxury car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Porsche provide an extensive selection of luxury vehicles. These brands are at the pinnacle of the luxury segment in the market for upscale automobiles.

What are the benefits of buying pre-owned luxury vehicles?

Purchasing a previously owned luxury vehicle can serve as an economically advantageous choice since these vehicles typically undergo less value depreciation than their brand-new counterparts. Consequently, you can acquire a more upscale car at a reduced price.

How can I finance a luxury car in New Jersey?

When seeking to purchase a luxury car in New Jersey, you may consider securing an auto loan. Lenders will review your income and credit score among other details about the vehicle. Dealerships offer financing choices for these types of cars.

What services are offered by luxury car dealerships in New Jersey?

Dealerships in New Jersey specializing in luxury cars provide a range of services that include ongoing maintenance, repair work, and support for customers.

What is the trend of electric vehicles in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there is an upward trend in the use of electric vehicles, bolstered by the state’s aggressive goals and monetary incentives to encourage their uptake.

This suggests a favorable forecast for the expansion of electric vehicle presence within the state.


If you want to get a used car like new luxury vehicle with top notch customer service please contact our sales team or check our pre owned inventory