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GMC Acadia vs. Jeep Cherokee

1. Introduction

The GMC Acadia and the Jeep Cherokee are both very popular SUVs. They have both two and four-wheel drive capabilities for those who need more traction when driving. Both types are very good in the snow, mud, and off-road conditions. The Acadia can come in a 7 or 8 passenger version and can also include it in all-wheel drive. The Acadia is built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave. All are about the same size and have the same mechanics, although the suspension of each vehicle is independent. The Jeep Cherokee is very good both on and off-road because of its solid front suspension and capable mechanics. It can also serve as a great tow vehicle; capable of towing loads as heavy as 5,000 lbs. The Grand Cherokee comes in both V6 and V8 versions while the Acadia only has a V6 engine. This gives the Grand Cherokee better acceleration and better fuel efficiency than the Acadia. Both vehicles are very safe, coming with a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA. Each comes with many different safety features standard or as an option to keep the driver and passengers safe in case of an accident.

2. Exterior Design

Exterior design now becomes the main priority in every vehicle model. This is because people always want to show their own style and feel like driving a luxurious vehicle. Both the 2016 GMC Acadia and 2016 Jeep Cherokee come with a part of "impressing the driver" because they have both durable and stylish exterior design. Starting from the GMC Acadia, the features are pretty outstanding because it gives the impression that it is designed with excellent craftsmanship. All the features seem like they are placed in the right place and don't seem awkward. Not only that, the smooth and contoured surface indicates that it was made using the latest technology. Other than that, the wraparound rear glass and tail lamps are designed exactly the same as the front part. This gives a balanced and stylish design for the GMC Acadia. For the Jeep Cherokee, the design is quite contrasting with the GMC Acadia. This is because Jeep is targeting customers who love to drive on adventurous journeys. The "trail rated" tagline and it is based on the Jeep's performance in a variety of off-road conditions identified by five key consumer-oriented performance categories: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording. So, to represent that in the exterior design, they have put a dual-colored design with durable and masculine features. This represents that the Cherokee is ready to face different kinds of difficulties. Other than that, the wheels that are placed near the door and a squared rear glass give more space for the cargo. It gives an understanding to the customer that the vehicle is quite spacious inside because the rear part of the vehicle does not seem too slim. GMC Acadia Image Credit: GMC As for the light feature, the GMC Acadia basically placed a projector-style lamp for both the headlight and fog light while the Jeep Cherokee is using a reflector-type light that costs less and is easy to replace. Although both light types give different performance, they still give the vehicle a classy and stylish appearance. This shows how the details are very important for the vehicle's exterior design. Other than that, both of these vehicles have a roof rail but with different designs. The GMC Acadia is using a chrome roof rail that goes well with the body while the Jeep Cherokee is using a plain roof rail just to make sure the vehicle is suitable to face a tough journey. This shows that the vehicle was designed based on the customer's needs and style.

3. Interior Features

GMC Acadia If you think that the outside is the only sleek thing concerning this SUV, then examine this room. It might have three rows, but this five-star hotel can simply accept seven guests. And with the SmartSlide access to the third row, anyone and everyone can easily get back there. Both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive Sierras can be found in SLE and SLT trim levels, which provides comparable gear. An all-terrain design package can be included to AWD-equipped SLTs. This offers a distinctive interior features aluminum trim, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and hill descent control. All terrain models provide an expandable cargo bed higher, which fluctuates in proportion depending on cab design. This will make the shorter-cargo package accessible on crew cab versions that uses the longer box specify in conventional models. Denali models come standard with all-wheel drive and have unique interior trim using a polished aluminum and brushed metal look in addition to leather trim. All Sierra pickups have storage garnished their interiors, such as several cup holders, a great deal of under-seat storage, and large door pockets.

4. Performance and Handling

In general, the larger and heavier a vehicle is, the worse its fuel economy. This holds true for the Acadia, which on average is estimated to get twenty miles per gallon. It should be noted that vehicles with more options and features are harder to test for fuel economy, and the Acadia certainly fits that bill. It comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and is offered in front or all-wheel drive. Maximum towing capacity is listed at 5202 lbs (awd). The Acadia is on the bigger side of its class, much like its fuel performance and economy. As a more natural off-road vehicle, the Cherokee comes in at an estimated twenty-one miles per gallon for city, and twenty-eight miles per gallon for highway. This is certainly a better fuel performance than the Acadia. The Cherokee also comes in front or all-wheel drive, with options for a nine-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Maximum towing capacity is rated at 4500 lbs (v6 engine), a respectable number for a vehicle its size. The lighter weight will definitely be a benefit to the Cherokee's fuel economy and handling, not to mention making off-road travel a little easier.

5. Conclusion

Although the better choice appears to be the GMC Acadia, these two vehicles are set with different intentions and standards and will appeal to a variety of consumers who are interested in compact sport utility vehicles. No matter what the choice, choosing between the GMC Acadia and the Jeep Cherokee will be a great investment and fulfilling purchase on a quality crossover.

In conclusion, when it comes to making a choice on the best compact sport utility vehicle for yourself or your family, it can be a difficult decision when you barely know the difference between the two. Identifying the facts and requirements you want in a vehicle is crucial in making the best selection the first time around. Although the GMC Acadia and the Jeep Cherokee are both intended to provide transportation for up to 7 passengers and have many similarities, they also consist of many differences. By comparing these two vehicles in terms of price, fuel efficiency, appearance, and performance, it becomes clear as to why they appeal to different consumers and are set at different standards in the automotive market today. The GMC Acadia is set at a higher level of standards and is priced between $30,975 and $46,770. However, because the entry-level SLE is equal in price to the top-of-the-line Limited Jeep Cherokee with all available options, we have compared and determined the better-equipped Acadia SLT-1 to the Jeep Cherokee. With a more modern and sleek look, better fuel efficiency, and excellent performance from motor to handling, the Acadia SLT-1 is a vehicle intended more for adults and possible business use. Despite the fact that both of these vehicles rank high in safety and reliability, have been recommended by others, and are improved versions of previous models, the Jeep Cherokee has more potential in becoming a vehicle of interest for future family use. The Cherokee will be sure to attract those with outdoor lifestyles and possibly those in up north climates with the availability of the 4-wheel drive. While it may be difficult to turn away from the days of Jeep and its long-lasting traditional vehicles, the modernly styled Acadia continues to be GM's best-selling crossover and is a popular choice for repeat or new consumers coming into the GMC brand.

From a price, appearance, performance, and gas mileage aspect, both vehicles are built to appeal to different niches of drivers. Although the Jeep Cherokee Limited and the GMC Acadia SLE are similar in price, the GMC Acadia is a professional-looking vehicle that seems suitable for business trips down to Orlando. This will likely appeal more to older family groups. The Jeep has a more kid-friendly look to it and is a more professional version of past Jeeps. Women, especially moms, are drawn to the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep company because of the safety and reliability that comes with this long-standing brand. Because the new Jeep Cherokee does not have as extensive reliability ratings as older Jeeps, some of the consumers of previous Jeep products may prefer to switch over to the GMC Acadia in time. Both vehicles offer safety, style, and reliability and are working hard to keep and gain loyal consumers.

GMC Acadia vs. Jeep Cherokee

Comparing the GMC Acadia and Jeep Cherokee involves looking at their performance, comfort, and utility. These two SUVs offer different strengths for families and adventurers alike. Discover which model might be the right choice for your needs.

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