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Used BMW Tires and Rims for Sale

1. Introduction

Rims can make a car look ten times better. Depending on which style you would like to go towards, it is important to recognize that BMWs have a different offset than most cars. This means that if you do not have the correct offset for your car, it could cause harm to the axles and other suspension. The BMW rims are separated into two different categories. The 3 series and the 5 series use the same style of rims, but the 5 series have a larger bolt pattern and the rims are also larger. The 7 series and the 6 series have the same style, but these are also different than the 3 and 5 series. X3 and X5 are in a category of their own in which the rims are interchangeable, and it is important to recognize that sometimes the rims for the X5 have been known to rub against the X3 and vice versa. Be sure to research on what type of rim fits onto your car.

BMW actually stands for Bavarian Motor Works. This is an old company which has been around since 1917 and originally made airplane engines. The company is known for providing a car that has comfortable seats, a reliable transmission, and a really good engine. In recent years, the company has been known to make good SUVs or crossovers such as the X5 and the X3. Many of the SUVs have all-wheel drive, which provides the driver with a good sense of security. In terms of car performance, the company has improved over the years; however, it has been proven that the older models last longer. BMWs are known to have problems with their cooling systems, which is a good thing to replace before they actually fail, and the transmissions in which it will shift erratically. This is a very good car to consider when looking for an aftermarket project.

2. Benefits of Buying Used BMW Rims

Cost Savings Due to the high cost to produce new BMW wheels and rims, the price of new rims is very high. Saving money is the most obvious and important reason to buy used. On average, a used BMW rim will cost between 60% - 90% less than a new one! When purchasing used rims, one is often able to afford much higher quality rims than if they were to buy new. Quite often, an individual can buy a set of used OEM BMW wheels for the price of one new aftermarket rim. Buying used also allows you to purchase original equipment factory wheels and rims for less than the price of cheap aftermarket imitations. Additionally, opting for used OEM BMW wheels over new aftermarket wheels means accessing 21” factory original options for the 6-Series and 7-Series, as well as a diverse array of OEM wheel options for the X-Series SUVs, without the need to resort to aftermarket solutions.

We are often asked why someone would choose to buy used BMW wheels and rims over new ones. Certainly, we believe in the benefits of buying used, and some of the most significant are cost savings, quality assurance, and wide selection. These are discussed in more detail below.

2.1. Cost Savings

The cost-saving benefits of used BMW rims do not stop at the initial purchase cost. Consideration should be made that BMW rims are prone to potholes and other road dangers that may result in a blown tire or damage to the rim. Potholes have skyrocketed in most big cities, causing serious damage to rims and tires. By re-equipping winter tire steel rims on your BMW, it can save costly damage to your alloy wheels and undesirable wear and tear on your all-season and performance wheels. The money saved from tire and rim damage by using more cost-effective measures will go a long way in helping car owners wanting to keep a nice-looking car without breaking the bank.

New car rims, especially those made by BMW, will be exorbitantly expensive and simply a large financial sink for a depreciating asset. Most second-hand car rims can also be found in near-new condition, with some even being slightly used with no form of noticeable damage. Prices for used BMW rims will vary according to the style and year of the rim and also the vendor's willingness to haggle, but it is a surefire way to save a large percentage of the retail price.

Where it is possible to cut off one or two hundred euros from the retail price of a BMW tire, it does not lay into the financial constraints that most consumers are currently facing. Rather, smart consumers have opted towards purchasing used BMW rims as a cost-saving alternative.

2.2. Quality Assurance

Some used BMW rims are designed specifically for track or race settings, enhancing their appeal to enthusiasts looking for race wheel studs, forged race wheel sets, and aluminum wheels for track use. Race proven in the United States is another method of determining the quality of your new motorcycle rims. Often times, unused models will be sold albeit at a minor cost so that they can be used in a number of different race events ranging from motocross to supercross to sportbike. Some companies offer very cheap race event pricing for their wheels, which could truly be the right deal for you. Usually, with wheels of lesser quality, there may be issues with breakage, which subsequently ends up requiring an entire pack of replacement rims. Rims which are race proven can often times be slightly bent back into shape after a wreck or a very minor crash, thus effectively proving their durability.

One way to determine if your new motorcycle rims are of high quality or not is to have them Magnafluxed. Some rims can be flawed, and the Magnaflux operation can literally pull apart and inspect a motorcycle rim for any microscopic cracks that could cause the rim to fail at any time. This is obviously something that you would want to be aware of on any wheel that has been used or a wheel that has been seated through a variety of different lug patterns, as this greatly increases the possibility of a flaw or even a crack.

Verifying the superior quality standard that forged rims bring will help us to understand quite easily their durability and safety. Forged rims are composed of high-grade aluminum or magnesium, top places, and also the piece of manufacture in commendable temperatures between 1500 and 8000 degrees. This creates a phenomenally strong structure. When combined with the methods used to manipulate the metal, it produces a grain structure inside the metal that is generally very pleasing to the eye. Generally, the higher the grain structure, the higher the shine in the finish of the rim. It does not apply to an aluminum wheel because of the low quality of the cast and the fact that painted but clear-coated aluminum rims start to oxidize. The layer of clear coat to stay shiny is reduced over time. High-end forged rims start with a polished piece and simply have a clear coat for protection. This means that the shine is possible for a longer time before it begins to dull.

2.3. Wide Selection

You should always have a wide variety of products to choose from when doing any sort of shopping. Buying used BMW rims is no different. There are a wide variety of styles, conditions, and pricing when dealing with used products as opposed to new ones. When shopping for used rims, you are opened to a whole new world of selection that is not available through retail sites or catalogs. Used products are everywhere, from tire shops to junkyards, and especially online. The condition and style of rims can vary from old and outdated to only a couple of months old with little to no damage. Pricing is often the most attractive part of buying used rims. Comparable in price to low-end new rims, used rims can often be very affordable and sometimes found at great deals. Old rims that are considered "outdated" can be very cheap, and vintage rims can often be found for real steals. Often times, rims for sale by car owners are matched with tires, making it an even better deal for the buyer. The idea of a wide selection does not only apply to the consumer but to the seller as well. If you are looking to sell your BMW rims, there is no better way than to sell them online. With an abundance of BMW forums including classified sections and websites such as eBay and Craigslist, there are many different ways to advertise your product. Take some pictures, post a description, and set a price; it's as simple as that. The best part about it is there is no rush to sell the product, and it will remain listed online until you decide to take it down. Creating an ad is usually free, and when a buyer is found, the seller will often times make more money than if they were to take it to a scrap yard or trade it in. With the extra money, a seller can even put it towards the purchase of another set of rims!

3. Factors to Consider When Buying Used BMW Rims

If a compatible set of rims are found, it's a good idea to write down the rim dimensions and keep it written down to avoid any problems in the future.

For this reason, to be certain that rims will fit your vehicle, it is recommended that you check the Owner's Manual concerning the correct rim size for your vehicle. Usually there will be a page that tells you the correct tire size and wheel dimensions for the vehicle. This is helpful so that if there are any problems with the rims in the future, you can refer back to the owner's manual to see if it is a problem with the rims or tires.

If the offset is too low, it's possible that the rims may fit, but the rims may stick out too far and may cause issues with the suspension or be illegal if the car is too low. If the wrong rims are put on the vehicle, it can cost more money in the long run than just the price paid for the rims.

The reasoning is that many people assume that all BMW's are the same and that a rim from a 3 series will fit a 5 series, or a rim from an E46 will fit an E36 etc. Another reason compatibility is an important issue is that some BMW's have the same bolt pattern as other vehicles such as Opel, older Fords or even certain VW's.

First of all, when considering buying used BMW rims, one of the first things you must be aware of is the model and year of your vehicle. Not all BMW rims are created equal and just because it is a BMW rim, it does not mean that it will fit your vehicle. This may seem obvious, but it is a mistake that is made all too often.

3.1. Compatibility with Your Vehicle

In addition to the bolt pattern, the offset and rim width also play a critical role in the fitment of a rim for a specific vehicle. The wheel offset is the distance from the centre of the rim to the mounting surface. If the offset is too high or too low, it can cause the rim to rub against the wheel well or suspension components. You should also find out the stock rim width range for your specific vehicle. Using these numbers, you will be able to determine what size of rims will fit best for your vehicle.

If the used BMW rims you are interested in do not match the bolt pattern of your vehicle, you are out of luck. If this is the case, you should look for another set of rims. In order to find out the bolt pattern of your BMW, consult your owner's manual. If you still can't find it, call your local BMW dealership, tell them the year and model of your car and ask for the bolt pattern. Some aftermarket rims are made to fit several different bolt patterns making them suitable for many different vehicles. If you are searching a classified ad or an auction site like eBay for BMW rims, always ask the seller for the bolt pattern and wheel offset of the rims to make sure they will fit your car. It is important to remember that using the wrong bolt pattern for your vehicle will result in the rims not being secured properly, making driving with them very dangerous.

3.2. Condition and Wear

When buying used rims, the most important factor is the condition of the rims. If the condition is not close to perfect, there is no point in buying them. To help determine the condition of the rim, there are a few things that you can do. The first thing is to take a look at the face of the rim. Most rims are painted and/or clear coated. Over time and due to driving in certain climates, the paint/clear coat can begin to wear off. If the paint is chipping off in many areas, this can be a hassle to refinish the rim. Considering the face is the most visible part of the rim, it would be frustrating to pay a good amount of money for used rims that look average at best. Be sure to look out for any curb rash also. If the rims are made out of aluminum and are only slightly bent, they are not too hard to repair. Often times, there are mobile services which can come to you to repair the bend. Steel rims are another story. If they are bent, they can often times be impossible to balance properly. Aim for aluminum if you are looking to buy used.

3.3. Reputation of the Seller

The factors mentioned here do not necessarily give a direct indication of the seller's integrity, but ideally, the transaction should be as smooth as possible. This can only be achieved if both the buyer and seller are honest, willing to cooperate, and have provided clear information about their needs and conditions. Also, remember that a smooth transaction is a win-win situation for both parties, and this is all too rare when buying second-hand goods. High and low-end sellers are more typical to act professional and provide honest service, whereas it is often the people with midrange products trying to offload them as junk for quick cash that are less credible. Always keep these upper and lower ends of the second-hand market in mind when judging a seller.

The final thing to consider is the feedback on the seller. This can come in many forms such as forum reviews or feedback ratings on places like eBay. If you are buying from a public listing on the internet, be sure to check the feedback rating if there is one and be sure to read any negative feedback in detail. Often people can judge a seller solely on their feedback, but that is not to say that sellers with little feedback are all untrustworthy. Always rely on a judgment based on all the factors above and use feedback as a tiebreaker between similar products or situations. Remember, it is all about risk management.

Another important aspect is the seller's honesty and transparency. Before even proceeding to ask questions about the product, you can get a good feel just by reading the description. Pay close attention to how detailed it is and if it has covered both the pros and cons of the item. A more detailed description is always better since it means that there are fewer unknown factors about the product and less likely that there will be any surprises. It is also a good sign if the seller has provided clear pictures from many different angles showing all imperfections. This will make it very easy to judge the condition of the product and whether it is worth buying. If the seller does not provide enough information or pictures, then do not hesitate to ask for more. If he is not willing to comply, then it is best to avoid the product.

This factor is highly subjective and can be very hard to judge. The best way to get an overall feel of the seller is through their communication and behavior. One of the biggest enemies here is language barriers since this can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings. If you notice that the seller has very broken English and is struggling to communicate, then it might be best to give this sale a miss. Obviously, it is unfair to instantly assume that all ESL people are bad sellers. It is just that the odds of a successful transaction are lower, and there is a higher element of risk. A person's behavior can be judged many times through how ready they are to answer questions or the effort that they are willing to take to provide information, pictures, etc. A seller that goes out of his way to provide as much accurate information as possible is a very good sign. The less he is willing to cooperate tells you the opposite.

4. Tips for Maintaining Used BMW Rims

Avoiding curbs and potholes sounds simple, but is often the most damaging to rims. Sometimes it is inevitable that a rim will come into contact with a curb, but a high rate of speed or impact is likely to cause damage. Similarly, potholes are a common nuisance on the road—ranging from small holes to entire patches of road in severe disrepair. Avoiding potholes can be as simple as driving around a small hole, but if it cannot be avoided, it is best to pass over a pothole at a slow speed to avoid damage to the tire and rim.

Proper tire inflation is often overlooked when it comes to preventing damage to rims, but it is crucial as tires are the only cushion between the road and the rim. Tires should be checked with a tire gauge by the user or a tire professional at least once a month, as tires naturally lose 1-2 psi per month through the permeation of the tire.

If you want your used BMW rim to stay in the best possible condition, it would be wise to keep your rims clean. While aluminum rims are corrosion-resistant, they do have the potential to oxidize. If your rims are beginning to show signs of oxidation, clean the affected area immediately with a metal cleaner and a steel wool pad. Once the affected area is clean, apply a thin coat of aluminum polish to the area. Let the polish dry and, with another clean steel wool pad, gently rub the polish in a circular motion. After the polish has been buffed dry, the rim should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

4.1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Following these simple tips and guidelines can help ensure the longevity and condition of your used BMW rims. A simple task such as regular cleaning and maintenance can help prolong the life of your rims. Cleaning should be done regularly to remove brake dust and grime that is on the rims. If left on, this can damage the clear coat on the rims and eat away at the metal. Brake dust can be difficult to remove, so using a cleaner that is specifically made for BMW rims is a good idea. Avoiding any harsh chemical cleaners is advisable, as they can damage the clear coat on the rims. Using a mild detergent and warm, soapy water along with a soft bristle brush is the best method for cleaning BMW rims. Once clean, they should be dried with a lint-free towel to avoid water spots. Some brake dust can be very stubborn and not come off with regular cleaning. In this case, using a metal polish on the rims can help remove the rest of the brake dust and grime, and keep the rims looking new. Cleaning and polishing the rims should be done every 1-2 months, depending on the road and weather conditions in your area. After the rims are cleaned and polished, apply a coat of wax to the rims to help protect the clear coat and metal from the elements. This should be done every 3-4 months to ensure maximum protection.

4.2. Proper Tire Inflation

As we have seen, there are numerous ways in which you can damage your alloy BMW rims. The best policy is prevention and maintenance. With a good set of habits and the tips we have given you, you do not have to worry about repairing or replacing alloy wheels in the future. A special thanks goes to the guys at Kwick Silver, the alloy wheel refurbishment specialists, for providing some extra knowledge for this article.

Improperly inflated tires are one of the major causes of alloy BMW wheels being damaged. You want to use a simple tire gauge to regularly check your tire pressures. Inflate or deflate the tire so that the proper inflation is reached. Doing so will keep the weight of the car off the wheels and lessen the possibility of rim damage. This is a very easy and simple maintenance tip to follow that can keep a nice set of BMW alloy wheels in good condition. On a side note, generally check to make sure that your tires are not over or undersized for your BMW. Tires that are a different size from what the wheels were designed for are more likely to cause damage and lead to a bumpy ride.

4.3. Avoiding Curbs and Potholes

Many roads are in a state of disrepair, and navigating through potholes has become somewhat of an art. However, this is not something you want to be doing if you care about your rims and tires. The impact from hitting a pothole can cause the same kind of damage as hitting a curb, but the risk is greater. If the impact is hard enough and at a bad angle, there is a risk of bending the rim or causing structural damage, greatly increasing the likelihood of air leakage. The tire itself is at risk of an immediate blowout. This is because a pothole is in essence a break in the surface of the road, so hitting one is similar to a small impact crash. The air pressure in the tire actually provides the majority of the support for the car, so an impact can cause the tire to lose its seal with the rim and become flattened on the edge of the rim, resulting in air escape and a flat tire.

You can avoid damage to your rims by simply being careful when parking. It is very easy to accidentally graze a curb, especially if parallel parking on a crowded street. It is something that is definitely easy to do, and many people think that it is no big deal. They could not be more wrong! Hitting a solid object like a curb can result in immediate damage such as bending or denting the edge of the rim or tire. Depending on the material used to manufacture the rim, it can be possible for the impact to cause a crack in the rim. This would be very bad because it can cause air to leak from the tire. Hitting curbs can also cause slight but noticeable damage over time. The tire on the rim is most susceptible to damage. The rubber around the tire helps to cushion the tire and rim from impacts, but it is not a foolproof method. Any impact can result in the tire getting a bubble which is an out pocketing of the rubber. This will cause the tire to be out of balance and result in uneven wear. The best way to repair this is to have the tire patched, but it is not a surefire fix and the tire may need to be replaced.

Once you have invested in used BMW rims and put them on your vehicle, you want to protect that investment as best as possible. Your wheels are many times the first thing that someone will notice about your car, and if it is looking shabby because of dings and scrapes due to curbs and damaged roads, then it leaves a bad impression.

Discover the power of BMW! check the above inventory to explore our captivating gallery of images, where each image invites you into a world of beauty and imagination.

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