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Jeep Cherokee Latitude vs. Limited vs. Trailhawk

1. Overview

The Trailhawk model is best suited for consumers who plan on taking their Cherokee to the trail. It offers much greater off-road capability and has great features that match the price increase from the base model. I will be comparing the 4x4 models for all three of these trims. Each model has its flair and offers consumers a Cherokee ideal for their lifestyle. (POSTERS)(Hindam, 2020)

Jeep offers the Latitude, Limited, and Trailhawk models for the Cherokee. All of them offer a choice between FWD and 4WD. The Latitude is the base model, offering solid features for the buyers who want the new Cherokee without breaking the bank. The Limited is the top-of-the-line Cherokee, offering a heavy feature set and luxury.

The Jeep Cherokee blends sophistication, efficiency, and power. It continues its reputation as a vehicle that exhibits extraordinary off-road capability. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee competes in the heart of the SUV segment. Rugged and capable, the Cherokee is designed to traverse the nation's toughest terrains. Consumers will find this Jeep still continues its heritage while offering a never-before-seen blend of features crafted to provide the driver with an all-around solid experience.

2. Features

● The comfort of knowing this is the heart of the topic for many new potential buyers. In the models Limited and Trailhawk, you have the option of 4 different interior colors, which is nice because it allows for variety. As well as Nappa leather-trimmed heated and ventilated seating, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, power 8-way driver memory seats, 4-way power lumbar adjust, and heated steering wheel. A feature tailored events customer curling up with a good book in their car during their off time and wanted ultimate comfort. Over time, the trim going from Latitude – Limited – Trailhawk gets better as well. The Jeep Cherokee Latitude comes with high-quality cloth seating, soft-touch surfaces, accent color stitching on the seats, advanced multi-stage airbags, and a 6-way manual driver seat. Finally, the safety tech group, which is a package you can add on to Latitude/Trailhawk and Limited, comes with a backup camera, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross path detection. ● When comparing the exteriors, it's very easy to identify the changes between the models. For instance, in regards to the Latitude model, it delivers a new level of modern and efficient design. Its powerful presence and strong road stance are symbolic of its legendary heritage and features a wide and aggressively styled one-piece front end, which adds to the dramatic weather and is more secure during off-road adventures. It also features an international footprint, standard size, and class-defining characteristics. This defines secure and modern. While a potential customer who's able to afford and wants more luxury in their vehicle would want to go with the high-end Limited model. The Limited delivers a unique level of luxury and style to Jeep buyers without going overboard. The best way to explain it is premium to a well-informed customer. And as an upgrade from there, you have the Jeep Trailhawk. The Trailhawk does more than just differentiate its appearance. It has enhanced superior levels of comfort and user-refined utility. The interior has the same color change of choice, only this time the red and Trailhawk-specific black/cloth interior adds an aggressive expression to any adventure. Also offering Trailhawk badging and accents, the newer brights and neats LED interior lighting, and a unique folding forward front passenger seat. This is recommended to any customer wishing to stay warm and dry on the inside to toughen it up heated leather seating. In brief, it offers the ultimate likeness to survive.

2.1. Interior

Let's look at the interior for each of these Cherokees now. The Latitude has a cloth interior, a power seat for the driver, a 60/40 split rear seat, and single zone climate control. The other available interior features such as leather, ventilated seats, navigation, etc. are not available for the Jeep Cherokee Latitude. Moving up to the Limited, it has everything the Latitude features as mentioned earlier; however, certain features become standard instead of additional optional purchases. Examples include the leather interior and the 60/40 rear split seat. In addition, you get an 8-way power driver seat and a memory feature to save the driver's preferred adjustments. The Limited also has a Dual Zone Climate control feature for the driver and passenger. The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk features the same as the Limited but also is available in a black and red interior color scheme which is specific only to the Trailhawk. All in all, I think the best interior value is with the Jeep Cherokee Limited since you get a lot more of those additional features that are optional on the Latitude as standard features on the Limited. Plus, the dual zone climate for under $1000 more in price from the Latitude is a great value for those who can't stand when others touch the climate and whatnot.

2.2. Exterior

If you are looking for a conservative new SUV with a blend of comfort and off-road capability, the Jeep Cherokee is worth considering. The Trailhawk edition is meant for folks who want real off-road capability in their SUV. Now we will have a look at the exterior features of the Latitude, Limited, and Trailhawk editions of the Cherokee. The Latitude comes with seventeen-inch aluminum wheels, LED running lights, remote keyless entry, and a height-adjustable driver seat. All this comes at a very modest price. If you have some more cash to spend, you can go for the Limited model. This adds features like exterior heated mirrors, an anti-theft engine immobilizer, a backup camera, and a remote start. You will also find a power liftgate and 18-inch wheels. The Limited model probably represents the best mix of features and price. Now let's talk about the Trailhawk. This model is meant for serious off-road use, so if you just want to look rugged and go do the same, the Latitude or Limited models can keep you looking cool while you cruise around town. When you spot a Trailhawk, you can recognize it mainly due to its red tow hooks that are found in the front and rear of the vehicle. It comes with wider 17-inch wheels, off-road tires, and increased ground clearance. The exterior is specifically designed to minimize damage while on the trail, with aggressive wheel flares and skid plates. Also, it features functional off-road skid plates and signature LED headlights. This model is known for legendary Jeep 4x4 capability, and that's instantly recognizable.

2.3. Safety

Like the two previous Jeeps, there are a standard feature set and a Safety/Convenience group, but the Latitude automatically includes the group. The standard kit spans 10 airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes with off-road calibration, and active headrests. The Safety/Convenience group essentially combines the options that are standard on the Limited, adding a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, automatic headlamps, and a cargo cover. This is only available with the V6 and models so-equipped can also get the Technology Group, which adds an engine start/stop button, keyless entry, automatic high beams, rain-sensitive wipers, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. A parallel and perpendicular park assist system is available only on the Latitude and Limited 4x4 with the Tech Group. Moving up to the Limited, standard items that aren't included on the Latitude include the rearview camera and rear park assist, but the options scheme is ultimately the same. The only difference is that option availability ties in with package levels. The standard safety equipment that comes on the Trailhawk is identical to the Limited, but a number of optional features are not available. The Tech Group is limited to off-road capable models with the V6. The Safety/Convenience group is no longer available as it is standard on the Trailhawk and the Luxury Group is only available on Limited. Step up headlamps are available on V6 equipped Trailhawks.

3. Performance

EPA estimated fuel economies are quite similar across the 3 models. The combined MPG for the base engine in the Latitude and Limited models is 25 MPG while this only drops down to 24 MPG with the heavier and more off-road capable Trailhawk model. With the V6 upgrade, the FWD and 4×4 models only vary between 1 or 2 MPG so it won't cost you much extra at the pump to gain the extra power to the off-road engine types. With fuel economy being a strong point for all Jeep vehicles, this is quite a substantial issue for potential Cherokee buyers to consider. Overall, the fuel economy of the 3 models is fairly average for a small to mid-size SUV and if fuel economy is a significant issue for you, you could save money by choosing one of the less powerful engine types in the Latitude and Limited models to keep it at Best-In-Class. (Motallebiaraghi et al.2021)(Scora et al., 2023)

Jeeps are renowned for their off-road capabilities and the Jeep Cherokee is no exception. The Active Drive Lock 4×4 system comes standard on all Trailhawk models while it is offered in an optional package on the Limited. This system includes an increased final drive ratio of 4.33:1, Selec-Speed Control with Hill Ascent and Hill Descent control that works in both 4-Low and 4-High. All of these features result in superior low-speed traction for use on steep grades and minimal traction surfaces.

Latitude and Limited models come equipped with the standard 2.4L Tigershark MultiAir 2 engine, which is capable of delivering a powerful and fuel-efficient drive. The optional 3.2L Pentastar VVT V6 engine will deliver an even higher level of performance. However, for those with a real passion for off-road driving, the Trailhawk model with its standard 3.2L Pentastar VVT V6 engine and optional 2.0L DOHC I-4 Turbo engine with ESS may be the best option. This engine has been awarded Best-In-Class 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, as well as a towing capability of up to 4,500 pounds, giving the Trailhawk the overall best engine options for those consumers really looking to put their Cherokee through its paces.

3.1. Engine Options

When considering engine options for any vehicle, you're really considering the balance between power and fuel efficiency. The Cherokee Latitude offers the choice between a 2.4L I-4 and a 3.2L V6. The I-4 boasts 184 horsepower and 171 lb.-ft. of torque, which is somewhat of a standard for most base engines. The V6, however, offers an impressive 271 horsepower and 239 lb.-ft. of torque. Both are mated with the option between Active Drive I and the more fuel efficient Active Drive II. The Limited Cherokee only comes with the V6 standard, which might indicate that the smaller engine options somewhat deter from the higher class of trims. The Trailhawk only offers the V6, and the gearing is specifically setup for better off-road performance with a lower first gear, 56:1 crawl ratio and 200mm of wheel travel. All this for automatic transmissions with a 9th gear overdrive setup to improve fuel efficiency at highway speeds. The most fuel efficient setup for the Cherokee is obviously going to be with the I-4 with the 2WD Active Drive I. Jeep insists that the I-4 is able to achieve over 30% fuel efficiency. Despite these claims, if you're really considering an SUV in this class, you're really going to want the superior power and capabilities of the V6, and it's going to slightly detract from the vehicle's MPG. Keep in mind that 4WD models are slightly heavier and will have a slightly decreased fuel efficiency compared to their 2WD counterparts. Overall, the Cherokee's engines offer better power and capabilities than most vehicles in its class, but improved fuel efficiency would make it an easier sell.

3.2. Off-Road Capability

There are a number of different ways that the off-road capability of an automobile can be measured, but the most important specs to look at are approach, departure, and breakover angles. The greater these three angles, the more inclined a Jeep is able to attack, drive over, and descend obstacles without doing damage to the vehicle. The approach angle of Jeep Cherokee is an adequate 29° for the Latitude and Limited models, but the Trailhawk model has an outstanding 32° approach angle. In terms of breakover angle, the Latitude and Limited models have a 22.9° angle and the Trailhawk model also has the best figure at 24°. Departure angle is very important for ascending and descending obstacles because it translates to the slant at which a jeep can attack and escape inclines and descents. The Cherokee Latitude and Limited have a 25° angle, and the Trailhawk model has a 26° angle. Raising a vehicle higher off the ground also adds to the off-road capability, which is why ground clearance is also a very important spec to consider. The Cherokee Latitude and Limited models offer a ground clearance of 8.2", and the Trailhawk offers a solid 8.7". A greater crawl ratio allows the vehicle to move at a slower speed with increased torque to climb or descend obstacles with control. The Cherokee Latitude and Limited models have a disappointing 56:1 crawl ratio, but the Trailhawk offers a better 56:1 crawl ratio. All these off-road specs considered, it's clear that the best option for off-road capability of the new Jeep Cherokee is the Trailhawk model.

3.3. Fuel Efficiency

If you are shopping for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, fuel efficiency is probably a big factor for you. Fuel Efficiency Given the rising cost of gasoline and today's strict emission laws set forth from automotive legislative, fuel efficiency is a significant factor in the car buying process. Jeep has made large advancements to their engine technology to promote optimal fuel efficiency on all Cherokee models. Choosing not to integrate a six-cylinder powertrain option in the new Cherokee has set it apart from Jeep Cherokees of old. The four-cylinder engine in the Cherokee is a "filler" engine, which will be the base for all future Chrysler sedans. The 2.4-liter MultiAir® TigerShark four-cylinder has been built for refined fuel economy and power. This same engine has been utilized and perfected in the new Dodge Dart which shares the same platform as the Cherokee. While Jeep has proven their commitment to modernizing and getting the fullest out of the aging platform, the best fuel efficiency will come from the new 3.2-liter Pentastar V6. With fuel-saving start/stop technology, the V6 boasts best-in-class V6 towing of 4,500 pounds and reduced CO2 emissions. The Start/Stop Valve Actuation has a sophisticated pulse width modulation and duty cycle control, patented by Chrysler in order to provide the driver with improved fuel economy and acoustic benefits compared to standard "on/off" stop/start system strategies. The V6's start/stop system offers drivers a seamless, comfortable driving experience. All-in-all, there will only be a 200-300 pound difference between the heaviest and lightest Cherokee so fuel economy won't vary much between different powertrain combinations. Stepless variable displacement is also a contributor to the V6's fuel economy. The system allows sure to cleverly shut down fuel to specific cylinders during stops, aggressive acceleration, or at highway cruising speeds. The seamless transition and reduced noise, vibration, and harshness is barely noticeable to the driver. It has been said that the V6 will get a projected 11.0 L/100km (26mpg) in the city 7.5 L/100km (38mpg) on the highway in 4x2 models, and slightly worse for the 4x4. This would make the V6 a viable option for those who are environmentally and price conscious despite the slight increase in fuel efficiency from the four-cylinder. 7.5 L/100km (38mpg) combined on 4x2 models and 8.0 L/100km (35mpg) combined for 4x4 is also a strong rating for the four-cylinder compared to current mid-sized SUVs - 5% better than the industry average. The Cherokee Trailhawk model has increased fuel efficiency compared to its off-road rivals due to lighter unibody construction, wind drag and rolling resistance of the vehicles will remain an off-road hindrance will drastically reduce on-road fuel economy. Look for the new petrol-powered Jeep Cherokees to provide a balanced driving experience and fuel efficiency compared to their off-road capability.

4. Pricing and Conclusion

The price for a new Jeep Cherokee Latitude starts at $28,000. This model is a great vehicle for daily use on the road. Since it is also a trail rated vehicle, it is capable off-road as well. For example, having the ability to choose the terrain setting to snow, sport, sand/mud. It is loaded with a 2.4L I4 engine that is powerful and is also fuel efficient, getting on average 21/28 mpg. During these winter months, there are several lease offers in the low 1's with $0 due at signing. Log on to the official Jeep website to see which offers and deals work best for you. The price for a new Jeep Cherokee Limited starts at $30,000. This model focuses on interior comfort while maintaining the rank of a trail rated vehicle. There are a couple more features to consider when comparing from the Latitude model. First, it is loaded with a 3.2L V6 engine with a stop/start system. The start/stop system is built for city use so you do not waste fuel while sitting at a light. Although it bears a fuel efficient attribute at 20/27 mpg. There are various lease deals in the 2's or even lower than the Latitude. Although the higher price, there is continuous savings on new vehicles. Log onto the official Jeep website to see detailed price information for your area. The price for a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk starts at $34,000. The Trailhawk, as detailed in the features section, is a vehicle for those who seek a very capable off-road SUV. It is loaded with a 3.2L V6 engine and features a one-of-a-kind select speed crawl control system to surely climb rocks or steep hills. The interior also features the best-in-class, for rugged environments interior, with a durable rubber floor and optional red or Trailhawk black Nappa leather seats. Currently on Jeep's official website, there are lease deals in the low 2's with $0 due at signing or continuous savings. And like the other models, there are always various incentives to purchase a new vehicle that always save you a few thousand dollars.


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