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Five Things You Should Know About Lamborghini Horkan Sterato

The Idea Behind It

  • The goal of the Sterato is to provide a car that has the specifications of a super sports car but with a relatively high clearance that allows it to go at full speed over cracked but unpaved roads, or over slightly bumpy tracks.

  • Off-road driving is usually entertaining for enthusiasts of this type, but it is characterized by slow movement and a lack of feeling of strength and violence, as Lamborghini cars usually provide, so Sterato was born to be an exciting off-road driving machine.

Its External Design

  • Externally, Sterato maintains the overall Horkan design, which remains interesting and fashionable even ten years after the appearance of the car.

  • To provide more visual excitement, the Italian manufacturer has enhanced the car with notable modifications, including:

    • High clearance from the road surface.

    • Plastic covers surrounding the wheel rims to protect them from flying gravel.

    • Additional spotlights for driving in remote areas without a beacon.

    • Tires intended for driving off paved roads.

    • Mounting rods on the roof.

    • An additional ventilation hole on the roof that provides cooling for the engine.

On-Road and Off-Road Capabilities

  • On the road, Sterato has two personalities:

    • Comfortable Driving Mode: The car can be driven comfortably and navigate daily activities.

    • Sport Driving Mode: The car shows its exciting, violent performance with a higher response from the accelerator pedal, gearbox, and steering system.

  • When the off-road driving mode is activated through the suspension system, it lifts the car and provides softer damping levels that allow absorbing shocks from walking over uneven ground.

Limited Production

  • Lamborghini Horkan Sterato will be available in only 1499 copies worldwide.

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