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Jeep Renegade Latitude vs. Trailhawk

1. Introduction

The Jeep Renegade is the smallest Jeep you can buy, appealing both to commuters and off-roaders. It has the boxy, upright feel of the classic Wrangler and is considerably more comfortable and fuel-efficient. The Renegade is largely unchanged for its second model year. A new premium sound group combines a 506-watt amplifier, nine speakers, and a 6.5-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreen. The automatic transmission is improved, with a software update designed to provide a more seamless driving experience. New editions include the inexpensive Altitude, the luxurious Deserthawk, and the hotted-up version of the Latitude, the '70th Anniversary Edition'. The Trailhawk is the off-road version of the Renegade, with unique fascias and fender flares, aggressive tires, and upgraded suspension that makes it the most trail-worthy of the lineup. The Jeep Renegade Latitude and Trailhawk editions are two of the several compact SUVs in the Jeep family, and they provide different experiences in off-road capable driving. The Latitude is the most basic, with the Trailhawk edition as the premium model for off-roading. This essay outlines the differences between the two models in terms of the powertrain, off-road systems, ride quality, and exterior design. The Latitude and Trailhawk both come with a standard 2.4L MultiAir Engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission. However, the Trailhawk has a more specific engine calibration, oil cooler, and specific transmission calibration to provide better off-road driving. (Hindam, 2020)

2. Exterior Features

Features available on the Latitude and Trailhawk models offer the driver many different options. Latitude models offer the option of a dual-pane power sunroof and are equipped with 16-inch aluminum wheels and all-season tires. Trailhawk models are also equipped with the dual-pane power sunroof, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and all-season tires. This is where the option set for Latitude models stops. Trailhawk models have the options of a black hood decal and a removable off-road decal. Both models are available with a 2.4L I4 engine and Jeep's new 9-speed automatic transmission, which should offer a good amount of both power and efficiency. Also available on both models are Jeep's Active Drive and Active Drive Low four-wheel-drive systems. Finishing off the drivetrain, both models offer Jeep's Selec-Terrain system. Other notable similarities between Latitude and Trailhawk models are the fuel efficiency ratings, offering a combined 25 mpg when equipped with the 2.4L engine and four-wheel drive.

2.1. Latitude

Finally, a Popular Equipment Group is available for $595 and includes features like the 7.0" Touch Screen Display, Air Conditioning with Auto Temp Control, and the Power 4-Way Driver Lumbar Adjust.

The Latitude also offers a Safety and Security Group for $495, which includes a backup warning system, power 8-way driver's seat, and security alarm. The Power 8-Way Driver's Seat is also available as a $295 individual option. Also available is the Uconnect 8.4A AM/FM/BT/Access with a 6-month trial (also includes Traffic and Travel Link) for $550.

The Latitude model includes a specific wheel design and many other features that are optional or part of packages on other trim levels, but are standard on the Latitude. These options include the engine block heater, heated front seats and steering wheel, remote start, a 115V power outlet, and the Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof, which is a $1,495 option for the Sport. Latitude 4×4 models include a standard engine block heater. Remote start is also available with the Passive Entry Keyless Enter 'n Go package.

2.1. Latitude

2. Exterior Features

2.2. Trailhawk

Additional to the already established exterior features found on the Latitude, the Trailhawk edition of the Renegade encompasses a much more aggressive design. As well as having emblems on the front wings and tailgate, the Trailhawk also features at the front and rear bumper, comparing to the Latitude's more urban painted lower, body-colored bumper. The Trailhawk features a revised, higher front bumper design for optimized approach angles. The upper fascia of the bumper is also much more blunt and tough, also for improved approach angles. Coming off the side of the Trailhawk, you will find much chunkier lower door trims for the purpose of protecting the bodywork on the vehicle when driving off-road. On top, the Trailhawk features standard fitment of roof bars and also comes optional with a full or half open sky sunroof. Looking at the rear of the vehicle, we find a more aggressive design to the rear bumper as it has also been revised for better departure angles for off-road driving.

3. Interior Features

Coming to the interior part of the car, both the cars have a lot to talk about. The Latitude model isn't that bad when it comes to the interior and has a great value for the car, but then we have the Trailhawk with its own sets of advantages and some really good stuff out there. Starting with the Latitude model, it's more of a city car rather than an off-roader, so the car has cloth seats, but then they are available in two colors. The driver's seat is given a height adjustment option, which is pretty cool. Latitude has a great option of My Sky, the removable panels to make your rides more enjoyable and close to nature. Then the car has the Uconnect infotainment system, which is pretty decent. The car now also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with a 5-inch or 7-inch touch screen. This system is Bluetooth integrated and has a 6-speaker audio system. The steering wheel has audio controls. The car has manual A/C control and a pretty good option of a 115-volt auxiliary power outlet. Now the car has also offered a passive entry remote, which is not a thing in most of the cars. Now coming to the Trailhawk model, things really start to get interesting. The car has got premium leather seats, which are heated to make your rides comfortable. The driver's seat has an option of 8-way power adjustment with 4-way lumbar support and 4-way headrest. Now, the car has dual-zone temperature control with A/C automatic with ATC. The Uconnect system is a bigger 8.4-inch touch screen and has a 9-speaker audio system with a 506-watt amplifier. The car also has a USB power outlet in the media center and another 3.5mm auxiliary port. It has a steering wheel with audio controls. The car also has a remote SD card and USB port. With all these, the car has a lot more to offer compared to what the Latitude model has. (POSTERS)

3.1. Latitude

The Latitude version of the 2015 Jeep Renegade has an interior that more closely matches the vehicle's rugged image. The Latitude version starts at $23,375 and pilots the driver's seat, front passenger's seat, and the rear bench in a rather pleasing cloth upholstery that's been finished with a tough but handsome-looking matrix of accent stitching that Jeep calls "Ski Grey". The fancy threads are patterned only on the central portions of the seats while the bolsters get a tougher, more durable vinyl treatment. On the passenger side of the dash panel and on the doors are graining accented soft-touch panels. The steering wheel comes wrapped in a more premium leather with an agreeable contrast stitching. These features help set the Latitude apart from more common vehicle interiors but still fit well with the vehicle's context. This version allows for the widest variety of interior configurations with black, sand, and bark brown being available. For a small fee of $795, the Latitude has the option of being equipped with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof. Jeep has stated that the sunroof is "large" and features a package of contrasting interior colors. Other interior options include a 9-speaker premium sound system which includes a subwoofer, pumping out 506 watts of juice. Also offered is the 'Popular Equipment Group' which adds special purchase incentives on packages like the 'Cold Weather Group' and the 'My Sky Removable roof panels'. Step down from the Limited but a move over the Sport, the Latitude has its own unique selection of colors and interior choices that let you build a Renegade with a unique feel.

3.2. Trailhawk

The Trailhawk has the standard Latitude interior features, but there is also a cold weather group, premium leather group, and safety and security group with more features and attachments to the vehicle. There is also a 6.5" navigation system available and a seven-speaker premium sound system. The Trailhawk is more capable, so it is likely to be used more adventurously, and the more durable and washable interior of the Trailhawk would be more suitable.

The Trailhawk comes without the sunroof option that the Latitude has. Instead, it comes with the My Sky™ option, which is basically two detachable panels that can be stored in the back. It also comes with vinyl/cloth low back bucket seats and a fold-flat passenger seat for extra storage. The Trailhawk comes with a 60/40 folding rear seat with more storage room. Both model types come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, but the Latitude has the option to add steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

4. Performance and Off-Road Capability

Since the purpose of a vehicle is to get you to where you need to go, the performance and off-road capability of the 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude and Trailhawk is a crucial factor in determining how well the vehicle functions as a whole. Looking at the Latitude, the default drivetrain is a front-wheel drive system, with the option of changing to a 4x4. Utilizing the 2.4L Tigershark MultiAir I-4 engine, the Latitude has 180 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 time of 8.4 seconds. Compared to the Trailhawk, which comes standard with the 4x4 and the same exact 2.4L engine, the performance aspect of the Latitude is quite similar. The differences become apparent when looking at the Trailhawk's off-road capabilities, an aspect that sets the Renegade apart from others in its class. With ground clearance of 6.7 inches in the front and 7.9 inches in the rear (compared to 6.7/8.7 in the Latitude) and 17" wheels, the Trailhawk's defining feature is the Jeep Active Drive Low system. This 4x4 system features a 20:1 crawl ratio and a "rock" mode in the Selec-Terrain dial, making for improved off-road performance which is further enhanced by the Trail Rated certification and the unique 4-wheel independent suspension designed to maximize wheel articulation and travel. This allows the Trailhawk to perform much better off-road compared to the Latitude, as the system is tailor-made for trekking through tough terrain and up steep inclines. In terms of normal everyday performance, however, the Latitude and Trailhawk are quite similar. (POSTERS)

4.1. Latitude

This is the "base" model for the Renegade, yet still offers a 1.4L four-cylinder turbocharged engine to the Sport's 1.4L MultiAir engine. The 2.4L four-cylinder engine is also an available option. Latitude offers an option for a manual 6-speed transmission and comes standard with the 9-speed automatic. While the Latitude is just a step up from the Sport, it does offer a bit more in terms of off-road capability. With the 1.4L MultiAir engine, the Latitude is offered with Jeep's Active Drive 4WD system that allows for automatic engagement of 4WD when needed. Models with the 2.4L engine come standard with the Active Drive and also offer an option for Active Drive Low which includes the Trailhawk's Rock mode, which allows for a 21:1 crawl ratio. While the Trailhawk is still king, these options allow for Latitude to be a good choice for those who want a balance between rugged off-road capability and driveability on the road. An interesting note is that the manual transmission option is only available with the 1.4L MultiAir engine and not the 2.4L engine. Like all models of the Renegade you still get the Selec-Terrain system, but Latitude only offers Auto, Snow, and Sand modes.

4.2. Trailhawk

Lower gears can be accessed by using the paddle shifters without shifting into 4-Low. Red coloring accents are found on the "Trail Rated" badge outlining on the front sides, tow hooks, Jeep badges, and the outline of the "Trail Rated" badge on the hood. To protect the vehicle's underside, the Trailhawk has skid plates on the front suspension, transmission, and fuel tank. The Trailhawk model comes with 17" wheels and all-terrain tires, and has an inch of increased ride height, for a total of 8.7 inches of clearance. This trim level also has revised bumpers to improve the approach and descent angles. All Renegades are Trail Rated with the Trailhawk being the most robust model. The Trailhawk includes the Selec-Terrain system with an exclusive Rock mode setting, hill descent control, and is the only trim level with the ability to shift power 100% to any one wheel if the other three have no traction. This is all to further increase the off-road capability over the other trim levels.


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Jeep Renegade: Latitude vs. Trailhawk

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