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Sterling BMW Used Cars in Rahway, NJ | 160 Cars Available

1. Streamlining the Car Buying Process

The dealership has gone to great lengths to reduce human error in all customer contracts and invoices by streamlining this entire process through automation. Once a price has been agreed upon and paperwork has been printed, it all gets entered into a web-based admin system that generates all contracts and invoices. The Business Development Center receives an electronic notice that a new car has been sold, which prompts them to verify and enter a copier request for the vehicle deal. A special window sticker that identifies the vehicle stock number to a customer, and has an MSRP label, can then be printed from the admin system and placed inside the vehicle. In the near future, all contracts will be signed digitally and sent to customers through email. This process will eventually save time and printing costs while making customer copies much easier to locate for accounting and DMV purposes. The service data entry was the final piece to the sales process automation puzzle. All data that is input by the sales department is automatically shipped to both service and accounting, thus eliminating any redundancy and staff communication on vehicle information. This ensures a smooth transition for the customer from sales to service and also aids the accounting office to verify new vehicle deals and adjust inventory valuations for the general ledger. The client's goal is to get most of the car buying paperwork completed at the customer's convenience before they step into the dealership. This will be accomplished through different phases of software integration. Step one is getting all credit applications directly from the website, thus eliminating what is being done now, which has the sales department trying to communicate with the customer and print several attempts at the same credit app that was taken over the phone. After the sales manager reviews the deal and knows an approval, all deal information will then manually be keyed into RouteOne, an online credit application that processes the fastest funding and creates any finance contracts electronically. This development will significantly cut down contract funding errors and auto populate customer information from what was entered before on the deal. Lastly and most importantly to the customer is an online deal recap and final contract approval. This will allow the sales department to go over a finished deal with a customer over the phone, send an email with a reflection of the deal, and have the customer click electronically and sign for a contract to be submitted back to the dealership. (Mofolasayo, 2024)(Chen et al., 2020)(Luchoomun & Pudaruth…, 2020)(Kraus et al., 2021)(Xu et al., 2023)(Pestovska, 2021)

Comprehensive Selection at BMW Dealership

With a staff of knowledgeable BMW product specialists on hand, your car buying experience at Sterling BMW will be an informed and pleasurable one. Our experienced salespeople can guide you through the specific vehicle’s features, specs, and differences between models. The BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, and BMW 5 Series are similar in price and are often cross-shopped. With the largest selection of vehicles in Southern California, finding the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and lifestyle has never been so easy. BMW cars come equipped with advanced technology features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enhancing connectivity and entertainment for drivers and passengers alike.

Consumer need in the current car market brings smooth lines, attention to detail, and a level of quality and efficiency to BMW cars into sharper focus. This is why Sterling BMW has amassed a large inventory of BMW cars available to consumers in Southern California, including luxurious interior options like heated seats and leather seats. With a full stock of all the latest BMW cars, SUVs, and trucks, all the way from the BMW 128i to the BMW 650i and BMW 750i, and a comprehensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, including Mercedes Benz, Sterling BMW becomes the prime location for BMW buyers in Southern California. Our vehicles also feature advanced options such as remote start and satellite radio for an enhanced driving experience. Additionally, BMW offers a variety of wheel drive options, including AWD, FWD, and RWD, to suit any driving condition. With a selection like this, and a dealer so close to you, there is no need to visit any other BMW dealer in LA.

3. Exceptional Customer Service with Carlos

Even with the great products that BMW offers, too often the decision to purchase a new vehicle is plagued by post-purchase dissonance or regret in the back of the client's mind. Carlos does his best to alleviate this by being transparent during all aspects of the deal and maintaining a relationship with his clients even after they drive off in their new car. This includes occasionally calling his clients just to say hello or personally picking up the phone when they call the center. With this purchase/lease method, Carlos has enjoyed a high rate of client satisfaction and loyalty. Step into Sterling BMW, and you'll see his wall of thank you letters and cards from satisfied clients! (Rebelo et al.2021)(Dandis et al.2021)(Yahya & Soesanto2023)(Cepeda-Carrión et al.2023)(Hoyos-Vallejo et al.2023)(Fandos-Roig et al.2020)(RIZAN et al.2020)(Huang & Kim, 2023)

Rather than trying to juggle multiple clients, any of which may be in various stages of the decision-making process, Carlos has chosen to work with only one client at a time, from start to finish. Whether the process takes 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months, Carlos will give the client his undivided attention and be readily available every step of the way. This includes being available after typical showroom hours, allowing more flexibility to the client. With more than a decade of luxury brand experience and fluency in both English and Spanish, Carlos confidently provides the best purchase or lease experience in SoCal to clients with various cultural backgrounds. Step into his office and you're likely to hear some smooth Latin tunes playing in the background! (which, depending on the day, could either be Sade, Marc Anthony, Prince Royce, or Jarabe de Palo!) Transitioning loyal BMW clients will be happy to know that Carlos will also travel to your home or office to complete the transaction.

Carlos Gonzalez, a salesperson at Sterling BMW in Newport Beach, California, prides himself on providing exceptional customer service to his clients. Throughout his professional career, Carlos has often thought about how to improve the buying and leasing experience at a BMW Center. To do so, Carlos has introduced a new purchase/lease experience with a friendly, no-pressure, no-hassle approach.

4. Convenient At Home Services

The time and place of the test drive can be different for each customer. To accommodate busy schedules or for those who would prefer to multitask, Sterling BMW will offer test drives to a customer location of choice, which can be an office, a popular lunch destination, or even a residence. Customers who RSVP a test drive at the dealership will also have the option to have the car of interest brought to the location of their choice, assuming that it is within a reasonable distance. This allows the customer to gain an extended experience of the vehicle without the pressure from a sales representative and without the hassle of having to visit a dealership more than once. (Richter & Stegen, 2022)(Ho et al., 2023)(Steenkamp, 2020)(Krishna, 2021)(Ottesen et al., 2022)(Aqib, 2021)(Rajavi et al., 2024)

The traditional dealership model requires the customer to visit the dealership for all steps of the purchase process, from the test drive to the delivery. Although a fun and exciting experience for some, a trip to the dealership for a test drive and to fill out paperwork may be the most daunting task of them all. For others, it is merely a matter of convenience. Recognizing that other aspects of daily life have evolved into more convenient alternatives, such as shopping online or consulting a service professional that makes house calls, it is apparent that the car buying experience must also evolve.

5. Honest and Transparent Sales Team

During our most recent negotiations, giving a competitive price quote has often led to an easy sale with overly satisfied customers. By leaving negotiation-weary customers with a happier experience and more disposable income, we feel we have increased the repeat and referral business that is crucial to sustaining the sales philosophy.

This new system compensates associates based on a flat rate per vehicle, plus customer satisfaction bonuses. Click here to view new car Sales team associates and their flat rates. From a customer's perspective, price negotiations have always been a battle of wit and endurance, with the victor being the one who knows they were taken advantage of last. This new compensation system is designed to end that battle. Without the pressure to maximize profit on each vehicle, combined with the customer satisfaction bonuses, associates can sell cars at a fair price while still being rewarded for exceptional service provided at the time of delivery and throughout the sales process.

Salespeople at BMW of Sterling believe that they are not selling a product, rather helping the customer to arrive at the best decision with the available information. Sales associates operate on a commission-based wage structure. However, according to management and staff, customers' complete satisfaction is their greatest compensation. Common to all Sterling automotive endeavors, associates are not paid on profit. Auto sales is renowned for being a fierce competition dominated by profit, thus it is necessary to reinforce the compensation and motivation system to ensure that the philosophy of customer respect is maintained at all times.


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