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Hyundai Venue SE vs SEL

1. Overview

The all-new Hyundai Venue is a subcompact SUV looking to make its name in the market. A new model in Hyundai's lineup, the Venue has marked its space just below the Hyundai Kona. Our comparison video of the Venue will showcase the differences between the SE and SEL trims. This article will be focusing strictly on the aesthetic and mechanical differences of the SEL and SE according to Hyundai. This is a straight-out visual comparison of the two trims. The exterior of the Venue SE is quite simple with the signature cascading Hyundai front grille. It lacks some visual appeal compared to the SEL with no side roof rails, automatic headlight control, and a smaller wheel size. Step up to the SEL and you get a more refined look with roof side rails, automatic headlamp control, and a driver's side blind spot mirror. In terms of color options for both trims, the Venue provides Thunder Gray, Intense Blue, Scarlet Red, Stellar Silver, Galactic Gray, Green Apple, Denim, and Black Pearl. Both trims also offer a two-tone roof option where a black roof can be paired with any of the previously mentioned body colors. The two-tone roof also allows for a contrasting color for the side mirrors. This brings us to the first of many shared features between the two trims of the Venue, the colors and the two-tone roof option.

1.1. Exterior Features

Both the SE and SEL builds are somewhat common with LED headlight and tail light offerings in modern vehicles. This can also increase better visibility and safety when driving at any time of day. The SEL, save for the Convenience Package, will have a slight edge with automatic headlight control. This feature can be nice so you don't have to worry about pushing a button if you forgot to turn your lights on during the late evening.

A few upgrades that we see when moving up from the SE to the SEL are going to be the heated mirrors and a driver's blind spot mirror. These are features that may not always be recognized at first but are definitely helpful for everyday use.

The SEL build will upgrade you to some good-looking 17-inch alloy wheels and single chrome exhaust tips compared to the standard black. The Venue also offers a power tilt and slide sunroof but is a feature that you will not see on either SE or SEL builds. If you still like the sound of this, we suggest you look into the Denim build.

The SE offers 15-inch alloy wheels and a rear window wiper with a washer. Not bad for a base trim.

The Hyundai Venue SE is the base trim of this subcompact SUV that offers a good amount of exterior offerings. As we step up to the SEL build, we start to see an increase in features that make the Venue a bit more enticing. You'll love the amount of personality the unique and modern look will give off from the outside in. The Venue SEL starts at $19,250 with the option of adding the Convenience Package for $22,050.

1.2. Interior Features

When it comes to interior features, the SE and SEL are quite similar. Both these models have the same interior dimensions and carry a 3.5-inch instrument panel display. They both also come with the standard rear-view monitor with parking guidance. When considering the slight price change from the SEL to the SE, these few changes might not seem worth it, but they could end up convincing some consumers. The SE does come with standard steering wheel audio controls, and the SEL would upgrade to a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Another slight advancement on the SEL is the center console storage box with sliding cover, armrest, and a console tray. These small updates happen to be some of the big deciding factors for people when buying a new car. Step into the SEL from the SE, and the first thing you would notice is the upgraded fabric on the seats. The SEL includes premium cloth, which adds a more sleek feel to the car. The only other update in the SEL would be the automatic air conditioning. So although the interior might not have drastic changes between the SE and SEL, it might be worth some people spending that little extra for the extra convenience.

1.3. Performance

The sedan's 1.4 MPi engine does not have as much power as its cousin the 7-seater version and comes equipped with a 1.6 GDi engine; still at 100 kW. It's an engine compatible for the younger first-hand driver who would still like to establish a reputation among his peers with his awesome new wheels while focusing on fuel efficiency. With its 6-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed manual, the sedan is expected to make fast progress with smooth, slick and responsive changes. Acceleration is made to look easy due to the car weighing 1250 kg, with a fuel consumption of 15.3 km in urban areas and economical 18.5 km on the freeway. The young Adonis will certainly not feel left out as he managed to overtake his best friend's hatch. He had always envied him for it because he never admitted to being morning not ready for a bigger car that costs more to run!

Acceleration is excellent as the car only weighs 1050 kg, thus getting 0-100 km/h in around 10 seconds. What's more, the car is extremely fuel efficient, using just over a dollar for every 13 km driven. With such performance results, he will be smiling as he fills his tank compared to that of his friends who drive performance cars from different vehicle segments. Step-mate automatic type transmission and a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder GDI engine give a pleasurable relaxed riding experience for the driver. And the age of his 15-year-old hand-me-down car is now almost forgotten.

The sedan is fitted with a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that provides the car consumer approximately 110 horsepower. This implies the car will have the drive and power to do perfectly, whether it be trying to overtake someone on the motorway or traveling up a steep hill. The concept of the Adonis of the B-segment should be crying out in his ear as he zooms up to speed towards the traffic light in his hand-me-down car.

2. SE Trim

The SE trim is the base model in the 2021 Hyundai Venue lineup and starts at $19,925. This trim level doesn't get as many bells and whistles compared to the SEL trim, but it still comes with some great standard features. Some key features for the SE model are the intelligent variable transmission, drive mode select, motor-driven power steering, and the rearview monitor with parking guidance. The IVT for the SE model is a transmission that automatically adjusts to the driving style, creating a smoother and shift shock-free drive compared to a regular transmission. Drive mode select is an additional feature that allows the driver to change the driving style with just a push of a button. This greatly affects the driving conditions with snow mode, eco mode, and a sport mode to increase response from the engine and transmission. The motor-driven power steering system adjusts the amount of assistance from the motor depending on the driving speed, while the rearview monitor provides easier and safer parking by displaying the rear view once the vehicle is put into reverse. The SE model isn't all too different from the SEL model for safety features. It comes with the same standard safety features, including the forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, and driver attention warning. This provides the same level of safety on the road, predicting that the two vehicles will have the same safety level at crashworthiness and crash avoidance. Any changes can possibly affect the vehicle rating once the tests are complete.

2.1. Key Features

The Venue SE starts at $17,350 and is slightly more expensive than the Hyundai Accent. Fortunately, it comes with a lot of key features and is great for city drivers who worry about damaging a new car. It comes with 15-inch steel wheels, a six-way adjustable driver's seat, an 8-inch touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a four-speaker sound system, and steering wheel audio controls. This is a great upgrade from the Accent and offers a telematics system that can transfer speed, location, and impact severity in the event of an airbag deployment to speed, location, and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and a smartphone app that can control certain features of the vehicle. This base model Venue does not have advanced safety features offered on the higher trims. Standard safety features include forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, and driver attention warning. Forward collision assist is a feature that senses a potential collision and warns the driver, the system that follows that up is what sets it apart from other vehicles in its class and price. If the driver ignores the warning and does not apply the brake pedal, the car will automatically apply the brakes in an attempt to mitigate a collision. This is very useful for city driving and can avoid potential fender benders. The Accent is a traditional compact car and is not offered as a crossover. This base model Venue provides city drivers with cheap new transportation with the peace of mind of a great warranty and the benefit of crossover design and features.

2.2. Safety Features

The Denim comes standard with everything listed above excluding the optional LED headlights and is elevated to the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award. The only extra safety feature is Driver Attention Warning. This trim level will not have lane departure or lane following warnings when opting for the manual transmission but Autonomous Emergency Braking still remains. Step it up to the automatic transmission and all AWD exclusive safety features will come.

First, the SEL trim. The SEL has been elevated to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick Award when equipped with optional Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and LED headlights. As stated earlier, the SEL comes with optional AWD and when ordered with AWD comes with a unique feature to the AWD trims, all Drivewise safety features come standard and are not options including rear park distance warning, Blind-Spot Collision Warning, and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning. With the exception of the optional LED headlights, the optional Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, and the AWD exclusive safety features; everything else is standard on the Denim trim. The SE has Lane Keeping Assist but the Lane Following Assist on the SEL & Denim trims is the next step and it will also help in achieving an IIHS Top Safety Pick Award for these two trims.

Cost cutting begins to show up when comparing the safety features. The SE has both the SEL and the Denim trims beat for it comes with Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with pedestrian detection and Lane Keeping Assist. That's it. No other safety equipment is available on the SE trim. Keep this in mind when reading about the safety features of the other two trims.

2.3. Technology Features

The seven-inch color display audio system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay complements your drive with access to your smartphone, music, and maps. Voice recognition, along with dual charging USB ports, keeps devices powered and connected while on the go. Both trims receive Hyundai Venue's first available navigation system. The advanced system offers real-time traffic data via HD Radio, which offers the multicasting of alternate routes conveniently displayed as pop-up notifications. Users will no longer have to leave the map screen to access the color-coded incident and flow status overlay, which supplies detailed information for traffic incidents and traffic flow. Digital traffic is also available for routing and guidance, represented by a line color on the stored or calculated route to easily distinguish: red for heavy traffic conditions, green for light traffic conditions, and grey for no traffic information. The time of the traffic incident or traffic flow feature can be selected to display the information.

3. SEL Trim

As with the Venue's passenger compartment, SEL provides a big step up when it comes to safety features. Dual front seat and side airbags offer additional protection over the previous trim, and the SEL provides a number of systems and driver aids aimed at collision prevention. The standard Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) with Pedestrian Detection is a standout feature in the sub-compact class and aims to prevent or mitigate a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian in your path. The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) will help you remain in your lane, and the standard Driver Attention Warning (DAW) adds an important safeguard, monitoring the driver for signs of drowsy or inattentive driving. All of these features work to ensure the safest driving and traveling experience for passengers.

Inside, SEL provides many features that a growing number of consumers have come to expect, beginning with a 6-way adjustable driver seat, with adjustable lumbar support for future comfort. Its proximity key with push button start will make you forget the old days of fumbling for your keys, and steering wheel-mounted audio and Bluetooth controls keep it nice and easy. A 7-inch touchscreen audio system display brings both ease and accessibility when operating the audio system and taking advantage of its three years of included Blue Link Connected Car System. Dual charging USB is simple and straightforward, and a standard automatic temperature control HVAC system rounds out some of the conveniences offered inside.

The SEL 1.6L trim elevates your driving experience with the standard Smartstream G1.6 Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT) engine. SEL also offers drive mode select, adding a level of customization and performance to your daily driving. With snow mode, you'll be able to negotiate any slippery conditions. The SEL's standard rear disc brakes offer more powerful stopping performance. Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) optimally manages Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) to help the driver maintain control and vehicle direction. And when it rains, it shines with front fog lights illuminating the path ahead. Perfect for any scenario you'll encounter in daily driving, the SEL model takes things up a notch.

3.1. Key Features

So this version is already evident through some points I've made in the advantages of the SEL trim level. However, the SE and SEL do share a few common keys. This one is relatively minor, but for some, it comes as a welcoming change to the SEL models. Essentially, both SE and SEL share remote keyless entry with alarm function. This is something commonly seen on most modern vehicles, but on the Accent, this is something that was only available through the purchase of the power package such as on my vehicle. What this says to us is that Hyundai is understanding the necessity of common keyless entry and showing that this is a standard feature on all of their vehicles now. Another key feature is the tilt steering wheel. Again, is something that will not sway a person one way or the other about buying a vehicle, but it is something very useful. 90% of people driving a vehicle need to move into and out of the driver seat multiple times a day which causes wear and tear. Having a tilt steering wheel to make this process easier is an attractive possibility. And to finalize, both the SE and SEL are equipped with a four-speaker audio system. This is impressive since both of these features were previously only available through additional packages on the old Accent models. It gives a prospective buyer an idea that the vehicle is not all base loaded features. Now, something the buyers will need to understand if they are looking between the SE and SEL is that pretty much everything that is available on the Accent is done so through a standard upgrade and the purchase of additional options. But there are some key features on the SEL models that are available through upgrade on the SE model.

3.2. Safety Features

The SEL grade, which has a $1,150 expense past what you'd pay for a Venue SE with the CVT, incorporates a huge number of value increases that correctly impact it to appear just as the more splendid of the two choices. Regardless, the SEL is evaluated at $20,510, so let its highlights and a bit of the restricted you can get to for extra expense. Among the standard highlights for the Venue SEL are changed headlights, a power sunroof, vulnerable side checking with raise cross development ready, customized temperature control, premium material seats, a cowhide wrapped controlling haggle handle, a mechanical assembly storage compartment spread, and push-get start with segment keyless start. The SEL is in like way accessible with a premium gathering that solidifies a host over additional item. This may be a critical amount of highlights for a little vehicle gathered in refrigerator, yet it can in addition be an extensive expense for a little vehicle. At $23,170, the total of what you've been lighting $22,820 anyway what's a $350 to a man who may buy the Venue to be minimized? This wind of occasions will simply happen to those with a sharp eye and comprehend that the CVT and premium assembling are obviously the essential decisions, yet at any rate you presently know. Proceeding ahead, you will locate a general assessment between the two SEL expands just to go over everything. An essential take a gander at has starting late been given, yet the SEL is indeed the more phenomenal decision especially because of the headway of the power sunroof and premium get-together that at last between the two SEL alternatives adds $3,960 in quality increments to a solid absolute expense of $24,060. Believe it or not, the SEL with the CVT was in all probability the spread alternative at any rate for the expense in spite of all that we feel that CVT isn't the correct decision, yet this is still especially a reasonable cost for an option that is other than the base.

3.3. Technology Features

Both cars have audio, which is quite good for a budget car, but SEL has really improved its features compared to SE. But if we compare the price, the cost difference is more, hence before deciding the model, these options/features should be really assessed. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available in a subcompact competition car like Honda Fit in Sport trim, which will have a similar cost. Considering this, SEL has to improve these features; otherwise, these features are quite good for a budget subcompact SUV.

The Hyundai Venue SEL has improved its infotainment system. It has a better sound system with 6 speakers, including 2 tweeters and an external amplifier. It has an 8" color touchscreen with HD radio. It has Android Auto with Apple CarPlay. An important improvement is that it has Proximity Key with Push Button start. It doesn't have a built-in navigation system. It has Dual automatic temperature control with an auto defogger. It has power windows with driver one-touch auto down/up. It has a tilt and telescopic steering wheel.

The Hyundai Venue SE has 4 speakers with a 5" color touchscreen. It has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which enable you to have access to your smartphone directly from the car's built-in display. It enables you to use your smartphone for navigation with the help of Google Maps and also share many other activities, but it doesn't have a built-in navigation system. It has Bluetooth, which makes hands-free smartphone operation easier. It has steering wheel audio, phone, and cruise control buttons. It has USB/Auxiliary input jacks. It has a fixed mast antenna. Automatic is coming with a 6-speed transmission. SE has a manual air conditioning system. Automatic temperature control is not available in SE and SEL both models.

3.4. Additional Options

This essentially limits the amount of options you can add to your car. But, there is one option available for those who wish: The Premium Package for an additional $1,750 USD. This package includes: - 18" Alloy Wheels with 235/45 R18 Tires - LED Headlights - LED taillights - Sofino Premium Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel - Sliding Armrest Cover - Power Sunroof with Safety one touch - Navigation And Blue Link Multi-year Connected Care. Access to head to Remote and Guidance (3-Year Complimentary Service Hyundai Blue Link) Access to the Blue Link Mobile App (3-Year Complimentary Service Hyundai Blue Link) Guidance Package (3-Year Complimentary Service Hyundai Blue Link). Wireless Device Charging

There aren’t many additional options available for the SEL trim. Namely, that's due to the fact that the vehicle already comes stock with the Convenience package. Inside the convenience package are: - Power Sunroof - Leather Wrapped Steering - Heated Front Seats - Blind Spot Collision Warning - Rear Cross Traffic Warning - Push Button Start