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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. Exterior Design

Overall look of the 2022 Grand Cherokee reflects a more modern styling. Lines are sharper, keeping with the trends of current 2022 models. Sheet metal is fairly complex to align with the more high-end luxury competitors. Wheel size has increased from previous generation models. Altitude and Laredo X models will feature 18x8 inch Tech Gray wheels, Limited models will come standard with 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, and Summit models will feature 20x8 inch fully polished wheels. Trailhawk models will feature new 18x8.0 inch polished aluminum wheels with Low Gloss Granite Crystal painted pockets. The new Overland model will feature more bright body color and less chrome in comparison to current Overland models, being that it falls somewhere in terms of luxury between the Limited and Summit models. Chrome is also used more sparingly in areas such as the lower front fascia. Another design feature that is clearly distinct from previous models are new LED headlights. The up-level Premium Lighting Group and standard on Summit models, the new LED bi-xenon headlights are longer and narrower giving the front fascia a sleeker appearance. LED fog lights and taillights come standard on all models. Step up from there, the new LED multi-function daytime running lights represent the shape of two "stripes" which is incorporated into the LED headlights and taillights, serving as a distinct identifier for the 2022 Grand Cherokee. More DRL designs can be seen on the fenders of the new Grand Cherokee, and these too represent Jeep in such that they reflect the shape of small grilles found on other Jeep models. This seemingly minute detail is important as it keeps the form of some type of grille or opening in every lighting element of the Jeep brand.

1.1. Sleek and modern styling

Jeep claims that their 2023 Grand Cherokee is a less powerful car than its 2022 predecessor. Despite this, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee is appreciated for being a much faster accelerating car than the previous versions. In fact, the Jeep is so much faster than before, many fans are saying it is not a V6 engine, but rather the same V8 they have placed in the 2022 models. However, the majority of consumers like the idea of a more powerful car, even if it means accepting a higher price point. In fact, Car Connection claims that "they wouldn't blink on spending on the higher Overland and Summit models, considering their high luxury quotient". The Grand Cherokee is slated to be built in Detroit, and the car still keeps its off-roading capabilities that Jeep is known for. In the end, there are a few differences regarding the engines and off-roading capabilities of both the 2022 and 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee models, however, the positive reactions to the 2023 model are strong. Time will tell whether or not the improved on-road performance of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will help it to succeed the best-selling SUV in the United States that its predecessor was.

1.2. Upgraded LED headlights

Summit models come with a unique style of headlight called Pixel LED that has a 2-piece design. The daytime running light sits just above the main projector which is capable of rotating up to 30 degrees to provide better illumination throughout a bend. This is all powered by 7 individual LED chips per headlight and it has a cornering functionality that's dependent on steering wheel input and turn signal activation. At the moment, this is the highest-tech headlight setup available on a Jeep and it can be seen on the recently announced Grand Cherokee 4xe, the first-ever electrified version of a Jeep SUV.

Compared to the 2022, the 2023's headlight package is an across-the-board improvement. This time all trims get a projector-style low and high beam for better on-road visibility with brightness rated at an identical 580 and 450 candela. The daytime running light has also been upgraded to an LED-powered unit which matches the color temperature of the low and high beam to give off a more sophisticated appearance than the previous model. The turn signal function is now LED-powered as well and sits just above a functional 3-tone LED fog light that becomes an automatic function on Limited and TrailHawk models.

Jeep decided to equip all of its 2022 Grand Cherokees with some version of a headlight that earns a "Marginal" rating by the IIHS for how well it illuminates the road ahead. The 2022's standard headlights have a reflector style housing that's topped by an LED powered daytime running light that doubles as a turn signal. The throwback amber turn signal was a styling cue on Grand Cherokees built from model years 1999-2004 and it was retained throughout production on lower-end Laredo models that had a standard halogen lighting system.

1.3. Revised front grille

Both the new headlights and grille on the 2023 model are reminiscent of the 2011-2013 model as opposed to the 2022 model. This may be a strategic move to increase differentiation between the 2022 and 2023 models. This change in appearance may be an effort to present an upmarket look on the 2023 model as it attempts to provide a more luxurious SUV. With FCA offering the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer under Jeep's umbrella, it is likely that the Grand Cherokee is trying to present itself as a more luxurious and upmarket mid-sized SUV to clear a way for the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. This would be seen as a way of trying to find its original place as a more lavish 4x4 on a more localized global platform as opposed to a rebadged Durango.

The front grille of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was also reworked to offer a more modern appearance. Taking the previous generation's grille as a base, the 2022 Grand Cherokee's grille adopted a more sleek and slotted style. The grille was finished in chrome and had a slimmer look. The 2023 model's grille offered a stark contrast in styling. The slotted emblem above the slots has been retained; however, the slots have been widened and there are fewer of them. The new grille does not feature the active shutters found on the 2022 model. This gives the new grille a more aggressive look. The grille is finished in a graphite color. This change in appearance is said to be an attempt to set the Laredo model apart from the Limited, Overland, and Summit models and is most likely due to the new Laredo X package, which offers a varying exterior appearance. The 2023 Laredo will also feature body color-matching side cladding and fascias to give it a more upmarket look. This change in exterior look may be a downside to the more fuel efficiency-focused customers as the grille shutters are made to improve fuel efficiency by deflecting airflow around the vehicle to heat it up in cold weather or cool it down in hot weather.

2. Performance and Engine Options

The optional engine for the 2022 Grand Cherokee model was the massive 5.7-liter HEMI V8, which was rated at 357 HP and 389 lb-ft of torque. That engine was offered on the Limited, Overland, and new TrailHawk models. For 2023, the HEMI is gone and the gasoline options just got a little bit bigger. Standard engine is the same Pentastar V6 (293 HP, 260 lb-ft) but a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with eTorque (rated at 400 lb-ft) carries over as the optional engine for the Laredo and Limited models. Overland models will get a new optional 3.6-liter V6 with eTorque (rated at 325 HP and 295 lb-ft). The V8 mantle is carried by the high-performance SRT model and the new 392 model. The SRT will get the same 6.4-liter V8 that it has now, and the new 392 model will get a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 with eTorque (which should be rated at over 475 HP and 470 lb-ft). If you want maximum power, the new 392 model will be the one to have at 2023's launch. Based on this engine lineup, there would be a strong indication that the 2023 Grand Cherokee is lighter or has lower drag than the 2022 model, which suggests better fuel efficiency and acceleration. Also worth mentioning is that all models come standard with 4WD for 2023. This is a stark contrast from 2022, when Laredo and Overland models were standard with RWD and had 4WD as a $2,300 option. Overall, engine options, fuel efficiency, and 4WD availability make it a win for the 2023 model. (Edwards & Brumbelow2023)(Huff et al., 2023)

2.1. Enhanced powertrain options

Dynamic engine options are being presented in the 2022 model of Jeep Grand Cherokee. You will get various offers, although the AV-L4 engine that will be used in the base model is considered as the standard option. This I-4 engine with eTorque feature is capable of delivering 253 horsepower and 273 lb-ft torque. This engine is claimed to be giving better fuel efficiency compared to the previous model. If you are not satisfied with the base engine, there are possibilities of an upgraded higher output version I-4 engine with eTorque or Pentastar V6 engine to be used in the later upper trim level of this 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Step up for the 2023 model would give you more options. The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will give you mild hybrid options for all trim levels if you opt for the V6 engine. This integrated eTorque technology is capable of improving fuel efficiency and increasing low-end torque. For those who have been waiting for HEMI power for this SUV, it is now available as a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The electric motor is now combined with a 5.7L V8 engine enabling short-distance all-electric driving as well as increasing power up to 437 horsepower. This option would bring top-class driving performance in the SUV class. Last but not least, there is another plug-in hybrid engine being offered which is the 4xe version for all trims. This mild-mannered engine is capable of delivering great torque with added electric capabilities. All these engine options are bundled with the new 8-speed automatic transmission as well as select capable 4WD systems to ensure great driving performance on various road environments for both on-road and off-road situations.

2.2. Improved fuel efficiency

The Hurricane turbo 4 engine has been under development for some time. The current iteration is said to be the third generation of the design, unveiled late last year. This engine is, in fact, so versatile that it will also be used in a new generation of Wrangler JL. The engine places a big emphasis on low-end torque and will likely have high off-road capability, which we imagine will complement the Grand Cherokee's 4x4 prowess nicely. This 2.0 version will replace the current V6 Grand Cherokee, which will be a sad day as the V6 has been an essential component of the Grand Cherokee's image, one that will resonate well with those who fall under the popular Soccer Mum demographic.

The key to attaining superior fuel economy in the Hurricane-engined Grand Cherokee WK3 will be reducing weight. FCA plans to build the new Grand Cherokee on the Giorgio platform that currently underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. The platform supports both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive and also has provisions for hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. With the Hurricane turbo 4 being up to 113kg lighter than the current V6, less power is needed to achieve similar performance, so lesser engines can be utilized to save fuel. The Hurricane engine retains a MultiAir valve train system to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Variable displacement oil pumps and special roller bearing valve lifters further optimize fuel efficiency. Finally, material drag is decreased with the use of sheet metal valve covers and a plastic intake manifold.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always been a fuel-thirsty beast due to its brick-like aerodynamics and heft, but Jeep wants to change that. Currently, the most fuel-efficient model is the V6 diesel, rated at 24 mpg combined. The most efficient petrol model is the V6 again with 21 mpg on the combined cycle. Jeep plans to introduce a more fuel-efficient Hurricane turbo 4 engine for the next generation Grand Cherokee, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a plug-in hybrid model appear further down the line or even an all-electric variant. The Hurricane engine is reported to produce in the region of 300hp, which isn't too bad for an entry-level engine. Torque should be good too, at around 300lb/ft.

2.3. Advanced off-road capabilities

The off-road capabilities of the 2022 Grand Cherokee are evaluated and assessed to be very good in comparison with previous models and competitors. This is largely due to the Quadra-Drive II system, the most advanced 4x4 system the model has offered thus far. The Quadra-Drive II system uses the Selec-Terrain traction management system, which maximizes the available traction on any terrain, and it does this by using the input it receives from twelve different vehicle systems. These include both aggressive and defensive wheel slip control that can both transfer up to 1.6 times engine torque to the wheels that still have traction. This works by reducing engine torque to the wheels with little or no traction; instead it increases torque to the other wheels with traction. In addition to this, the system uses brake traction control to manage wheel spin across all 4 wheels. This is due to a new software application and it helps to navigate the Grand Cherokee over large debris such as rocks or downed timber. Finally, the system uses a torque control feature that anticipates wheel slip and proactively limits torque to the affected wheel. This helps the Grand Cherokee to stay mobile over tough terrain. Coupled with the most important feature of any vehicle that is used for off-road driving, the Quadra-Drive II system uses a low range of 4x4 and a Neutral mode. This combined with hill ascent and descent control enable the Grand Cherokee to tackle extreme off-road with an increased sense of security and a lower likelihood of causing damage to the vehicle. Although the Quadra-Drive II system is more typically used to describe the capabilities of the Trailhawk model, the system is an available option on the Limited and Overland models. The 2022 model has seen a promising consideration for off-road capabilities and the 2023 model will only continue to improve this aspect.

2.4. Increased towing capacity

Towing and hauling is a crucial ability for SUVs, and the 2022 and 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokees have increased their capabilities in this department. Primary competitors to the Grand Cherokee fall just short of the towing capabilities in the 2022 and 2023 iterations. The 2022 non-SRT Jeeps have a max towing capacity between 6200 and 7200 lbs, meaning that the SRTs still offer 500 lbs more. This is a significant increase from prior years and should not be overlooked. The 2022 variant houses a 3.6L or 5.7L engine, and the towing specs are 6200 lbs for the Pentastar V6 and 7200 lbs for the HEMI V8. Jeep SUVs with a diesel option have consistently had better towing capabilities compared to their petrol counterparts, and the 2022 and 2023 diesel Jeep Grand Cherokees are no exception. With the 3.0L turbo diesel V6 engine, the upcoming years of Grand Cherokees will have max towing capacities of 7200 lbs. In 2022, there is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, which has a max towing capacity of 7200 lbs as it comes with the HEMI V8, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which has a max towing capacity of 7200 lbs because it is just a highly modified 6.4L SRT. Now looking ahead to the future, the 2023 SRT Jeep will still have a 7200 lb max towing capacity, while the towing capacity for the upcoming 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be much improved, coming in at 8700 lbs. A raised towing capacity is fundamental to the identity of an SUV, and Jeep is well aware of this. With the 6.4L HEMI V8, the 2022 Dodge Durango has an 8700 lb towing capacity as long as it is equipped with the optional tow n go package. This package includes performance upgrades, which ultimately allow for the improved towing capability. Given that the HEMI V8 option is no longer available in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, we can assume that it will be dropped in place of the new 5th generation of Jeep's SUV. A 2011-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a HEMI V8 had max towing capacities between 7200 and 7400 lbs, and it is possible that Jeep is attempting to match the same towing capabilities of the prior HEMI generations with the new generation's V6 engine. With each prior diesel generation, the new diesel engine will likely have the same or slightly improved towing capabilities compared to the preceding version. This means that the new diesel Jeep Grand Cherokees will not only meet the towing capabilities of the outgoing diesel models but also provide additional room for improvement. Given that the towing capacity for the 5th generation of Grand Cherokees will be 7200 lbs on the base model and 7400 lbs on the high output version, it is speculated that this will be the bare minimum for a diesel or high output engine throughout the ensuing years.

3. Interior Features and Technology

The most advanced and interesting upgrade from Uconnect 5 is the fully customizable system called Uconnect 5 Design Theme. This design theme is an innovative system that caters to individual customer taste with numerous complete customized systems into the vehicle. This includes system adjustment to different customer moods and tastes, enabling the customer to set favorite songs and the ability to customize different icons and display colors on the dashboard screen. The customized system also caters to the driver and front passenger, allowing them to set individual preferences without interfering with each other's adjustments. With this Uconnect 5 Design Theme, customers can easily personalize the vehicle to their liking and enhance in-car comfort. This feature is expected to be a premium feature that is only available on high-end vehicles. This system is not available in the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

Compared to the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee takes a step to the next level in improving the quality of technology features. In addition to the standard 8.4-inch touchscreen, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L offers the available Uconnect 5 10.1-inch touchscreen that is loaded with features including full-screen navigation and digital co-pilot. The Uconnect 5 will feature Amazon Alexa built-in, Alexa Home to Car integration, and over-the-air updates. Amazon Alexa integration, available on Uconnect 5, is capable of voice control navigation system and setting reminders. This feature is unique as FCA is the first company to provide the in-vehicle system update that is familiar among smartphone users.

3.1. Upgraded infotainment system

Upgrade across all media, including a massive 10.1-inch touchscreen and a fully digital gauge cluster, provide total control in a beautiful, multi-layered display. With five times faster response, processing power, and screen resolution than the outgoing model, new system improvements are implemented in 2023's Uconnect 5. The system is also Amazon Fire TV compatible and, with an automotive industry first, allows customers to bring their at-home media subscriptions on the road. With more than thirty available advanced safety and security features, the all-new 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the safest yet, according to Gilles. Uconnect 5 will include Connected Services and features, a suite of more than forty safety and security features reachable through the owner's mobile device. An available FamCAM interior camera provides access to a clear view of rear passengers via the main screen, as well as the available Amazon Fire TV from the front seats.

3.2. Enhanced driver-assistance features

Improved driver-assistance features aim to bring the Grand Cherokee a step closer to fully autonomous driving. While these features are useful, the actual benefits and limitations of driver-assist technology are often misunderstood. It is important to understand that current level 2 driver-assist features still require the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and there are significant differences in the capabilities of each manufacturer's system. Generally, level 2 systems have the ability to steer, brake, and accelerate without driver input. Jeep's system, branded 'hands on wheel and pedal', combines adaptive cruise control and lane centering functions. The semantics of FCA's naming suggest it is a step above its competitors, however, it is simply an amalgamation of pre-existing systems with no additional functionality. Step 2 of FCA's system, branded 'hands free wheel and pedal', is supposed to provide the driver with the ability to take their hands off the wheel and not to intervene with the pedals, however, this has not been released due to safety concerns. Step 3 intends to give the vehicle driving control of all situations with the human still able to take over, and step 4 represents full automation. The level 2 capabilities of Jeep's system are comparable to systems released by other manufacturers such as Ford, GM, and Tesla's pre auto-pilot Autopilot system. The efficacy of Jeep's system remains to be seen until comprehensive testing has been carried out. Step 2 of Jeep's system ranges from a lane centering system with no auto speed adaption to a full speed range system. This discrepancy in functionality depends on the vehicle model, and it is important for consumers to find out exactly what their vehicle is capable of.

3.3. Premium interior materials

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Overall, the interior is more refined and has surprised for the cost. This is a super comprehensive list of features, but for anyone who is looking to mod their Jeep, this may not be the best option. Higher trim levels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L will go even further with the premium treatment, adding to what the entry-level trims offer with quality leather on the dash and doors, open-pore wood inserts, and ventilated seats. This is a wild turn for what Jeep has been in the past and also FCA. Jeep engineers also paid special attention to the lighting of the interior, saying that the LED lighting among the various trims adds a layer of luxury to the environmental feel inside the car. This is coming from the disco lights in the 90's models and prior. They plan to offer a full-length panoramic sunroof which starts to bridge the gap from an SUV feel to a luxury vehicle. Now onto the smooth and wind-resistant body are the mirrors and windows. Heated mirrors are offered on all models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L, as well as an acoustic windshield and front door glass. This adds to the layer of quietness inside the vehicle, free of road and outside wind noise. As if that was not enough to keep wind out, all models have active noise cancelling to provide the quietest cabin possible, canceling out the noise from the kids calling shotgun to rowdy passengers in the third row. There are also various models across the trims offering second-row captain's chairs to create a quiet and peaceful retreat, growing a nice family tree from the parent's generation to the kids.

3.4. Spacious and comfortable seating

The extra two inches of wheelbase in the 2023 Grand Cherokee really show themselves in both rear seat leg room and cargo room. The rear seats in the 2022 have 38.6 inches of leg room and the new Grand Cherokee jumps to 39.4 inches of leg room, which doesn’t sound like a large jump, but for rear passengers every little bit helps. The standard sliding rear seat is great for the 2023 models. The front and rear seats have been reworked and now have more comfortable foam, and the additional massage features for the higher trims are a nice touch. Jeep also increased maximum cargo room from 68.3 cubic feet in the 2022 model to 72.3 cubic feet in the 2023 model. This is likely attributed to the longer wheelbase and reconfigured rear seats. From the number aspect, it looks outstanding. Over the year 2022 has gotten column because of the seats and very packable dimensions that let to the advertised 68.3 cubic feet of cargo room. Step in rear let down over warning is the cost of the addiction wheel decide removal on the new models, but that’s something we can live with. Overall, Jeep did a great job of addressing what was possibly the weakest part of last year’s Grand Cherokees.

4. Safety and Reliability

The 2023 Grand Cherokee takes a slightly different approach, aiming to be the safest vehicle in its class. In addition to the standard safety features, rear cross-path detection is now available, as are parking assistance systems. Standard on Overland and Summit models is a new side distance warning feature, and likely most beneficial in inclement weather will be the addition of available three-row side curtain airbags. The body structure has been improved to better protect in small overlap frontal crashes, and all models are expected to earn a Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS. Step two on the path to being best in class will come when the diesel engine is reintroduced; the added torque is expected to give the WK2 class-leading towing capabilities and, thanks to the added weight, even more impressive crash ratings. The next Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to maintain its dominance in the midsize SUV segment for safety. Step two on the path to being best in class will come when the diesel engine is reintroduced; the added torque is expected to give the WK2 class-leading towing capabilities and, thanks to the added weight, even more impressive crash ratings.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a number of standard safety features, including anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and full-length side-curtain airbags. Optional or standard on upper trim levels are more advanced safety features like rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and blind spot monitoring. Optional on the Limited and standard on the Overland and Summit is the Advanced Technology Group which includes adaptive cruise control, advanced brake assist, forward collision warning, and a collision mitigation system. While the current model has yet to be crash tested, with a full safety features list like this, you can expect good results.

4.1. Advanced safety features

When the Traffic Sign Recognition System identifies traffic signs and provides information to the driver, it can display speed limits and no passing advisories that the driver may have missed. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, a visual/audio warning will alert the driver to the violation.

The PCS has a sensor on the front left side of the chassis and searches for pedestrians and cyclists within the proximity of the road and around the vehicle. If a pedestrian/cyclist is detected in hazardous proximity to the vehicle, the system will provide visual and audio warnings to the driver in an effort to mitigate a potential collision. An automatic brake engagement will also be initiated if the driver's reaction is insufficient.

The current safety and reliability features for the Jeep Grand Cherokee are vast, and the next generation vehicle (2022/2023) is releasing even more advanced technologies to keep their drivers and passengers safe. The 2022/2023 Grand Cherokee uses high-tech radar and camera systems to keep the driver aware and anticipate dangerous situations. This technology is present in the Pedestrian/Cyclist Detection System (PCS), Traffic Sign Recognition, and Drowsy Driver Detection. When any of these programs are initiated, the vehicle will warn the driver of the potential threat and prime the brakes. If the driver reacts insufficiently, the car will automatically engage the brakes to mitigate and/or prevent a collision.

4.2. Strong build quality

The new car, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, is counted among the top luxury SUVs. It will come in 4 trims, which are Laredo, Limited, Overland, and Laredo. It will have a unibody structure and will be available in both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. Compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023, the 2023 model will come with a third generation, which will have a great improvement in its performance from previous generations. It is expected that it will use a new platform known as the UC or WK3 platform. The UC or WK3 platform will greatly improve its performance, as it has a unibody structure with 2WD or 4WD and will also work well on rough terrains, which has always been a success for any Jeep vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023 is expected to use a 2.0L, 2.2L turbo diesel with an all-new Hurricane or Tornado I4 engine, as well as a 3.6L V6 engine with eTorque System. There is no official announcement or release of exact specifications or changes in its powertrain, but a lot of improvement in its performance is expected, which will also be reflected by the release of its third generation. Winner: Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023 with its 3rd Generation Platform and Improved Multistage Powertrain Engines.

4.3. Excellent crash test ratings

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has obtained all good, a few acceptable, and no poor crash test ratings from the IIHS. This is very beneficial if you get into a crash, especially in the frontal area. There is a very low risk of injury. Frontal airbags, along with side curtain, are standard with multi-stage front airbags. The 2022 model also offers an optional safety package which fits onto the front of the vehicle and can bring the vehicle to a stop if the system detects that a collision is imminent and the driver has taken no action. This feature can also detect pedestrians and stop the vehicle to avoid a collision. These optional safety features earned a superior rating from the IIHS. It is expected that the 2023 model Grand Cherokee will also have the same results with crash test ratings and will earn the same ratings for the safety features. Overall, the Grand Cherokee is a very safe vehicle and is very suitable for anybody, including families.


Edwards, M.A. and Brumbelow, M.L., 2023, September. Relationship of Whiplash Injury Metrics and Crash Pulse Severity to Injury Claim Rates. In International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI 2023). ircobi.org

Huff, S., Davis, S., Boundy, R. G., & Gibson, R., 2023. Auto Stop-Start Fuel Consumption Benefits. SAE Technical Paper Series. osti.gov

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