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Hyundai Palisade XRT vs. Limited

1. Overview

This fact also gives an impact for Hyundai to increase their car price. And it is proven by their new car series, "Hyundai Palisade". It was revealed at the end of April 2018 when there was an auto show in Los Angeles and started to be marketed in the summer of that year. This luxury car is predicted to have the same acceptance as "Toyota Alphard" or even "Honda Odyssey". How could it be? Why Palisade? Why not the others? The answer is, let's see. [1][2][3][4][5]

The name Hyundai might not be popular among Indonesian people. The reputation is still low in this country. However, this South Korean automobile company has already made many great products for their upscale customers. Their products are high-quality cars with a lower price. This would be a different story for Korean people since they think there will be no products with a lower price but still of lower quality.

1.1. Exterior Design

Hyundai does not shy away from being overly stylish and offering an appealing curb than the Palisade. The new XRT trim offers some exclusive touches over the Limited where it has been widely popular for its features and clean styling. The XRT sits in between the SEL and Limited, with the package, customers will find exclusive special appearance features. These included XRT exclusive grill with unique crosshatching, black headlamp bezels, black side mirror, and door handles. The XRT sits on 20-inch split-spoke wheels which provide a higher sidewall. Buyers can choose from six different exterior colors. Limited trim has been popular for the large amount of brightwork and unmistakable presence on the road. With the front featuring LED headlamps and LED DRL, Limited has exclusive puddle lamps with welcome and follow me home function. The front features chrome skid plate with dual variable intensity LED fog lamps which offers excellent light distribution in hazardous driving conditions. There are only a few subtle hints to differentiate between the SEL, Limited, and Calligraphy trim. On the side, Limited features 20-inch alloy rims, body color side mirrors, and door handles with a sensor that illuminates and automatically folds the outside mirrors when Palisade is locked using the smart key. This feature adds a luxury touch and helps prevent damage to side mirrors when parking in tight spaces. At the rear, the Limited offers LED taillamps, and a dual panel sunroof is also available. When comparing both trims, the main difference lies within the XRT offering dark accents over the Limited. This gives a hint that the Limited model may cause more attention for those drivers living in busier neighborhoods. This is an important factor for vehicle buyers who would like to prevent their car from being damaged or broken into. Both have top-tier paint quality, a dual-pane sunroof, and second-row glass, which adds to the luxury feel of the vehicle. Deciding between the two models may solely rely on the nature of today's weather conditions if exterior vehicle protection is a main concern to buyers. [6][7]

1.2. Interior Features

Now, let's move to the cargo space. Hyundai Palisade has a very large cargo space for those who like to go on trips or those who have a lot of stuff to carry. The cargo space is wide enough and it is also equipped with an automatic opening tailgate to make it more practical.

Some of the features that make Hyundai Palisade very impressive are the dual sunroof installed in the front and one in the rear. This makes the trip feel more refreshing because the passengers can feel the breeze that comes into the car while they're on a trip. Another impressive feature is the 2nd row captain's chair, which makes the passengers feel more exclusive when sitting there because they have their own space and can move very freely to the 3rd row. The captain's chair also has the function to accommodate a child seat, no matter what type it is. Hyundai Palisade also has the smart one-touch feature on the 2nd row seat to make it easier for passengers in the 3rd row to get out from the 2nd row. This is because it can fold the 2nd row seat with the child seat attached and it can move the 2nd row seat without the child seat inside.

The interior features of Hyundai Palisade are quite impressive because of the long list of features that make everyone who sits in there feel comfortable. Hyundai Palisade XRT and Limited have no differences because they have the same features. However, the Limited has an optional feature called the Prestige Package.

Hyundai Palisade is not only built to empower, but it also carries elegance for the owner. Not just that, it is also built to make the driver and passengers feel comfortable on every trip because of the complete features. This means that Hyundai wants people to have an easier trip every time they use their car to go somewhere.

1.3. Performance and Engine Options

Both models utilize a 3.8L V6 engine with an 8-speed transmission in combination to maximize fuel economy and power. Moving onto transmissions, both vehicles include a standard smart/comfort mode, with the Limited featuring an 'on demand' sport mode to provide extra pep if you need it. The transmission on both models is smooth with easy gear changes and noticeable step changes on inclines to prevent hunting between gears. It was hard to differentiate any major performance differences between the two vehicles, and both should be similar to drive over the years. A saving grace of Hyundai cars is their 5-year warranty.

The performance and engine options vary between these two models. XRT is available with front wheel drive (FWD) only, as opposed to the Limited which is only available in All Wheel Drive (AWD). The FWD against AWD equates to a comparison of more off-road capabilities to better traction in harsh or wet climates on paved roads. This does limit the XRT for more extreme off-road encounters relative to the Limited. On the road, the two vehicles handle almost identically with no excessive body roll on tight turns and stable cornering ability. The 291 horsepower from both models provides enough power to propel the vehicle and comfortably overtake vehicles on the highway, though it's nothing to boast about and extra power from a larger engine or turbo would be a welcome option if it was available.

2. Technology and Safety

In the realm of driver assistance, both Palisade models have a standard set of features like forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, lane following, rear cross-traffic collision avoidance, and a driver attention warning. The XRT and Limited both have Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist and Safe Exit Assist, which will alert the driver if exiting the vehicle in the presence of approaching traffic, as well as lock the rear doors if a collision hazard is detected. However, the Limited has more advanced reverse parking features with parking distance warning, ultrasonic rear occupant alert, and parking collision avoidance assist. But the most significant difference in driver assistance is the Limited's Highway Drive Assist, which will automatically control speed and distance from the car in front, as well as keep the car centered in its lane. This is a feature that is not available in the XRT model.

Both the XRT and Limited versions of the Palisade come with a 10.25-inch touchscreen which includes navigation. However, the IONIQ system included in the XRT is a smaller unit than the Limited's system from a third-party vendor. This may seem strange to include the less advanced system in the higher trim level. The Limited's infotainment system, which includes navigation, is powered by a 12-speaker top-of-the-line Harman Kardon sound system. This system also includes Qi wireless phone charging capability, which isn't included in the XRT unless an upgrade to the Convenience Package, which is an extra 2400 USD. Also available in the Convenience Package for the XRT is a driver talk feature that allows the driver to talk to rear passengers through the speakers and a 115V power outlet to charge household devices. Overall, the infotainment features are more robust and standard on the Limited. However, the Convenience Package with the added options is a more cost-effective way to get similar options on the XRT.

2.1. Infotainment System

One of the main features of the XRT model is the infotainment centre, which is an 8-inch screen, and this is where it falls short of the Limited model. It has 6 speakers and all the regular features like AM/FM Band, MP3, WMA with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but that’s all. The Limited model, however, is quite impressive. The 10.25-inch touchscreen has an integrated Nav system, which is quite simple and easy to use that overlaps the regular screen interface. The Nav system uses what3words and Natural Language Voice Recognition, which makes locating a destination quite simple. But one of its best features is the ability to connect to the map application. This navigation platform provided by Australian company, Hyundai, allows the user to prepare their trip in advance at home and then the plan can be sent to the vehicle's Nav System by connecting to the mobile phone. This includes any saved points of interest or track log files. The next aspect is the sound system. The Limited has the XRT’s regular 6 speakers, but the quality is better and two tweeters have been added. This is good, but the Limited offers a premium sound system with 12 speakers and an amplifier. This is a Harman Kardon system that provides a simulated surround sound, which will give a whole new listening experience of higher quality. Lastly, the Limited model offers two features that the XRT doesn’t have: Multi-Bluetooth Connectivity and Remote Smart Park Assist.

2.2. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Available Blind View Monitor and Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist Blind View Monitor is a system that shows a video feed of the left and right lane of the vehicle, activated by the turn signal. It is designed to help the driver detect vehicles in the driver's blind spot. The video feed appears in the 12.3-inch fully digital gauge cluster. When the turn signal is indicated for right or left lane changes, the corresponding video feed will appear in the gauge cluster. Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) works with the BVM system and is designed to help detect a vehicle in the driver's blind spot. If the driver initiates a lane change while an indicator is lit for an approaching vehicle, an audible warning is sounded and if the driver continues to steer the vehicle, a haptic warning is enacted through the steering wheel. Finally, applying further pressure to the steering wheel will activate braking enforcement on the opposite side of the lane change to deter the lane change maneuver.

Standard Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection Standard on all Palisade models, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) with Pedestrian Detection is designed to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian in the path of the Palisade. FCA works by using the front-facing camera and radar to monitor the vehicle’s position in relation to lane markers in the roadway as well as the vehicle directly in front of it. If a potential collision is detected, the system provides audible and visual warnings and if the driver does not adequately respond to avoid a collision, FCA initiates braking. If the system is activated when the vehicle is traveling below 30 km/h, the brakes are automatically applied.

Safe Exit Assist When a vehicle is detected approaching from the rear, Safe Exit Assist alerts the driver with a chime and a warning message in the instrument cluster. If the driver attempts to deactivate the Child Lock feature, which is also activated by a switch in the door control panel, and opens the door to exit the vehicle, a warning is displayed in the instrument cluster and an acoustic warning is sounded. In addition, the rear doors will not open, since the Child Lock feature is still engaged. This action alerts the driver that there is approaching traffic and that it is not safe to exit the vehicle.

2.3. Connectivity Options

Limited models come with a wireless charging pad for Qi compatible cell phones and also a 115V AC power outlet just behind the center console. All models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and there are a total of 7 speakers on non-Infinity premium models and 12 speakers with Quantum Logic Surround and Clari-Fi Music Restoration on the Infinity premium models. In the Palisade, even the base level SE model comes with a standard 8-inch color touchscreen audio system with both HD Radio and rearview monitor. This is a huge step up compared to some other base level audio systems. Now for those base model features with something even more advanced, let's go back to the beginning and talk about the upcoming XRT. The XRT offers a lot of premium features at a base level. The Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 8-inch color touchscreen are all standard on the XRT. Other connectivity options on the XRT include BlueLink Connected Services, BlueLink Remote Package, and the same multimedia/map updates offered on the Limited. This is obviously a great value as the XRT will have some photography/touring families that do not need all the bells and whistles of the pricier Limited.

All Palisade models also come with three years of BlueLink Connected Care and Remote Package, while Limited models add BlueLink Guidance Package. BlueLink Connected Services are complimentary for three years as well. New Limited owners also receive three years of BlueLink multimedia/map updates. What is BlueLink? BlueLink is Hyundai's connected vehicle system that offers a host of features to enhance your driving experience. Some features listed include remote start with climate control, remote door lock/unlock, car finder, destination send-to-car (push waypoints from the BlueLink app to your navigation system), monthly vehicle health reports, in-vehicle service scheduling, and much more. It also offers on-demand roadside assistance, SOS emergency assistance, and automatic collision notification.

All the models of the Hyundai Palisade (including the just-released XRT) come with five USB outlets and two 12-volt outlets. A 10.25-inch navigation display is standard on the Limited and optional on the XRT (when optioned with the convenience package or above, or on the XRT with the Premium package). The navigation system comes with real-time traffic. Limited models also come with an in-car intercom with rear-seat conversation and sleep modes, accessible from the front. This intercom can simultaneously play the radio through the rear speakers, which means you can speak through the rear intercom and then turn it off and magically turn the radio back on where it left off. This may well be more capability than most will ever use, but it's going to be a hit with some families. An intercom with rear seat speakers is also available on non-Limited models from the Convenience Package on up. It's also worth noting that the Palisade has been named one of the best 3-row SUVs for families by Parents Magazine and Edmunds.

3. Comfort and Convenience

Can carry a lot of people and their stuff. Unlike most of the three-row SUV competition that has captain's chairs in the second row and seats for seven, the Palisade has a second-row bench that allows to carry eight passengers wrapped inside. The foldable bench has a tilt-and-slide feature to make it easier to access the third row. However, in some limited configurations of the Palisade, the captain's chair is available and reduces the maximum passenger capacity to seven. The bench has an adaptable child-safety seat built into the second-row bench, allowing it to be reconfigured into various combinations including a big kid seat or booster. Unfortunately, child safety is not available globally and varies by location. The second row and third row fold flat, creating a table surface, and can be easily folded back with a push button. A unique feature for an SUV, the Palisade has One-Touch Second-Row Seat Access for 3rd Row Entry. With the press of a button within the second row, the seat moves and tilts, then slides forward and out of the way to allow easier entry into the third row. The third row is power-operated too, with a recline function which is rare in its class. The third row has its own air conditioning, power connector, USB port, two cupholders, and two side pockets. It also has a 255 mm wide armrest and a smartphone storage shelf, ensuring that passengers have their own priority because everyone is a VIP (simultaneously available cup holder not shown). The entire interior has a total of 16 cup holders, 7 USB outlets, 6-bottle storage, a 10.25" Display Audio & Rearview Monitor, 1st & 2nd row ventilated seats, 2nd row powered sunshades, an Around view monitor, Driver talk in-car intercom, Quiet mode, and audio speakers on the headliner for a listening experience. Heavily pampered, right? But don't forget to store them all, the center console has a large gearshift-integrated covered storage, capable of storing a tablet PC. It also has 1st and 2nd wireless charging pads. There are two storage boxes, each located on the dashboard and under the center console. Additionally, the rightmost side of the dashboard, which can also be accessed from the driver's door, has extra storage, a convenient location for storing valet tickets or small notes. The only downside is that the rear passengers do not get a powered sunshade or Rearview monitor, but they can still enjoy the Quiet mode audio speaker. And the default speaker count is only 6, but it's a Harman Kardon sound system with a 630W amplifier. A genuine luxury experience. Moving to the cargo area, there is an automatic power-closing rear trunk, and the Palisade offers best-in-class cargo space with 510L (behind the third-row seat). When the third row is folded, the cargo space becomes 1297L, and when the 2nd row is folded for maximum cargo space, it becomes 2441L. All trims of the Palisade offer a cargo cover to hide valuable items in the cargo area.

3.1. Seating and Cargo Space

The Hyundai Palisade is one of the best-in-class when it comes to cargo space. It has 18 cubic feet of space behind the 3rd row, 45.8 cubic feet behind the 2nd row, and a maximum of 86.4 cubic feet with all rear seats folded down. The cargo area is both wide and deep, providing plenty of space for everyday items, sports gear, and larger items such as strollers and flat-screen TVs. On the driver's side, there is a multi-level cargo floor that can be lowered to give more vertical cargo space or raised to conceal items with a flat level surface. This kind of flexibility can be especially convenient for pet owners to place a pet barrier closer to the 3rd row.

XRT and Limited models come standard with 7-passenger seating, including 2nd row captain's chairs and an 8-passenger configuration with a 2nd row bench seat. 2nd row space is substantial, with ample head and legroom, while the split folding 3rd row seats offer versatility. Getting into the 3rd row is made easy with the One-Touch Walk-In feature, which tilts and slides 2nd row seats at the touch of a button. This should make access to the 3rd row easier than in previous Hyundai crossovers. A welcome feature in the 8-passenger variant is the 2nd row bench seat's ability to accommodate three child safety seats with LATCH anchoring support. Both the captain's chairs and bench seat come standard with recline and fold functionality for easy access to the 3rd row.

3.2. Climate Control

The climate control systems for the Hyundai Palisade XRT and Limited are practically identical. Both vehicles have three separate climate control zones: driver, front passenger, and rear passengers. The driver and front passenger can control their individual zones on the main panel on the dash, and the rear passengers control their zone on the actual rear of the center console. With the rear climate control fully automatic, the driver can lock the rear climate control to a certain temperature, and the rear passengers cannot change it. This can be particularly useful for families with kids that may play with the rear climate control settings. Additionally, both the Palisade XRT and Limited have heated front and rear seats. The climate control system setting indicates if the exterior conditions would have the seats heating or ventilation be more effective. Heating or cooling the seats to the last setting can also happen on start. Note that the heated rear seats are only available on Palisade models with available AWD.

3.3. Keyless Entry and Start

Both XRT and Limited have a traditional auto locking feature where the car doors lock once the vehicle is put into drive. Limited has the additional remote start feature to warm up the car engine prior to driver entry. This would require the driver to use the myHyundai app to remote start the car, so it is not as simple as having a second keyless fob. Which one would be more desirable really depends on the individual and how often they use remote start. But one of the big appeals to a smart key fob is that it can eliminate the need for remote start because the driver is able to start the engine inside the car without actually being in the car. This is compatible with smart key systems found in other vehicles which have a keyfob "find" button and the engine start/stop button coded onto the same fob. So within the scope of keyless entry and start, Palisade has a slight edge over the competition in this area.

Keyless entry and start has become a must-have feature for many drivers shopping for a new car. Palisade Limited comes standard with proximity entry while XRT has the regular keyless entry remote. They both have a push-button start. Typically, we would say we prefer a push-button start but in this case, the standard proximity key and remote are actually the better way to go. This is because Palisade's smart key entry allows the driver to simply have the key in a pocket or bag to unlock and start the vehicle. This is much more convenient and closer to a true hands-free keyless experience.

3.4. Power Liftgate

A power liftgate can be very useful, especially when loading and unloading groceries. You just walk up to the side of the vehicle and there's no need to open the gate manually - just push the button on the remote. It is a convenience feature that is widely used in the segment. For the XRT trim, it is available as part of a package that includes adding an option for bench seating for the second row. It is an additional $2450 and comes with Driver Talk and features like Rear Occupant Alert. This feature is not available for the standard 7-seater and is standard on the Limited, including the captain's chairs. The entire package is an additional $2900 and allows the driver to customize the zone or enable a conversation mirror between the front and second row with Driver Talk. This is a useful feature if there are children and the driver needs to communicate with rear passengers while keeping their eyes on the road. The liftgate will be able to open via Motion Activated function starting from the SEL trim to the Limited. This is especially useful when both hands are full and there is no need to set anything down to open the liftgate. The Limited has an additional tailgate function built in to set the height the backend swings open with setting for driver preference or when the gates are in a confined space. Overall, both trims should have good usage of the power liftgate, which will be useful for loading and unloading goods.

4. Pricing and Trim Levels

Want to get a car that feels just perfect for you? In that case, a Hyundai Palisade would do the job. It is a car that is known to feel exactly how you want it. It has 2 trim levels which are the XRT and the Limited. Let's start off with the XRT trim, which is a base model that is a non-AWD car. It has a price of $33,700, which is a decent price for the starting off model. This model competes with the specs of the AWD SE and the features of the AWD SEL. Compared to the AWD SE, it has the same amount of seat rows and the same specs. The XRT would have to be a 7-seater car since it is the same spec and the same price. When you get the AWD SEL, this is where the price and the features of the cars start to be different. The AWD SEL has a starting price of $36,975. The AWD XRT has a price that is $370 lower than the AWD SEL.

4.1. XRT Trim

The Hyundai Palisade XRT is the new base model for the 2022 Hyundai Palisade lineup. It is the most affordable trim level, with a starting base price of $32,670. The XRT model is marketed as an off-road model for adventure-seeking consumers. In addition to the added off-road capabilities, the XRT model also comes with some extra features and niceties that are not found in the entry-level Palisade SE. The added content of the XRT model does come at a cost, as it is going to be more expensive than the entry-level SE model. The XRT model is the only Palisade trim to come equipped with the HTRAC all-wheel-drive system which has snow, sport, eco, and smart modes for various terrain and weather conditions. In addition to the all-wheel-drive system, the XRT also comes with a 20mm increase in ride height for a total of 200mm in ride height. To go along with the increased ride height and all-wheel-drive system, the XRT is also equipped with some additional exterior touches to differentiate from other Palisade models. The XRT comes with unique 18-inch alloy wheels with a black finish, a dark finish for the front grille and lower fascia, roof side rails, and a skid plate to protect the underbody from off-road hazards. The XRT model still comes equipped with the standard 3.8-liter V6 engine with 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque.

4.2. Limited Trim

Which brings us to the Limited Trim. This trim will run you $45,125, a 3.5L six-cylinder All Wheel Drive car with 8-speed automatic. It is one of the top tier vehicles Hyundai now has to offer alongside the Calligraphy. The Calligraphy trim ($47,750) is basically the twin brother of the Limited trim but with a different lineup of perks and interior/exterior stylings. The Limited trim can be compared to the XRT in terms of seating 7 passengers total, with one extra 8-passenger configuration available with a 2nd row bench seat. As for luxury, the Limited definitely emphasizes that with a premium feel. The Calligraphy obviously takes #1 offering all the perks but the Limited is not far behind. The limited has leather seats with premium-looking interior trimmings, ventilated front seats, leather-wrapped dash/door/carpet, and a microfiber suede headliner. The instrument and gauge cluster is upgraded to a 12.3-inch LCD gauge display, offering all the information you need in a clear view. A blind-view monitor system displays the live feed of the side you are turning. Last but not least the Limited has a 10.25-inch navigation touchscreen display.

4.3. Comparison of Features and Pricing

While the Palisade XRT is priced at $3,045 less than the Limited trim, it still provides a very good value. Some of the notable features that both trims share are heated front seats, a 7-inch color TFT gauge display, shift by wire, LED headlights, 2nd and 3rd row shades, and rear occupant alert. The XRT gets great value in the $30-40k SUV market where more buyers are beachgoers, hikers, and outdoor family activity-oriented. With the lower cost compared to the Limited, buyers can get more bang for their buck with the available features. The XRT has standard 8-passenger seating, a second-row bench seat and cushion, premium soft-touch materials, and a leather shift knob. The Limited drops the interior seating down to 7 passengers with second-row captain chairs and even has an option for a 7-passenger premium package that includes 2nd row captain chairs, making it an upcharge from the already more passenger-accommodating XRT. While the Limited trim offers many more luxury interior features over the XRT, they are not crucial features that drastically improve the functionality of the vehicle and hold much less value compared to the added cost. This greatly differentiates the Palisade trims from other competitor models in the same price range, where the base and mid-level trims lack many desirable features found in the top trim. A similar amount of value can be found in other Hyundai trims where the Santa Fe XRT proves a $2,650 leap up to the Limited trim unnecessary with the included features in the lower-costing trim.



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