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2024 Jeep Wrangler vs. 2023

1. Introduction

The evolution of a particular set of goods or services, such as a car model or a company made by a certain manufacturer, can be very interesting. There are so many differences and improvements in certain cars that have been released from one year to the next, and one example of this is the release of the 2024 Wrangler and its comparison to the 2023 model. In this particular case, the Chrysler branch has released a fair amount of specification changes which can then be compared to one of its closest predecessors, the 2023 model. It is this comparison that will be applied to the 2024 Wrangler as it is compared to the 2023 model. Wrangler's main feature to examine is the available drivelines between the model years. In 2024, Jeep has finally made the leap to getting rid of the ESS and building the ETorque system on top of the standard gasoline engine on both the 2.0T and the 3.6L. Combine this with a hint entry of the 4XE on the Wrangler platform signifies that the electric only drivetrain option on Wrangler will eventually be phased out in favor of simply having electric drive modes on the standard platform, but the Slash axle electric motor on the 4XE will allow for the highest ground clearance of any electrified Jeep ever. This modernization to having an electric option is a far cry from the 2023 Wrangler which had the two electric driveline options between the 4XE and the still solid rent only electric on the 4XE light. And while the six-speed manuals and eight-speed automatic transmissions are still present in both models, the introduction of a brand new multi-speed manual transmission on the upcoming, yet to be titled 4XE plug-in hybrid will greatly differ from the standard eight-speed automatic as it adds an extra gear ratio with part to greater fuel efficiency on the currently existing four-cylinder turbo models. Now although there are rumors that the 2024 model will have the same equipment as the 2023 Wrangler, the availability of various drivelines led to the comparison with the name, but ultimately the model and the 2023 Wrangler are essentially the same model.

1.1. Overview of the 2024 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is an iconic SUV known for its off-road capability and open air driving experience. The 2024 model will continue this tradition and be available in both 2 and 4-door versions, with some changes to the lineup. The base Sport model is essentially unchanged. The Willys and Freedom Editions are replaced by the Altitude and Upland Editions, which should have similar equipment. The Sahara model consolidates the 2 and 4-door versions into only a 4-door. The luxury-oriented Islander and 80th Anniversary Editions are discontinued. Step up to the Rubicon and it's still the king of the hill for off-road ability. It's offered only as a 4-door and adds an Xtreme Recon package that includes 35" mud terrain tires, unique 17" wheels with a 1" offset for better off-road performance, 4.56 axle ratio, a 4.1:1 low-range transfer case, and a 1/2" lift kit from the factory. Optional on the Rubicon and Rubicon 392 is a new Gorilla Glass windshield, which is supposedly 3 times more resistant to chips and cracks, and requires less time and money to repair. Coming late availability for all Saharas and Rubicons is access to the premium Advanced Safety Group that adds various driver assist features like adaptive cruise, full-speed collision warning, ParkSense with auto park, and front parking camera. All models carry a $500 price increase and the Rubicon models jump up $750 due to their specialized off-road equipment. Four new exterior colors and 2 new interior combinations are offered starting late availability in the 2024 model year. The biggest change for the 2024 Wrangler is the introduction of a new 2.0 turbocharged 368 horsepower engine with a mild hybrid system and an 8-speed automatic transmission as the standard powertrain for the Sahara 4-door and Rubicon 4-door models. This system is still in development and requires a lot of late availability restrictions. This will replace the 3.6 Pentastar engine and should provide even more fuel savings while maintaining comparable performance. See your official 2024 order guide for the latest information on availability and restrictions for the 2.0 Turbo engine. Coming late availability on all 2-door models is a new ESS system that supposedly provides improved cold weather starts compared to the current ESS system. All gas V6 and I4 models carry a $100 price increase for the ESS system change, as some new standard battery types are required. Late availability for all models is the option of a $200 price reduction for models excluded from the ESS system upgrade, in exchange for deleting the battery and ESS system. This was likely pushed out due to chip shortages. This should be a relatively low volume configuration and less likely to be forced by dealers. A new $150 option for Edge Blue Pearl exterior paint, and a new $250 option for Tuscadero Crystal exterior paint are also offered late availability. More packages, colors, and equipment often carry various late availability changes throughout the model year, and FCA tends to update their order guides often so fans and potential buyers should check the latest sources for information on their desired configurations. Overall, it will be an interesting year for the Jeep Wrangler as the new powertrain will make the 2024 the first significant generation change since the 2018 JL model was introduced.

1.2. Overview of the 2023 undefined

The 2023 undefined aims to offer serious off-road support, which makes it a probable competitor for the 2024 Wrangler. However, very little is known about the Lorinser version of the G-Class at this time. As a result, this segment focuses on the standard G-Class 4×4². The most notable characteristic of the 4×4² is its use of portal axles, a feature previously seen only on the G550 4×4² and AMG 6×6. Portal axles provide more ground clearance and eliminate the need to modify the drive shafts. With 9 inches of additional clearance over the standard G 550, the 4×4² has a towering 17.2 inches of ground clearance. The 4×4² also boasts of a fording depth of 39.4 inches, easily besting the new Wrangler's fording depth of 30 inches.

2. Exterior Features

With a redesigned bumper and an enhanced trim and upholstery, and foldable windshield, the 2023 Jeep Wrangler offers a premium look. With more rounded edges, the Wrangler's design is considerably more modern than its predecessor, and with a longer wheelbase, it has a lower ground clearance, helping to make it more stable in on-road driving. Unfortunately, the next generation Wrangler has taken a step back with the removal of the barn door opening style rear door. In place of the rear door is a traditional liftgate, a feature not found on any previous generation Jeep. However, this liftgate can be equipped with optional flipper glass, and with the glass closed, the rear wiper can still function, providing the same level of clearing the glass without any snow and ice buildup during the winter. Coming off the four-door Wrangler, the lifting unibody framework of the Wrangler allows for easy entry and exit via traditional door openings, as opposed to the rear swing gate doors found on the Wrangler. With an optional remote start system, the Wrangler now comes with standard features such as 18-inch alloy wheels, which were previously not available, but a start system will cost you an additional monthly premium. Scheduled for release at the end of 2022/beginning of 2023, the first-generation Wrangler will be available to the public in only a four-door configuration, with the possibility of a two-door model coming in future years. With a minimal amount of chrome or silver accents, overall the Wrangler's exterior gives off a modernized rugged look.

2.1. Design and Styling

Inside there is soft touch material added to the Wrangler's interior panels, and the cabin noise has been improved due to a stiffer frame and additional insulation. The redesigned center console has ergonomic features such as cup holders which are repositioned to the front for easier access, and a media hub that houses a USB port and 12-volt accessory outlets. The revamp which tilts the touch screen to the driver makes the technology package much better than previous versions. An 8.4-inch display is available on upper models and there are five different Uconnect systems to choose from. The fourth-gen Uconnect system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although the JL looks a bit more modern inside, the changes here are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

There is no escaping the fact that the 2024 Jeep Wrangler looks a lot like the 2018 version shown in the image. But no one can blame Jeep for not making sweeping changes to what has become an iconic design so beloved of Jeep enthusiasts. There is a simpler full box frame design (which differs between two and four-door versions) and the usual removable doors and roof panels for the full outdoor experience. Revised grilles and various wheel options distinguish models and the Rubicon trim has a vented hood to help the cause. LED lights feature front and rear, and the flip-top fuel cap is now off center. Jeep has developed half doors for 2024 which can be left in place if accessories such as one-touch power windows are chosen, making these doors more robust and secure when compared to similar older models.

2.2. Size and Dimensions

Room to compare with proper weights and measures. The four-door Wrangler Unlimited has an overall length of 190.7 inches, width of 73.9 inches, height of 72.6 inches, and wheelbase of 118.4 inches. Two-door models measure 166.8 inches in length with a 95.4-inch wheelbase—still the best in class for maneuverability. Height is 70.9 inches and the width is 73.9 inches. Ground clearance for all Wrangler models measures 9.7 inches. Front and rear track on all Wranglers is 61.9 inches. This setup gives the 2024 a sleek, modern, utilitarian look. Design details are fully refined for optimal airflow, with a premium, high-quality feel, connected and clean surface language, and improved safety with high-strength body construction. The keystone-shaped grille, iconic round headlamps, and square tail lamps are instantly recognizable and borrowed elements. All around, the 2024 Wrangler shows a strong commitment to remaining true to its authenticity and purposeful look. Step arches and a slightly raked beltline connect with the tops of the iconic seven-slot grille. Dual tops continue with the freedom panels 3-piece modular hardtop and innovative folding soft top. Windows are premium, clear glass. A variety of wheel options are available including 17-inch steel wheels and street tires, 17-inch cast aluminum, and 18-inch alloys shod with Bridgestone Dueler ATs and Goodyear Wrangler AT SilentArmor tires.

2.3. Available Colors

The new 2024 Jeep Wrangler is going to be available in a myriad of colors to suit individual tastes. Not enough is known about the 2023 model to confirm if it will be offered at all in specific colors, but it is safe to assume that any vehicle will be offered in at least some choice of colors - with a likely greater range of colors for the Wrangler. For the 2024 Wrangler, colors known to be offered include the classic Jeep standby of Silver, the earthy tones of Moss Green, Khaki and Sienna, Black, White, Midnight Blue, Flame Red, and Solar Yellow. Various color tops and interior colors will give an even greater level of customization. The color choices for the model are currently unclear. It is purely speculative, but a vehicle with less of a sporting vehicle types of colors such as various golds and grays, and possibly some earthy tones may be less likely to offer bright and sporty colors than the Wrangler. This is, of course, pure speculation, but time will tell if this comes to be true.

3. Performance and Powertrain

Engine Options: Starting with the powertrain on the next generation Jeep, it is still unsure what the gas options will look like in the 2023 model. Diesel engines are being phased out across the automotive industry as it costs manufacturers more money to ensure that the engine will be compliant with emissions standards. Thanks to the GME-T4 (Global Medium Engine Turbo-4) that was introduced in the 2018 Wrangler, it is safe to assume this engine and a turbo variant of this engine will be available to consumers in the new generation. The Hurricane 2.0L I4 engine was a popular choice in the JL generation, but the electric motor specific to plug-in hybrid vehicles may replace this as a more viable option for the future. The 2024 is available in what is being called the "4Xe" edition, which pairs the eTorque 2.0L I4 engine with dual electric motors. This powertrain is to be found in the 2021 Jeep Wrangler, and it boasts some impressive stats at 375 horsepower and 470-pound feet of torque. This is an ample amount of power for any type of driving condition, so long as the battery is able to hold a sufficient charge over time. At the time of this writing, it is not known whether the conventional 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine will still be an option, but it is not available for the 2024.

3.1. Engine Options

Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts absolutely love the vehicle for its power and proficiency both on and off the road. It's one of the most magnified features of the Jeep as every iteration is known to have "more power than its predecessor." Engine options have been electrifying for the Jeep as it has made several innovations in the past with different types of engines such as the Hurricane F4-134 I4 and the Dauntless V6 engine. Later years would see different types of engines implemented into different trims of the Jeep, but for 2024, there's only one type of engine that comes with the Jeep Wrangler, and it's a 3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine. Upgraded from the standard V6 Pentastar used in previous iterations of the Jeep, this engine still delivers 285 horsepower and 260 ft-lb of torque. This engine would have the ability to tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is suitable as there's only either a two-door trim or four-door trim in the Jeep Wrangler. Step into the gas-saving territory; about mid-year, a 4xe hybrid electric model will be available for purchase. The hybrid price isn't too different from the typical gasoline Wrangler, but it's certainly a step up in fuel efficiency. This model uses a 2.0L I4 DOHC direct-injection turbo PHEV engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission that can deliver up to 375 horsepower and 470 ft-lb of torque. This engine will certainly offer better gas mileage and can turn the eyes of the "eco-friendly" consumer.

3.2. Horsepower and Torque

The size of a car engine and the power it can produce is one of the key factors consistently used when reviewing all types of automobiles. Both the 2023 Ford Bronco and 2024 Jeep Wrangler will have a V6 and four-cylinder engine option. The Bronco will have a 2.3L four-cylinder and a 2.7L V6 engine option. The Jeep will have a 2.0L four-cylinder and a 3.6L V6 engine option, as well as a 3.0L diesel V6. Ford has yet to release exact power and torque numbers, but the two-door and four-door Broncos will get a twin-scroll turbo inline four motor that is projected to make a respectable 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. The 2.7L V6 offered in the Bronco is expected to make around 310 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The Jeep's four-cylinder motor will produce 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque and the 3.6L V6 Jeep motor delivers 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. The Ford will have a slight horsepower advantage with its V6 over the 2024 Jeep Wrangler. However, the power of the Ford Bronco is matched by the Jeep Wrangler when you take the option of the 3.6L V6 motor and you will get more torque with the smaller four-cylinder and 3.6L V6 Jeep motors. Jeep's upcoming addition of a 3.0L diesel V6 engine option will be a class exclusive and is projected to outperform the Bronco four-cylinder in both horsepower and torque whilst delivering the best fuel economy in the Wrangler lineup. Diesels are known to have great torque and not so much horsepower, so this should be an interesting choice for those who want an efficient powerplant with plenty of low-end pull for off-road driving.

3.3. Transmission Options

The transmission is the powertrain component that uses gears to change the power coming from the engine into torque. The 2024 Jeep Wrangler has three transmission options. The first option is a 5-speed automatic called the 545RFE. This transmission is only available on the Unlimited version of the Wrangler. Jeep has used this transmission in almost all Wranglers since the release of the TJ model. It is a very reliable transmission and provides great off-road performance, but the downside is that it only has 4 gears so the overdrive gear is not as high as other transmissions. This causes the engine to turn more RPMs at highway speeds and decreases fuel economy. The second transmission option for the 2024 Wrangler is a 6-speed manual called the NSG370. This transmission is traditionally a great transmission for off-road and is found on the last generation Wrangler as well as in the Jeep Liberty. This transmission is easy to shift and has a very low first gear for off-road capability. The 2024 Wrangler is the last model that will use a manual transmission so it could be a great option for someone looking to buy a new Wrangler with a manual. The last and newest option for the 2024 Wrangler is the 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic. This is a high-performance transmission that is used in many high-end cars like BMW and Audi. This transmission will provide the highest fuel economy and the smoothest shifting. It is also a great performance transmission because it has a wide ratio of gears and has the highest overdrive 8th gear. That is great for highway fuel economy and keeping the engine RPMs low. This transmission will be available on the 4-cylinder and V6 models of the 2024 Wrangler. It will not be available for the 2024 Wrangler 392 at launch but may be an option in the future.

3.4. Off-Road Capabilities

Another area where on-road ride quality and handling could be improved is in the steering department. The steering system on the 2024 Jeep Wrangler continues to be a recirculating ball design rather than the more modern and precise rack and pinion system. On the plus side, this steering setup would be better for off-roading as it tends to be stronger and less susceptible to damage. Rack and pinion steering systems work better for vehicles that spend most of their time on pavement.

The Jeep Wrangler has always been the epitome of off-road vehicles. Its rugged construction and solid axle give it the clearance and suspension needed to tackle even the roughest terrain. For 2024, the Wrangler will stick with a traditional body-on-frame construction and solid front and rear axles. This is ideal for off-roading, albeit not so great for on-road handling or ride quality. Unfortunately, the previous generation JK's under-performing on-road ride is still an issue with the JL. The suspension has been improved significantly, but it's still too bouncy on anything but the smoothest pavement.

4. Interior and Technology

Jeep has made a significant update to the JL Wrangler's infotainment systems. A 5-inch touchscreen system is provided on lower-end models, though all JL's are equipped with a standard backup camera, and the latest Uconnect system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto is available on these 7 and 8.4-inch systems. This is one of the best and most seamless phone integration systems available, and highly recommended for users of either smartphone. Audio options range from a basic 8-speaker system to an available premium Alpine audio experience. All in all, this is a major upgrade from the JK generation Wrangler.

Compared to the previous generation, the current interior is an improvement, with better materials, more logical ergonomics, and higher-quality assembly. Base Sport models are still quite basic with manual windows and locks, though power accessories and keyless entry are available. The Sahara adds on creature comforts with items such as automatic climate control, satellite radio, and the Uconnect hands-free interface. At the top of the line is the luxurious and rugged Rubicon, with standard air conditioning, a 115V outlet, and a digital media center with a 6.5-inch touch screen. Throughout, storage is an issue, with a small glovebox and center console, as well as noise.

The latest Jeep Wrangler has made advancements in interior space, but it still lags behind others in this segment. Two-door models are very tight in the back seat, which is best left to packages or cargo. Unlimited four-door models have more space and easier access with wide-opening doors, especially with the roof removed. Still, the interior is very basic and there is a tall step-in to deal with because of the high floor. With the seat removed, getting into a two-door Wrangler requires quite a step up, and the roll cage cuts headroom significantly.

4.1. Cabin Space and Seating

The cabin and cargo area for the Wrangler Unlimited are essentially the same as for the two-door Wrangler, with the Unlimited's longer wheelbase providing more legroom for rear seat passengers. The front seats for both are high-backed buckets and are, to be frank, not the most comfortable things ever, especially for long trips. The two-door Wrangler now has an improved rear seat with a more convenient fold and tumble design. Once flipped forward, the rear seat provides a large cargo area, but the bulky and heavy seat itself is difficult to maneuver and may be better left at home. The four-door Unlimited provides easier access to the rear seat and a much easier folding process, and once back there, passengers will find the rear seat is far more comfortable than in the standard wheelbase model. Both the two and four-door models are still noisy on the road, and the ride can be jittery over rougher pavement, especially in the Rubicon trim with its off-road-oriented suspensions; this may detract somewhat from the comfort for passengers. In all, because the cabin for the Wrangler is not terribly spacious or comfortable, it receives a 6 for this category.

4.2. Infotainment System

With rapidly evolving technology, advancements in infotainment systems have become an important part of a car. Even though it is not the main reason someone might buy a 4x4, the system is still one of the main things that are used constantly for a variety of reasons. The Wrangler has an 8.4-inch Uconnect with navigation available, while the Bronco has a 12-inch touchscreen that also comes with navigation. Though this is not the main focal point of the system that Bronco is trying to get across. The Bronco's main focus is that the system is washable and has a feature to turn the screen into a trail camera. This, along with the 360-degree camera, is a new innovative idea that no car has ever done before. Steps away from the old school format of upgrading navigation and stereo systems. A foothold into the off-road enthusiast world has been made with these features. Both sound systems offered are high-quality options. The Wrangler has an available nine-speaker Alpine premium audio system, while the Bronco has available B&O audio with 10 speakers. This is parallel to the importance of the system. The Wrangler's Uconnect feature at higher trim levels will offer various off-road pages which will give information about things such as vehicle tilt, GPS coordinates, altitude, and much more. Things that off-road enthusiasts can definitely find useful.

4.3. Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Wrangler’s crash-test results do no favors to it. The 4-door 2024 Wrangler scored a marginal rating in the driver-side small overlap crash test on the IIHS, with the roof also caving in 3 inches. Both 2024 Wranglers scored a marginal rating on the driver-side small overlap crash test on the IIHS. The 2024 Jeep Wrangler did get a "good" rating in 4 of the 6 IIHS crash tests, those being the side crash, moderate front overlap, roof strength, and head restraints & seats. This low rating is due to the crash test data from the 2019-2021 Jeep Wrangler models, which performed poorly in the small overlap crash test. Jeep has finally made some driver assistance features standard on the 2024 model, the previous year’s Wrangler did offer driver assistance features but it was only available on the top tier trims. The 2024 Jeep Wrangler now comes standard with: - Traffic Sign Recognition with speed adv. (will adjust cruise control speed based off speed limit) - Drowsy Driver Detection Unfortunately, there isn’t any crash test data for the 2023 Ford Bronco on the IIHS or the NHTSA. Although these test results will be released much later after a car’s release, the lack of crash test data is still a slight concern when buying a newly released car. Between the two cars, we would put our trust in buying and testing the 2024 Wrangler since the data shows us how it has improved in its safety and driver assistance features. At the very least it’s safe to say the 2024 Wrangler has more relative safety features than the 2023 Bronco. The Bronco only offering 4-driver assistance features on their top tier trims mentioned earlier.