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used kia sportage 



The Kia Sportage is known for being a reliable, well-equipped SUV. Equipped with a 2.0L petrol engine, it is no slouch, greatly improving on the previous model's package. The engine's enhancements also resulted in improved fuel economy. For those of you who may need additional power or have a large caravan to haul around, the newly developed 2.0 CRDi engine will greatly benefit you in terms of power and torque. For standard driving conditions, the four-wheel drive system isn't really a necessity, however, it will likely come in handy during the harsh winter months or when driving in hilly areas. The torque-on-demand electronically controlled four-wheel drive system is among the most advanced systems in its class. With both on-road and off-road capability, the system will give great stability and traction on all surfaces. In the past, the Sportage has been criticized for its bumpy ride and handling on the road. However, the latest model has shown great improvement in this area. With extra work being put into the vehicle's suspension, it now proves to be a comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. With 6 airbags and a variety of electronic safety features, the Sportage is considered a safe vehicle. This was confirmed in the 2010 Euro NCAP safety tests where the Sportage was awarded the full 5 stars. The Kia Sportage has never been a model that people have associated with luxury, but it has always been at the forefront of Kia's brand, offering top-quality features and equipment for a reasonable price. The latest model can have an array of extravagant features depending on the trim level. Dual-zone full auto A/C, an ionizer to purify the air in the vehicle, an enormous panoramic sunroof, and a premium audio system are just examples of the luxury features available for the Sportage. [1] Learn More about used Kia sorento in our article "Introduction to Kia Ownership Benefits"

1.1 Overview of the Kia Sportage

In Malaysia, we are still receiving a few more units of brand new 2007 model year before it's replaced by the present Sportage. Used models for this second facelift Sportage should be available at a good price.

During the year 2004, the lineup for new Kia Sportage models was introduced. A complete design overhaul has transpired for the Sportage, which sports a more urban look. This one has a choice of either a six-speed manual on both four-cylinder and V6 models, or a six-speed automatic on the V6. This model is the latest product until the year 2009, where the facelift version was introduced and later succeeded by the present Kia Sportage.

As the year 1998 came, a new line of Sportage was introduced. It was built using a Nissan platform, with design and engineering done by Kia. The second generation Sportage was available in a 4-door body style and both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.

The first generation Kia Sportage was developed with a Mazda Bongo engineering base platform. It is a joint venture between Mazda and Ford, whereby a Ford version was also made. This model was introduced only as a two-wheel drive, 2-door and 4-door body shape with a 2.0L gasoline engine.

Kia Sportage is a compact crossover SUV built by South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors since 1993. It is also known as the first generation Kia Sportage, which was in the market for the past 11 years.

1.2 Benefits of Buying a Used Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a compact SUV that is on par with vehicles such as the Ford Escape and the Toyota RAV4. The Sportage originally was a good idea gone bad because it was a truck-based, rough riding, thirsty compact SUV. Over the years, Kia has really stepped up their game and has transformed the Sportage into a viable option for consumers. With high safety ratings, an abundant amount of features and one of the best warranties in the market, the Kia Sportage is a great choice for a compact SUV. Now that the Sportage has a proven track record for being reliable and has been improved in many aspects, buying a used one is a fantastic option for someone who wants an affordable, durable and safe vehicle. The benefits of buying a used Kia Sportage are vast. First and foremost is the price. Due to the fact that the Sportage isn't the first vehicle that comes to mind when buying a compact SUV, the resale value isn't as high as a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4. Because of that, the depreciation rate is higher, making it a perfect opportunity to pick one up slightly used for a great price. Although the Sportage is a safe and reliable vehicle, it is a known fact that Kias are affordable to fix if a problem were ever to arise. With the proper maintenance and care, a Sportage can last a long time. This is another reason why buying a used one is a good idea. You save money on the purchase, and if it is cared for, it can last you well over a decade.

1.3 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Maintenance/Service History Being that the Kia Sportage is a foreign vehicle, parts and labor can be rather expensive. It is important to make sure the vehicle has been properly maintained and to obtain any service records available for the vehicle to see if any major repairs have been made and to ensure no shortcuts were taken in maintaining the vehicle. Vehicles that have been well kept and properly maintained will generally not be problematic and will cost much less in the long run. If service records are not available, research on the specific year and trim level of the Sportage to see if any problems or common failures exist. This may also help you determine how much you should spend on a vehicle with potential costly repairs.

Budget Overall, used Kia Sportage's are affordable. However, it's important to figure out how much you want to spend before you begin looking. This will allow you to search for the right year of the Sportage, the different available trim levels, and narrow down specific vehicles that you are interested in. With a budget in mind, you will decrease the likelihood of spending more than you wanted to. This is also a good idea given that most used car purchases will require some sort of maintenance or unexpected repair.

Section 2: Features and Specifications

The Kia Sportage offers a stylish and handsomely designed compact SUV body, a complete 2-row, 5-passenger setup, and a complete collection of comfort and convenience items. Plus, the 2011 Kia Sportage presents a choice of top-line 4-cylinder or V6 power. The Sportage is one of the few small SUVs to provide an available panoramic sunroof, and its Smart Key makes entry more convenient. Kia's first UVO voice-activated, hands-free infotainment system is a 2012 Sportage option. Using Microsoft's advanced Windows Embedded Automotive and powered by Nuance's voice recognition technology, UVO enables occupants to answer and conduct calls on Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, receive and respond to SMS text messages, access music from a variety of media sources, and create custom music experiences. And for anyone who's dropped a wheel off-road or in dicey weather, the V6 AWD models add Torque Vectoring Control (TVC) for better grip and precise tracking through turns.

2.1 Exterior Design and Styling

The current and fourth generation of the Sportage maintains a lot of the same styling cues as the last generation; however, it made the front of the vehicle more aggressive and boldly styled. It also has a more sloped windshield and longer hood, giving it a more athletic appearance.

The third generation of the Sportage, produced from 2010-2016, aimed at taking the sporty look even further than the last generation. The body became even more sleek and rounded compared to the generation before. This generation of the Sportage was built on a new platform, which increased the overall size, and the growing availability of parts helped keep repair costs low.

The second generation of the Sportage, produced from 2004-2008, gave an entirely new look to the Sportage. This look was made to appeal to a younger audience. The box-like shape was dropped for a more sporty and sleek look. It featured a dramatic roofline and a more angular body shape. This generation of the Sportage also had several features that boosted the ride quality and driving attributes.

The Kia Sportage is a compact SUV that has been in production since 1993. The first generation was produced from 1993 to 2004. It was a traditional body-on-frame SUV and shared many features with the Nissan Terrano. The Kia Sportage is renowned for having a unique exterior and is considered quite stylish among compact SUVs. Following the trends in the automotive industry, each generation of the Sportage progressively evolves into something more pleasing and stylish than the last.

2.2 Interior Comfort and Technology

Moving to the side, the profile of the new Sportage is anything but boxy, a result achieved through the use of a rakish roofline and rising window line. The standout feature of the side view has to be the sweeping diagonal belt line that rises towards the rear and concludes by dropping onto the rear lamp clusters. The intent here is to suggest movement even when stood still, a common thread in Kia's design language. It should also work to create surface tension in the body, accentuating its tautness. At the back, rearward visibility is improved by a rear wiper and LED combination lamp clusters. The sharpness of the body crease is softened as it wraps around to the rear, finished with a sole chrome accent on the door handle and roof line. Overall, the design goal for the new Sportage is a hunkered down, muscular stance, a more aggressive and athletic personality, and greater sophistication compared to the third generation model.

The Sportage is immediately impressive and offers complete confidence in styling and appearance. It is marked by sculpted, smooth surfaces and a coordinated array of detailed touches. The fresh front end imparts a semblance of width and stability, improved by the classic Kia radiator grille and new headlamps that are nicely positioned to follow the lines of the hood and front fenders. The striking face of the new Sportage, designed to be seen as a family member to the Kia Soul, will sport a bold lower front bumper, housing a wide central air intake. The hood has also been reshaped to flow seamlessly into the grille and headlamps, creating a continuous surface.

2.3 Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

As an economic and practical compact SUV, the Kia Sportage is able to deliver a solid performance without having to spend too much on gas. Although often an overlooked feature when it comes to cars, fuel efficiency is something the Kia Sportage takes seriously and offers a truly cost-effective driving experience for its owners.

Also available is the turbocharged SX model, which delivers a more powerful ride than its predecessors with a 260-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine. The trade-off here is an expected decrease in fuel efficiency, but nothing so great that it would be considered a hindrance. Overall, the Kia Sportage and any of its models present great fuel efficiency with a strong and smooth driving experience. Owners will be satisfied with the money saved at the pump and easy handling of long road trips or just the regular commute to work.

Drawing praise across the board, the Kia Sportage is said to offer one of the best fuel efficiency rates in its class, averaging an EPA 22 mpg city, 29 highway. The 4-cylinder LX and EX models offer a 2.4-liter engine and the 2-wheel drive or all-wheel drive option. The 2.4-liter engine is equipped with a Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT), which maximizes the engine's efficiency and performance. Real-world reports show that owners of a Kia Sportage really are getting a solid, if not better, fuel efficiency rate than the rates posted by the EPA.

Consumers in the used car market always want to feel like they are getting the most value for their hard-earned dollar. This especially holds true when it comes to the purchase of a used vehicle. Not only must the car look great and offer some tantalizing features, but it must also get the job done when it comes to the driving experience. The Kia Sportage certainly sets a mark when it comes to all of the above. However, specific to this section, we're discussing the fuel efficiency and engine performance and how it relates to the Kia Sportage.

Section 3: Maintenance and Ownership

The Kia Sportage was created for the active modern lifestyle. A quick glance at the Kia Sportage is enough to feel thrill. The bold new Kia Sportage combines breathtaking contemporary design with the greater utility and the latest technology, to create a car that is compelling for urban, highly active types. The Kia Sportage is in a crowded vehicle class. The Sportage stands out for its value and powerful V6 engine. It is also recognized for its low base price, and is appealing to anyone who wants the features of a luxury car, but cannot afford to buy a luxury car. With its impressive value and warranty, the Kia Sportage has now established itself in the large, well-built SUV market. With any vehicle that you purchase, it is important to understand the key concepts that go into maintaining and owning the vehicle long-term. These concepts include standard maintenance to upkeep the vehicle in good condition, reliability, and insurance and financing options. This section will provide an easy, comprehensive guide to maintaining and owning a Kia Sportage. Given the active lifestyle of most Kia Sportage users, they live busy lives and most likely have families. They will find this guide invaluable to keeping their vehicle in top condition and discussing options that can provide financial relief, to continuously enjoying their vehicles.

3.1 Routine Maintenance and Service Schedule

Maintenance is a critical consideration for any vehicle owner. Both maintenance requirements and cost are significant factors in assessing operating cost and long term vehicle value. The 2005 Kia Sportage owners don't say much about routine maintenance. But given the vehicle's poor crash test performances, we can assume that getting it to the shop will be important for keeping it in operating form. This means that maintenance cost will be significant. Kia recommends rotating the tires every 7,500 miles and changing the coolant after the first 30,000 miles and every 30,000 miles thereafter. They also recommend replacing the spark plugs and timing belt at this time. These are the only specific maintenance recommendations Kia makes. Past this it says only to inspect various vehicle systems. Inspecting and preventative part replacement to avoid more costly repairs. The most comprehensive recommendation is to follow requirements listed in the "Severe Conditions" portion of the owner's manual. This essentially means shortening maintenance intervals and more frequent part replacement. Kia is not the authority on maintenance requirements however the aforementioned suggestions collectively indicate a typical life cycle maintenance schedule. This means following one of the common schedules that includes inspection and maintenance at 15,000 mile intervals with part replacement every 30,000 miles and then another round of inspection followed by part replacement at 60,000 intervals. This usually extends to those parts and that is more frequent replacement than what Kia specifically suggests. Other than routine part replacement and fluid flush vehicle systems may need repair downtime at intervals between part replacement. This means scheduling required work including the timing belt replacement around parts and before part or after part or before or during the next maintenance interval. Owner reported maintenance cost data is quite varied. While some maintainers report less than $2000 over the life of the vehicle for typical maintenance and scheduled repairs, others have spent this much for a single repair issue. The variability in whether or not these are truly maintenance issues or repair issues and factoring out repair issues paints a better picture. The more regular (bad crash test influenced) the maintenance or part replacement issue the more it is reported to have cost. A timing belt part replacement was commonly reported to cost between $500-700 for the Kia Sportage. Owners reporting low maintenance costs coincided with part replacement the loyalty to this maintenance schedule. Varied and erratic measure of maintenance success is associated with less frequent parts and servicing issues at it means avoiding newer issues with older parts.

3.2 Common Issues and Reliability

Common issues and reliability affect the decision whether or not to buy a Kia Sportage, or in some owners' cases, push them to sell it. It would appear that newer Sportage models had fewer reported problems overall. But there are some issues that are more prevalent among certain models, specifically the automatic transmission in the 2001 and the engine of the '02. The automatic transmission problem in the '01 is fairly common and ends up being a crucial failure that is not worth repairing. A replacement transmission is likely to cost more than the car is worth. Transmission problems were also reported too often for the 1995-'99 models as well. These are tough pills to swallow as the Sportages affected by these problems still have a lot of life left in them but are being rendered useless. Altogether, the engine takes the prize for most reported problems among all models of the Sportage. From '95-'02, there were many issues reported, beginning with the '95 showing symptoms of excessive oil consumption and low power, followed by idle problems in the '97 and very similar reports of loss of power in the '99. '00 and '02 models showed more overheating and stalling problems. While some of these problems may seem minor, they often lead to catastrophic engine failure. Due to the problems with the automatic transmission and engine, it becomes hard to recommend a used Sportage from these years to anyone. The money and frustration of having to repair any of these problems is not worth the utility of the vehicle.

3.3 Insurance and Financing Options

With all Kia-administered insurance or when searching the market, customers can benefit from a fantastic free one-day Kia courtesy car, personalised cover with optional extras, a 24-hour claims helpline, an in-house claims handling team, and, if necessary, a subscription to the motor insurance database. They also have the distinct advantage that in the event of an accident, provided that they are not at fault, their excess will be reimbursed and there will be no limit on the amount of excess paid.

Kia insurance provides peace of mind to Kia drivers. When it comes to insuring your vehicle, you want to have confidence in a financially secure insurer you can trust. You want the reassurance of comprehensive and competitive cover, and you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible following an accident. With Kia insurance, that's exactly what you get.

Kia has a vast array of insurance options, from Kia-administered insurance that offers comprehensive cover at a competitive price, specifically designed for Kia drivers, to being able to search through a wide range of insurance companies and policies. Kia drivers can also take advantage of free drive away insurance, enabling them to get their dream car without worrying about how they will get it home on the road.

Section 4: Buying Tips and Resources

In order to be certain that you are getting a great deal on a used Kia Sportage, it is important that you do some research about the different models, prices, and what may affect the price of the car. Using a used car guide is a great way to compare different Kia Sportage models and will give you a relative price for a particular vehicle. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of mileage on the car. Depending on what you are looking for, if a Kia Sportage has higher mileage it can be purchased at a relatively cheap price. However, this may not be a great investment as the car may not last very long and you may find yourself looking to buy another vehicle in the near future. If the Kia Sportage has low mileage and has been well maintained, it can be classified as a great value. Another thing to keep in mind is the difference between a 2-wheel drive Kia Sportage and a 4-wheel drive Kia Sportage. The 4-wheel drive vehicle will generally be a bit more expensive than the 2-wheel drive model. Once you have looked into these different factors, you should have a good idea as to how much you will want to spend on the vehicle. An associated resource to this would be looking through local classifieds, used car listings, and possibly used car lots to find a vehicle in your area. Viewing a car in person is always better than purchasing a car online as online ads can be misleading.

4.1 Researching and Finding a Reliable Used Kia Sportage

First, use the Kia USA build site to get a clear list of features of the particular year and trim of Sportage you are looking for. Shop around to get an idea of what a vehicle in quality condition should cost. Do not only rely on classified ads, as many good possibilities are often overlooked. Online auction sites are sometimes a good place to find a very good deal, but without the opportunity to actually view the vehicle and conduct research on it, we do not recommend this route for a used vehicle. If you have contacts in your local auto industry, do not be afraid to use them. Vehicles taken in on trade at new car dealerships often make their way to local used car lots, and sometimes a dealer might be able to find a vehicle for you at auction. As always, personal recommendations from friends and family about a vehicle for sale are second to none.

This final section provides an overview of recommended steps to take in the process of finding a reliable used vehicle, with sites recommended in the previous section serving as starting points. Hopefully by now, you have a good idea of what to expect in terms of price, and a better idea of which Sportage you might be interested in. Now it is time to find a vehicle that lives up to that expectation.

4.2 Negotiating the Price and Inspecting the Vehicle

The most important thing you will do in this process is to carefully and personally inspect the car you may purchase. No matter the price, color or specific of the car, you must always take the necessary step in inspecting the car in full detail. It is also imperative to take the car for a test drive. This will answer any questions you may have about the car, and is essential in making a final decision. The test drive will also allow you to inspect the vehicle for any unseen damages or noises. It is very helpful to park the car on a clean surface, so you can inspect the ground for any transmission or engine oil leaks. Make sure all of the car's accessories and electrical components are functioning correctly. This includes the lights, windows, air conditioning, rear window defroster, and anything else on the car that is powered by electricity. Open the hood, let the engine run, and see if the radiator fans come on. If the engine is at a normal temperature and the fans do not start, there may be a problem with the fan or the engine's temperature sensors. This may also be a good time to take the car to a mechanic to have a compression test done on the engine to make sure it is in good working order. Read our article: Choosing the best model year.

4.3 Resources for Financing and Warranty Options

If you are looking for resources and advice for purchasing a new car, particularly the Kia Sportage, then this post is for you. Whether you are financing, refinancing, leasing, exploring extended warranties, or just trying to understand the ins and outs of auto insurance, this guide will help you make the best decisions. Before anything, it is best to know what your credit score is so you can have a better understanding of the financing options that will be available to you. It is suggested that a FICO score of at least 660 will get you a decent interest rate. Anything below that can be expensive. You can get a free estimate of your credit score at [Link] This site offers 3-bureau credit scores and reports with a free 3-day trial that allows you to view your scores and reports from all 3 credit reporting agencies. If you cancel before the end of the free trial, you will not be charged. An auto loan from your bank or credit union is normally the best way to finance a car. To get the best rate that you qualify for, check your credit union (or bank if you are a member) for their current auto loan rates. The rates are usually much lower than at the dealership. If you do finance the car through the dealership, checking rates at your credit union/bank will give you a good idea of the rate that you should qualify for. This is helpful information because dealerships will often try to get you to finance a car at a rate higher than what you qualify for so that they can get a bonus on the interest rate increase. If you know what rate you qualify for, this will not be an issue. If you do not have an extensive credit history or have a low credit score, it can be difficult to get a loan from a credit union or bank. In this case, or if you can get a loan at a lower rate, financing through the dealership may be a good option. You can also get a loan quote from Up2Drive, a division of BMW Bank of North America, which offers a quick online application with no fees. They will give you an answer on the application within 24 hours, and if approved, you will receive a check good up to a specified amount that you can use at any Kia dealership. Note that the amount you are approved for will depend on your credit profile. Finally, if you do not have a cosigner and have very poor credit, it may be difficult to obtain a loan for a car. In this case, it may be best to try to improve your credit or borrow a car until you are able to qualify for a loan at a reasonable rate.


[1] Z. M. Jawi, M. S. Solah, A. A. Ab Rashid, M. Wahab, M. H. M. Isa, "Automotive consumerism: Exploring car user's ownership experience via motoring online portal," 2021. [Online]. Available: researchgate.net. researchgate.net​​​​​​​