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Buying a Used BMW in NH

1. Benefits of Buying a Used BMW

Previous years' BMWs still have up-to-date features and technology. In today's society, we have smartphones, smart TVs, smart everything. We are constantly buying the newest and greatest technology. It has become the same way with cars. Every year, car companies are coming out with new features for their cars. This affects the cars from past years because they do not have the newest features and technology. For example, the 2012 BMW 3 series. (Weiss et al.2021)(Krykavskyy & Stasiuk2022)(Padmaja et al.2023)(Hoppenburg, 2021)(Agrawal et al.2023)(Chimeudeonwo, 2023)

New cars have larger and faster depreciation in their value. Depreciation is the decrease in an item's value. The second you drive a new car off the lot, it becomes a used car and its value decreases significantly. From years 1-5, the car's value decreases 15-25% per year. Depending on the car model and brand, but on average, a brand new car will lose about 60% of its value after 4 years. This is a clear example of the 2016 BMW 5 series once again. A 4-year-old 5 series is going to be pre-owned for $20,000 less than it originally did. This is why a guaranteed allowance for a new car trade-in can be a good idea. This way, you can get the most money back when you decide to buy another new car.

Compared to a new BMW, the price of a used BMW is much lower. A new car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. When buying a BMW that is 3 years old, you can get a car that is in great condition and has very little mileage. For example, a brand new 2016 BMW 5 Series with 5,000 miles is $50,000. A 2013 BMW 5 Series with 10,000 miles is about $28,000. Just after 5000 miles, the newer BMW has less value because it's used. So in that example, the used 2013 5 series is half the price with very little difference in the car. The more expensive the car, the more money you lose when it depreciates. This is why buying a used BMW that is only a few years old is the best decision.

1.1. Lower Price

When it comes to buying a used BMW, one of the biggest benefits is a lower price. Cool says that the general rule is that prices will be in the 35-40% lower range than its original cost. He also mentions that since the cars have dependable reputations, it's not necessary to spend the extra money for the certified pre-owned BMW, considering they are just as reliable as a brand new BMW. People's incentive to buy a new car comes from the manufacturer's warranty but he explains that with the money saved from buying a used BMW, one can use it to purchase an extended warranty and still be paying a lot less than what they would by getting a new one. Bell also touches on the dealer incentives customers have, such as finance rates and leasing programs, being offered to those buying new cars. Nevertheless, she points out that there are still low finance rates for used cars, claiming a friend had received a 1.9 percent finance rate on a used car from a bank. For the same car but new, there existed a 2.9 percent finance rate. This negates the competitive advantage new car buyers had on interest rates and leasing programs.

1.2. Depreciation Advantage

Because new luxury cars have a higher depreciation, it makes them even better deals as used cars. Given their premium status, they often receive better care and maintenance (important when buying a used car). Plus, with a lower depreciation, they cost only a little more than a standard make when new. Why would someone buy a new Saturn when, for a few more bucks, they could buy a used 3 series, C class, or A4? It is simply a much better value and quality of car. (Bustaman & Dasuki2022)(Gokhale et al.2021)(Kittinan, 2021)(Wuori, 2023)(Ratnasari et al., 2023)(Mandal2021)(Edinata et al.2023)(Nunes2024)(Iuliana2020)

Now let's take, for instance, a 2003 BMW 540i, an already used car. It was priced at about $50,000. Now, 5 years later in 2008, a used 540i might fetch about $20,000 to $13,000. The percentage of this depreciation is less than the typical standard (about 60-75% depending on the value of the used 5 series). Therefore, a consumer with a used luxury car, such as a used BMW, does not lose as much money as if they were to buy another used car. It is simple logic and beneficial to a consumer of a used luxury car.

Depreciation is the value a car loses after you drive it off the lot. Typically, most cars lose about 20% of their value once they are driven off the lot and another 10 to 15% in the first year of ownership. At the end of 5 years, a typical car is only worth about 37% of its MSRP.

1.3. Wider Selection

Customers who buy used cars can shop and find the same exact car for various amounts of cash. If the car is being sold by a private owner in your local community, the customer will have the opportunity to purchase the car from the comfort of their own home. Step by step, from newspaper to the internet, buying a used BMW can be done in the privacy of consumers' homes. The wider selection can have its pros and cons between dealer costs and vehicle conditions, but the comforts of sifting through various sources of BMWs and purchasing on your own time outweigh the limited selection of brand new BMWs.

When customers decide to purchase a new car from a dealership, some may leave unsatisfied with the selection available. Dealerships only have so much property to hold a quantity of new cars. The customer service representative will offer cars from the warehouse and other locations, but the selection may not satisfy the customer. When a customer decides to purchase a used car, there is a much wider selection. There are many sources for the purchase of a used car: any type of car dealership, the used car section at a new car dealership, private owners, online dealerships, and used car retailers. While some sources may have more selection than others, customers are more likely to find the BMW with the exact year and model, color, and specifications they desire. Certain buyers are looking for a specific car to purchase, and it is very unlikely that the new car dealership will have, or better yet, hold the specific car that the buyer wants.

2. Finding the Right Used BMW in Nashua

The next step in finding the right used BMW in Nashua involves checking vehicle history reports before going to see specific cars. This should give you a good idea of the car's past and whether or not there have been serious problems with the car. In some cases, you may find out that the car has a salvage title, which means something has seriously gone wrong with the car. Researching the history reports should help you dodge cars with potential problems and effectively narrow down the choices for what car you are looking to buy. Finally, narrow down the choices to the best 2 or 3 cars and locate the sellers to set up appointments to inspect each car in person.

Researching the various models and features should help you identify what you want out of a used BMW. There are many differences between the sedan 3-series and an X5 SUV. Find out what each model has to offer and what you are looking to get out of the car. This should help narrow down the choices and help you focus on the right car for you. Also consider the amount of money you are looking to spend on the car when determining what models you can afford. Pricing may also help determine the year of the car you are looking to buy. By researching the blue book value for BMWs, you can determine a good price for the car you are looking at.

There are a lot of used cars in Nashua. When trying to locate the right used BMW in Nashua, NH, you will definitely have a leg up. Before leaving your home, you should research the different models and features for BMW. Then, check out vehicle history reports before going to see specific cars. Once you have found a car that you are interested in, set up an appointment with the seller to inspect the car in person.

2.1. Researching Models and Features

Once you have chosen a body style, research the different models for that style. For example, if you have chosen a sedan, there are numerous differences between the 3, 5, and 7 series that could affect your choice. The 3 series is a smaller, sportier car designed to be an ultimate driving machine. The 5 series is a mid-sized luxury car, and the 7 series is a larger luxury car. This is just an example, but determining the differences between BMW models will help you find the perfect car for you.

First, determine which body style is right for you. BMW offers their cars in a number of body styles, which are roadster, coupe, and convertible with the Z series, sedan with the 3, 5, and 7 series, sport activity vehicle with the X series, and the allroad vehicle with the 3 series and 5 series. Determine which of these styles is best for you as a primary mode of transportation.

Narrowing down your options and finding the perfect BMW for you is probably the most important step in the arduous task of buying a used car. Luckily, when buying a used BMW in Nashua, NH, you will have a great number of options to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose the right model and options for you.

2.2. Checking Vehicle History Reports

Once you have narrowed down what make and model BMW you are looking for, you should then research specific features of that model to know exactly what to look for when browsing ads for used cars. A good way to do this is by finding an online copy of the owner's manual for the vehicle, which can usually be found on the manufacturer's website. Here you can learn about the different features and how to identify them. An example of a feature you might want to have in your vehicle is automatic climate control. This can be found in the features section of a vehicle listing but may not always be so, and instead of manual heating control it might not be obvious which type of system the car has. With information from the owner's manual you would know to identify automatic climate control by the presence of a digital display above the radio and HVAC controls, and according to the manual a car with manual heating control would have a blank space in that area. (Kaye et al.2022)(Weiss et al.2023)(Arkhypov et al., 2020)(Barber & Furnell, 2022)(Bilgram & Laarmann2023)(Eirich et al.2022)

First introduced to the US market in 1970, the BMW 2002 has always been known for its amazing driving experience and German engineering. Since then, BMW has produced a wide range of vehicles in many series and it can be difficult deciding which one is right for you. It is important to research different models and features before looking for a used BMW in Nashua. The easiest and most common way of researching cars is by using the internet, specifically the car manufacturer's website. Here you can learn about the different features each model has and also browse through pictures and colors of the vehicles. It is also helpful to look at other websites and forums to read reviews and see what others think about the vehicle. It also might be a good idea to buy a consumer guide for cars which rates different makes and models. This way you can narrow down your decision to 2 or 3 similar vehicles.

2.3. Inspecting the Car in Person

Don't be afraid to spend a little more money to get a higher quality car. The minor cost differences between low and high mileage, and between good and fair condition, will be insignificant compared to the costs of repairs that a more poorly-maintained vehicle will need in the future. High mileage BMWs that have been well maintained are a much better investment than low-mileage BMWs that have been neglected. And an extra $500–1000 spent on a slightly better condition car will make a greater difference in satisfaction.

Go over the car with the owner, if possible. This will allow you to pick up on any additional flaws that the seller may not have mentioned. Negotiate a fair price and agree on what repairs will be made by the seller. Make sure all promises are put into writing. Any verbal agreement made with the seller should become a written agreement on the bill of sale. This will save you trouble in case a dispute arises in the future.

To ensure you're getting a high-quality car, take the car for a last assessment through an independent mechanic you trust. It's better to take the car to its own brand mechanic, but if you are unable to do so, any car will give you some additional insight. The mechanic will be able to check the car thoroughly and uncover any hidden issues, saving you money in the long run. This step is critical if you are considering buying a first-generation (2003–2010) BMW Mini.

3. Financing Offer Options for Used BMWs

It is worth investigating the options for financing a used car. This is sometimes done after selecting the car, as some lending companies or financing deals tied to a specific make or model may influence model selection. Used cars may have financing available through the dealership from where they are purchased. This is often dependent on the quality and age of the vehicle. If the used BMW is being purchased from a dealer, it likely has a financing option available through the dealer. This is also true if buying the same model from a BMW dealer. Auto loans obtained from a bank or credit union usually have better terms than that from the dealership, although it is a less convenient option for the buyer. This avenue of financing can be applied to any car purchase, whether the loan is through a new credit line or refinancing of existing high-interest debt. Auto loans offer the availability and benefits of financing a used BMW, making it easier for buyers to afford their dream car. Additionally, certified pre-owned programs present a financing option that comes with the advantage of a manufacturer-backed warranty, often making them a more secure investment. Third-party financing serves as an alternative, offering flexibility and potential benefits such as competitive interest rates and terms tailored to the buyer's financial situation. Finally, a personal loan may be used to finance the car purchase. With the high interest on credit card debt, it might be a better option than the dealer financing and will not risk car repossession. Deep subprime buyers should be wary of the lending source, as some loan sharks specifically target this demographic.

3.1. Traditional Auto Loans

A traditional auto loan from a new car dealer is actually a viable option for buying a used BMW. Most BMW dealers who sell used vehicles will have relatively new cars that are considered certified pre-owned available for purchase. New car dealers often have the ability to offer lower rates than what you would get from a bank or credit union, and if a buyer qualifies, they can often get special finance rates from the manufacturer on certain models. It is important to note though, that special lower rates are usually only offered for newer cars, and a certified pre-owned car may only qualify for a rate a few percentage points lower than what you would get on a regular auto loan. When considering a loan from a car dealer, make sure that you carefully compare all of the numbers with what you would get on a loan from another lender.

A traditional auto loan is the most common way to finance the purchase of a used BMW. Auto loan rates and terms vary considerably, so it is advised that you shop around between a few different banks and credit unions before making a decision. A credit union may very well have the lowest rates, and in the case that you are already a member of one, they will often be your only option as banks require you to be in their systems for a certain period before qualifying for a loan. Interest rates for auto loans are largely based on credit scores, and those with higher scores can often obtain lower rates. Shop around with your potential lenders rates using a loan calculator to get an idea of what you will be paying. Another important factor to consider when choosing an auto loan is the length of the loan term. While a longer loan term can mean lower monthly payments, you will, in turn, pay more in interest over time. Make sure and weigh how a monthly payment plan will affect your overall changes in loan repayment.

3.2. Certified Pre-Owned Programs

This approach helps BMW shift many potential new car buyers into the CPO market. One example of this is a recent college graduate or soon-to-be college graduate whose car has been totaled or who is looking for an upgrade in transportation. This group of people may have little or no credit and would normally be looking at leasing or financing a new Honda or Toyota, which would leave them with high monthly payments. With special CPO financing options now available, this group of people can become approved for a low APR and competitive lease rate, which may only be $50-$100 more a month than financing a new economy car. Step two would be finding out how long the special finance rates will be available, and this may require waiting while the person's credit improves over a 3-6 month time period. Step three would be to check back on the rates for new BMWs once there is strong credit, increased income, or equity in another vehicle. This tactical approach to car and brand loyalty is exactly what BMW is trying to achieve through CPO financing options.

Many CPO programs come with special financing options provided by the manufacturer. In the last two years, BMW began to offer special finance rates for up to 60 months on select CPO models through BMW Financial Services. Step one to taking advantage of these special finance rates is to find the car you are looking for at a BMW dealership. A search can be done using the CPO locator on the BMW website. After locating the car you are looking for, a customer can then go to a local certified BMW dealership and have a sales manager run the car through BMW's used car database. If the used car is a BMW and has been inspected and reconditioned to meet CPO standards, the vehicle can be financed as a CPO BMW through BMWFS. The customer needs to be informed ahead of time that regular used car rates are not the same as CPO rates and there will be a higher credit requirement. If the car is not found in the database or is not a certified BMW, it can be financed as a later model used car and still qualify for a regular new or used car rate.

A certified pre-owned (CPO) program, which has been created by the manufacturer of the vehicle, expands the used car market in a positive direction. The availability of CPO BMWs has a very large effect on those who were originally considering a new car. The price difference between a new BMW and a CPO BMW is no longer as significant as it used to be. The traditional argument has been that new cars depreciate in value the second they are driven off of the lot. With CPO cars, there is no immediate depreciation, and in some cases, there may be an increase in equity.

3.3. Third-Party Financing

Often, franchises (and banks) have terms that are hard to meet. The down payments are considerable and the interest rates are high. It is because they are lending money to a person to buy a car from a private owner and the car itself cannot be used as collateral. A loan from a private bank or credit union is often a better solution than dealer financing. The interest rates are often better, the down payments much lower, and quite often there is no penalty for paying the loan off early. With a loan from a bank, you will have the freedom to purchase the car from a private owner and shop around between a dealership or private sale. This compared to dealer financing puts the car shopper in a much more flexible and favorable position. If a bank turns you down for a loan on a car purchased from a private owner, there are companies such as PeopleFirst and E-Loan, which issue blank check auto loans good at any dealership or private sale. This is essentially the same as getting a bank loan for a private sale, but a loan from a private bank may save on application fees or interest rates may be reduced with other banking accounts. However, finding a bank that is willing to approve a loan for the purchase of a used car can be difficult. This is due to the fact that in the event the loan is not repaid, the car is not as age-worthy as collateral for the bank. In other words, the car will decrease in value too rapidly. Third-party car financing companies provide a solution. They offer loans with rates close to new car financing on cars up to 10 years old. Loans are often approved the same day and no down payment is required. Rates are competitive with the current market and approved customers will receive a check good at any dealership or private owner sale for a vehicle within a specified year and mileage range. This check serves as a blank check loan and the customer is free to shop around in order to get the most value for their money. With this method of financing, the customer has all the benefits of a cash buyer from a private owner, while retaining the security and protections associated with dealer sales. It can provide a fast and easy solution when buying a used car, especially if you are already sold on a car at a specific price and do not wish to seek a title loan. This is because the check can be offered with flexible terms and the car serves as the sole collateral.

4. Where to Find Used BMWs in Nashua

Last but not least is checking local classifieds and used car dealers. Auto Trader also comes in a printed magazine form, which can be found for free in many public places. Local papers will sometimes have great deals, some of which are only advertised in print. There are also used car dealers who may specialize in a certain make. They can be hit or miss but are definitely worth checking out. Finally, many towns have auction houses or impound lots, which periodically sell off vehicles that have been confiscated or abandoned. These can be a great way to find a cheap BMW, but know exactly what you are getting into.

With the massive popularity of online auctions and classifieds, many people are finding used cars by using the internet. Websites like eBay and classifieds like Craigslist often provide great deals for those who take the time to look. Checking eBay's completed items search is a good way to see what a specific BMW model is actually selling for. It is not uncommon to find private sellers on these websites as well. Many dealers also run their own websites with an inventory of their cars for sale. BMW dealers will likely have a page for their certified pre-owned BMWs, and it is a good way to see what is available before going to the dealer. An example of this site can be seen here. Major used-car clearinghouse websites like Cars.com and Autotrader are also good resources.

In Nashua, there are many local BMW dealers. This will be the easiest and most straightforward way of finding a used BMW, using the dealer locator on BMW's website. There are three BMW dealers in Nashua, so the selection is very diverse. Local dealers will likely have a full inventory of certified pre-owned BMWs. These vehicles are usually in like-new condition, have been fully inspected, and come with a warranty. Typically, the inventory is mostly newer models, but many dealers keep trade-ins and lease returns of older vehicles. The only downside to purchasing from a dealer is the price. Certified pre-owned BMWs sold through a dealer are often priced very close to what they are new. Sometimes, a used car in similar condition can be found for a much better price. Like any dealership, used car dealers run ads in local papers advertising their inventory and specials. Checking these ads sometimes yields a great deal or special on a used BMW.

4.1. Local Dealerships

At local dealerships, used BMW cars can be found. This can be a really good place to look if you know what to look for. You can buy directly from the dealer for cash, or the dealer will have a variety of financing options. However, if you are really wanting to get the best deal possible, my recommendation is to buy a used BMW from a private seller. But that is a different story, so let's focus on local BMW dealers. There are two different types of dealers: those that sell new BMWs and are a BMW franchise, and used car dealers. If you go to a new BMW dealer, there is a very slim chance that you will be able to negotiate a good deal on a used car. These dealers will have CPO (certified pre-owned) BMWs that are more expensive than other used cars. If you are set on getting a CPO BMW, it may have warranty and maintenance benefits, but the price of the car will be much more than a non-CPO car. Again, this is not the best place to look for a good deal, so you are better off checking out non-franchise used car dealers. An advantage to visiting a used car dealer in person is the ability to negotiate in cash. Many small-time dealers will be willing to sell a car for a better price if it means they get cash in hand. This can be just as good as buying from a private seller. However, you must be very wary of the car and the dealer sold since there are many shady used car dealers, and it will not be as easy to get its history compared with a private seller or a well-known dealer. Additionally, there are other non-person-to-person options for buying a used car from a dealer. This can be through an auction or a consignment. Although these auctions will not allow for negotiation, it is possible to get a good deal, and there are many reputable public auto auctions. A consignment will be very similar to buying from a private seller, only the dealer is selling the car for someone else, and a cut of the price will go to that person. In both cases, if the dealer is specializing in BMWs, this is definitely a good option to look for a used BMW.

4.2. Online Marketplaces

Step two in using Craigslist is learning how to sort through the myriad of used BMWs available in your area. The best way to browse is to go to Craigslist's main site, select US (or list your specific region), and click on the cars+trucks section. From there, you can narrow down your search by typing specific models or body styles that you are interested in. The result will be a list of available vehicles, both from dealers and private sellers. This is also a good time to mention that buying from a private seller is generally your best option in terms of price and not purchasing a car that has been owned by several different owners. While there are a lot of used car dealerships that post their inventory on Craigslist, buying from a dealership is a different topic that will be covered in the future. A listing from a private seller typically provides the best option for a potential car to purchase. With Craigslist, you also have the option of posting your own ad stating that you are looking to buy a specific BMW. This can yield pretty good results, but you should also be wary of third-party dealers who pose as private sellers. They may have what you are looking for, but just know that it is still better to buy directly from a dealer, and this situation is covered in the next source for finding a BMW. Note that the approach on Craigslist varies in different localities. What works in one place may not work in another, so be open to testing new approaches.

The most effective online marketplace for finding a used BMW is, in fact, Craigslist and the various forums specific to BMWs. Craigslist is a classified ad site that is simple and easy to use. It also happens to be completely free for users. Due to these reasons, it has become extremely popular and has displaced newspapers as a classified ad source. With a unique blend of BMW enthusiasts and frugal car shoppers, Craigslist has seen a significant influx of used BMWs over the past few years. It is not uncommon to find several BMWs of the same model for sale listed by different owners.

Online marketplaces are an incredibly popular tool to use when searching for a used BMW in Nashua. The most well-known of these online marketplaces is eBay. It is suggested that you only use eBay as a last resort, as there are better options available with a proven track record of success. eBay is convenient, but with the BMW market being a niche market, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is because the majority of used BMWs on eBay are listed with a low starting bid in hopes of a bidding war to drive up the price. The hope is that the next user of this guide will write that eBay is an extremely effective tool in finding a cheap BMW, and qualifying that with tips and techniques. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I recently spent three months casually searching eBay for a decent E36 and was unable to win any auctions. Every time I was outbid at the last second, only to have the car relisted due to a non-paying bidder. As frustrating as this is, it can be a good opportunity to cash in on someone else's misfortune. One of the better ways to approach eBay is to look for immediate purchase listings or auctions with low starting bids. The vehicle is often one that was listed with unrealistic expectations for a price, and the seller is looking to just get rid of it.

4.3. Auctions and Private Sellers

You may have found through research on various dealership websites or through perusing online marketplaces such as craigslist.com that finding an acceptable price for a used BMW in Nashua can still be pretty expensive. Another alternative is to check out local car auctions or sift through private seller classifieds. The definite benefit with this is that you can have a good chance of securing a great deal, the opening bid at most car auctions for used cars is only $100. Private sellers are also quite often willing to negotiate a price lower than what they are asking for. Be wary though—the vast majority of cars at police auctions are ex-fleet vehicles, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing as they will have usually been well-maintained it can be difficult to find a BMW at a police auction which tends to carry larger domestic sedans. Also there is no guarantee that you will find a BMW right away at a car auction or through a private seller, so this is a better option for those not under any time constraints and who are not opposed to the idea of purchasing a car with higher mileage. Be aware that higher maintenance costs come with a car of high mileage, and make sure to obtain a vehicle history report on any used car you are considering purchasing.


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