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Travel Between Countries by Car... Between Pleasure and Needs 

Is Your Car Ready for Long Adventures and Distant Trips? 

Traveling between countries by car has become the fashion of the times because it is a great pleasure if the distance is reasonable and not tiring. The habit of traveling between neighboring countries by car is widespread in a large number of regions of the world, including the Middle East, Europe and South America. People in these regions take their cars and drive off to the areas where they want to travel with great joy. It is noted that many people prefer to use their personal cars to travel on long trips if it is within the country where they live or to neighboring countries. 

To make traveling by car fun:

experts in travel affairs advise following some instructions in order to have a real enjoyment of traveling by road, the most important of which is to make sure to rest and sleep long enough before each long trip, especially for drivers of advanced ages who can show signs of fatigue more than young people. Experts also warn against the use of some medical drugs that may cause drowsiness, such as antiallergics. They also advise that the music that drivers listen to should be very quiet because it can also cause drowsiness. 

Is Your Car Ready for Long Adventures and Distant Trips? 

You Need to Make Sure of Several Important Things in the Car 

The car is one of the most important and most comfortable means of transportation when it comes to traveling. It gives passengers comfort, privacy, and even more pleasure on the road. But on the contrary to these benefits of traveling by car, traveling with it can be fraught with risks if the car is not fully prepared and equipped, so when traveling with your own car you have to: 

Check the Water Level in the Car: 

Water is one of the most important things that needs to be checked in the car, especially the radiator water, as this water is directly responsible for cooling the engine and if it is lacking or running out, the consequences will be dire. You should make sure of the water level in the radiator for reassurance and it is also preferable to take a spare gallon of water in case of any water shortage on the road. The inspection is not limited only to the radiator water; you should also check the wiper water because it plays a big role in cleaning the glass and the driver's visibility, especially when dust and dust accumulate on the windshield. 

Engine Oil Change: 

The principle of traveling by car means that you will cover long distances, and these large distances mean more use of the engine and therefore burn the oil faster. As is known to everyone, engine oil lubricates and reduces friction between the internal parts of the engine. If the oil burns, the engine will suffer significant damage and may reach the stage of complete damage, so the traveler should check and change the engine oil before traveling if necessary, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the oil and avoid any risks that would damage the engine. 

Checking Tires: 

One of the most important tips for traveling by car is to check the condition of the tires, because they play an important role in maintaining the balance of the car and protecting it from the risk of dangerous slips. If your tires are old and worn, they will pose a great danger to all passengers because the vehicle will be exposed to several serious dangers. 

Check the Brakes: 

One of the most important tips while traveling by car is to check the brakes. All previous malfunctions or problems can be bypassed or at worst they will not pose a danger to travelers if they occur, but brake malfunctions will have disastrous results in the truest sense of the word because this can lead to serious and possibly fatal accidents. So, try to inspect the brakes and make sure of their quality and how quickly they respond. 

Inspect the Air Filter: 

The air filter prevents the ingress of debris, dust, and dust into the engine, but over time, even if the filter is not in good condition, dust will cause clogging of the ducts of this filter and its loss of its effectiveness and basic function. So make sure before traveling to change this filter because the ingress of dust and dust into the car engine will lead to big air filter problems in the engine. 

Check the Car Lights: 

The presence of any malfunction in the headlights while traveling at night by car may force you to stop and continue traveling at sunrise the next day, because traveling at night with bad lights will block your vision and you will not be able to walk permanently on the road. Add to this that driving with burnt-out lights can cause you to be fined on highways, so check if all the lamps are working well before the road trip and replace the burnt-out lamps in order to avoid any problems.